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HTC Ozone to land on Verizon June 29th

Remember the HTC Ozone? Of course you do and so does one of our Verizon ninjas because we’ve received word that the Ozone (also known as the XV6175, Snap, Cedar and Willow if you’re so inclined) will apparently be available online starting June 29th with brick and mortal availability to follow on July 13th. Pricing is still something we’ve yet to zero in on but if you’re the sort of person who stands by Big Red and are absolutely dying to get your hands on an all-too-rare WinMo-powered candybar with a full-QWERTY, then something tells us price is no object. Right?

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BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 now available from Verizon Wireless

Right on time, the Pearl Flip has made its official debut on Verizon Wireless’ website and is now ripe for the picking. Surprisingly, sort of, the Pearl Flip has already been discounted — selling for $79 after a $70 mail-in rebate and two year contract instead of the announced $129.99. Apparently, Verizon included the Pearl Flip in that $50 price drop when it ended the BlackBerry BOGO promotion. For those who prefer a more personal shopping experience, the Pearl Flip is also available in stores today. Now with the 8230ccccccc out of the way, Big Red can focus on bigger and better ‘Berrys (Tour, anyone?).

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Verizon launches USB1000 global USB modem

While light mobile broadband users are busy eying Virgin Mobile’s new prepaid offering, those of you who travel constantly might be interested in Verizon Wireless’ latest USB stick. Dubbed the USB1000, Big Red’s new mobile broadband dongle packs all the connectivity you can handle — CDMA/EV-DO Rev. A, GSM/GPRS/EDGE and tri-band HSPA are all accounted for. As for pricing, the stick itself will run $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. Global data plans on the other hand, are a bit less attractive: $129.99 per month for 100MB of data and $219.99 per month for 200MB. Both plans will run you $0.005 per KB over the allotment and they include 5GB of data in the US and Canada ($0.05 per MB overage). You can also opt for the standard 5GB/$60 plan and pay $0.002 per KB in Canada, $0.005 per KB in Mexico, and $0.02 per KB for international roaming in over 175 other countries. If you’re a true international man of mystery, you should be able to warrant the expense of VZW’s global plans. Occasional travelers on the other hand, might be wise to examine other options. The USB1000 will be available online starting tomorrow.


Casio EXILIM and Motorola Rival touch down at Verizon

Right on cue according to our scoop, Verizon launched two new devices today in the Motorola Rival A455 and the Casio EXILIM C721. The Rival is a pretty standard messaging device that has a full QWERTY keypad, a 2 megapixel and a 2-year contract price of $99 after a $50 MIR. Have at it, tweens. The EXILIM on the other hand, which goes for $279.99 after rebates on a 2-year deal, features a 2.3-inch pivoting QVGA display, 5.1 megapixel camera with auto-focus, flash and 3x optical zoom, GPS and all of the standard Verizon apps that you would expect. Oh, and it also meets Military Specifications 810F standards making is dust and water resistant. So what say you, people — do either of these devices strike your fancy or are you waiting for something bigger and better to come along?

Read (Moto Rival in silver; purple also available)
Read (Casio EXILIM C721)

Verizon enters into sale agreement for remaining 26 divested Alltel markets

Pending regulatory approval, Verizon Wireless has agreed to sell the remaining 26 divested Alltel markets to Massachusetts-based Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. The companies have entered into a definitive agreement for Alltel properties located in Idaho, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, and approximately 800,000 Alltel customers will be affected should the sale be approved. The big side story here — following the recent agreement with AT&T, each of the 105 divested markets now has a potential buyer. Hit the jump for the full text of a memo sent to all Alltel employees in divested markets from the Management Trust currently operating said markets.

As you know, when Verizon Wireless purchased Alltel on January 9, 2009, you became part of a Management Trust set up to operate former Alltel CMA that would not become part of Verizon Wireless. During the past few weeks, many of you have asked about the potential sale of those properties that AT&T does not intend to acquire.

Today, I have news to share on that front. Verizon Wireless has entered into a definitive agreement with Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. to sell properties in 26 CMA currently being operated by the Trust. These include over 800,000 Alltel customers in the following states: Idaho, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Verizon Wireless’ sale of the properties to Atlantic Tele-Network is subject to regulatory review and approval by the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission. Atlantic Tele-Network, headquartered in Salem, MA, currently provides telecommunications services in the United States, Guyana, Bermuda, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Turks and Caicos. One of the company’s principal subsidiaries is Commnet Wireless, LLC, which provides voice and data wireless roaming services for U.S. and International carriers, including Verizon Wireless, in rural areas throughout the United States. Commnet Wireless works in partnership with national and regional wireless operators to offer highly-reliable, feature-rich coverage in a variety of technical environments. They currently manage wireless networks in 14 states and operate networks with CDMA, GSM/GPRS & EDGE technologies in both the 850 MHz & 1900 MHz bands.

