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TELUS launches the Palm Treo Pro for $149.99

It was only last week when we found out that TELUS was going to follow in Bell’s footsteps and launch the Palm Treo Pro. Well, on Tuesday that day finally arrived. Going for $149.99 on a 3-year ($549.99 retail) it’s not quite as tasty as Bell’s $99.95 Treo Pro but it’s still a fair deal, relatively speaking. To people already with TELUS who have a good plan they don’t want to give up, we can’t see that $50.04 getting in the way. You know, unless they’re intent on getting a Pre as soon as it makes its way North of the 49th Parallel.


Samsung OMNIA and Palm Treo Pro headed to TELUS for $149.99

It looks like Bell isn’t going to be the only Canadian carrier to offer both the Palm Treo Pro and Samsung OMNIA as TELUS is getting ready to launch both devices for $149.99 each. Well, based upon some advertisements that have appeared in several newspapers across Canada at least. Despite the good news of their impending arrival, both handsets are more expensive on TELUS with the OMNIA and Treo Pro commanding an extra $20 and $50 respectively over the prices offered by Bell. It might not seem like the biggest deal, but considering that these prices are based upon 3-year contracts being signed we have to say that the extra dollars are likely to rub more than a few people the wrong way. Now, we don’t have any specific release dates as of yet, but we will be sure to keep you all updated with the latest news as it happens.



Treo Pro available today from Sprint

It’s been one hell of a journey, but as of today Sprint users will be able to make like those on Alltel and Bell and get their Palm fix with the launch (or rather re-launch) of the Treo Pro. The latest and greatest from Palm will run you $299.99 before a $100 mail-in rebate which is contingent upon the choice of an Everything Plan or data plan of $30 or more. As far as specs, you’re looking at Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, a full-QWERTY keypad, 2.5″ touchscreen display, 2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, GPS and EV-DO Rev. 0 / Rev. A connectivity, but at this point you must have already known that. It’s no Pre, but it should have enough of the good stuff to tide people over until P-Day.

Thanks, Mike!


Sprint Treo Pro smiles for the camera; release actually on schedule

When it comes to a launch that has been delayed as many times as Sprint’s Treo Pro release, you can never be too sure. For those of you don’t believe it until you see it types, feast your eyes. One of our ninjas came through with indisputable evidence that the Treo Pro is indeed beginning to touch down in Sprint stores in preparation for availability one week from today. Siiiiigh. So, Sprint fans, if you’re looking for a handset that can wear the “Palm’s sexiest phone” sash until the Pre is finally released, the Pro is definitely your ticket. Hit the jump for more shots.

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Sprint Treo Pro release date confirmed, now priced at $199

Talk about bumpy rides! The Treo Pro was supposed to hit Sprint in January. It didn’t — well it did, but it was pulled from the site very quickly as we learned its release had been delayed until February 15th. But wait… Something went wrong, again, and the Treo Pro was pushed back for a second time. Ouch. Thankfully, one of our ninjas came through with a whole mess of exclusive Sprint intel last month and specified a new launch date of March 15th. It looks like Sprint is a bit more confident this time around as well, since it actually press released the announcement. Want some more good news, Sprint fans? The carrier is shaving $50 from its initial price and will make the handset available for $199 after rebates. Who’s in?


Alltel to release Palm Treo Pro on the 5th

A little blue bird landed on our window sill this morning to let us in on a little secret – Alltel is all set to launch the Palm Treo Pro this Thursday March 5th. After a $125 rebate, the Treo Pro will set Alltel subscribers back $199 on a 2-year contract. The price isn’t all that bad for a new smartphone, especially considering it has the golden trifecta known as 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS, but when we see an American carrier charge more than a Canadian carrier we do start to panic just a little. Just one word of caution before anyone gets too excited — this might just be for divested customers only. C’est la vie, no?

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More Sprint details: New Treo Pro target launch, Rumor 2, Instinct Mini, HTC Cedar and more

Ok Sprint people, you had some bad news yesterday as we learned the Treo Pro will not be launching on time this coming Sunday. It’s time to regroup and calm down because you know we wouldn’t just hit and run with bad news. Our ninjas came back with some new details that shed a bit of light on various goodies coming your way over the next few months, so let’s get right to it.

  • Palm Treo Pro: The new target launch is March 15. We’re still not sure what exactly is behind the repeated delays but apparently Sprint still isn’t overly confident in the handset because the new launch date is still just a target, not firm. All our ninja had to say on the matter was that it didn’t pass Sprint’s standard testing process and as such, delay city.
  • LG Rumor 2: Sprint is also targeting mid-March for the Rumor 2 which will be available in black and blue.
  • LG LX370: This will be a mid-range feature phone with a slider form factor dropping in April/May.
  • Samsung Instinct Mini: It looks like the rumors are true indeed. We’ve confirmed that Sprint is set to get its paws on a smaller, slimmer Instinct and it’s currently slated to launch on April 19. It will be an addition to the Instinct family rather than a replacement for the current model and it will be available in copper or graphite. Saucy. The bad news – EVDO Rev 0.
  • HTC Cedar: First seen in the HTC roadmap leaked last month, the Cedar is a QWERTY candybar that isn’t exactly cutting edge in terms of design. All the same, Sprint bagged it and it’s set to drop in June.

As for the man of the hour, the Palm Pre, nothing new on that front we’re afraid. We’re still looking at a launch in the May/June time-frame.

Sprint Treo Pro not being released the 15th, new date TBD

We just got a hold of this internal Sprint newsflash stating that the Treo Pro, which we all assumed would launch on Sprint on the 15th, now meets the fate of a new “TBD” launch date. We’re not sure what’s up here, but the information is definitely legit — it’s a proven BGR ninja. We have reached out to Sprint and will update this post accordingly. We’re not sure there will be that many bummed out people, however. There’s something called the Palm Pre on the horizon… There’s a larger image after the jump.

UPDATE: Official statement from Sprint:

Sprint has not announced availability for the Treo Pro.  Sprint looks forward to welcoming this exciting, new device into our portfolio as soon as it has been approved through our customary testing process. We will share details on the correct availability date as soon as the standard testing of both the device and its interaction with our network has concluded. Thank you for your interest in Sprint products.”

Sprint Treo Pro to support simultaneous voice and data?

What we have here, folks, is a classic case of a blessing in disguise. After a bit of a false start, Sprint seems to have semi-officially pulled the Treo Pro launch until late February. Bad news, right? Well, sort of. First off, the company is attempting to appease anyone that ordered the device early with a $25 account credit. More importantly, however, it sounds like the Treo Pro could be the first Sprint device to allow for simultaneous voice and data usage. Granted, the news comes from a bit of a dubious source, but if it turns out to be true it could mark a bit of a milestone for the carrier. The EV-DO Rev. A band is technically capable of allowing this work, but the CDMA world has yet to enjoy the pleasure of surfing the mobile web while attempting to pay attention to a rambling family member on the other end of the line. Such luxury has been afforded to the GSM world since the early days of 3G, so we can only hope that Sprint makes this move official. In the mean time, we’re looking into starting a support group for the 12-13 folks out there that are actually eagerly awaiting the Treo Pro, especially with the impending arrival of the Palm Pre. Way to cannibalize your own sales by pushing the introduction of the last of your previous generation devices closer and closer to the introduction of your next gen. flagship device. Seriously, Sprint/Palm…we’re impressed.