With the signing of this agreement, Verizon Wireless now has a potential buyer for all 105 CMA in the Trust. Verizon Wireless signed a definitive agreement with AT&T last month to sell properties in 79 CMA not included in today’s announcement. That sale also is subject to regulatory approval.

What does this news mean for you? For now, it’s business as usual for all Trust employees. We will continue to serve our customers and compete in the marketplace as vigorously as we have since the Trust was created. Essentially, the Trust will continue to operate during the regulatory review and approval process, and our jobs and responsibilities will remain the same.

Since the regulatory process will take time, it will be a few months before we learn if and when the transaction will close. In the meantime, we will provide updates as information becomes available.

Thank you for all your efforts and your patience during this process.

Verizon’s HTC Touch Pro gets firmware update, GPS unlock and Visual Voicemail included

PhoneNews is reporting that Verizon Wireless has approved a firmware update for the xv6850 Touch Pro. As promised by Verizon Wireless late last year, this firmware update will unlock the GPS on the handset, allowing owners to use Google Maps or Windows Live Search instead of the proprietary and costly VZ Navigator. The firmware update also adds Visual Voicemail support to the phone, a feature that requires a $3 monthly fee and EVRC-B codec support which improves call handling. The update is not available through Verizon Wireless or HTC yet but it is being offered early by Phone News. For those Touch Pro owners who have not already hacked their phone to unlock the GPS, hit the read link to obtain the firmware update — at your own risk of course. Samsung Saga and Samsung Omnia owners – hang in there and hopefully a similar update for your crippled handset is right around the corner, too.


Sprint: Pre on Verizon in six months? Nope.

The back and forth continues. Following Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam’s comment that the Pre would be hitting VZW shelves “over the next six months or so”, Sprint issued a brief official statement confirming that its Pre exclusivity runs through the end of 2009, at least. While specifics of the exclusivity deal remain a mystery for the time being, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has just elaborated on the situation a bit. According to Cnet, Hesse stated the following at a press event with regard to McAdam’s Pre comment:

They need to check their facts. That just is not the case. Both Palm and Sprint have agreed not to discuss the length of the exclusivity deal. But I can tell you it’s not six months.

So, Verizon customers, it looks like you have a bit more waiting than anticipated before you can get your webOS on — at least where the Pre is concerned.


Verizon FINALLY announces the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230

*sniff* We thought this day would never come but Verizon has officially announced the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230. Available starting June 19th, Verizon asks that you fork over $129.99 after a $70 mail-in rebate on a 2-year contract. As for the specs, you know the deal: OS 4.6.0, 324MHz processor, external display, vertical QVGA internal display, SureType keypad, 2 megapixel camera with flash, GPS, so on, so forth. Anyone excited? The Pearl Flip is just as cool as the Tour, right?


HTC Ozone gets spied on its way to Verizon

There’s no question — the HTC Snap was in dire need of yet another moniker. Snap, Cedar and Willow were hardly enough so our pals at Verizon have gone and added another name to the pile… Say hello to the HTC Ozone. With Sprint’s version of the Snap jumping off this Sunday, we had a sneaking suspicion that Verizon’s Snap wouldn’t be far behind. Lo and behold, one of our Verizon ninjas just swooped down and dropped this screenshot on us. So far no pricing or release timing are available but training is set to kick off next week so the release shouldn’t be too far off. Notables from the provided info are Wi-Fi, Microsoft My Phone compatibility, Visual Voicemail, VZ Nav, Internet Explorer 6 mobile and of course the fact that it’s a world phone. Hit the jump for a bigger shot.

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Sprint responds to Verizon CEO’s comments concerning Palm Pre

Following some comments yesterday from Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam, the Internet exploded. The highlight of course was the un-revalation that Verizon would be adding the Palm Pre to it’s portfolio once Sprint’s exclusivity expires. The part that grabbed everyone’s attention was the time frame however: “six months or so.” Could Sprint’s Pre exclusivity really be expiring later this year? According to a Sprint spokesman, no:

We have the Pre through 2009.

Nice — short and to the point. So to clarify McAdam’s comments from yesterday, it looks like Verizon will be offering the Pre once 2010 rolls around in seven months and change. Can you hold out?

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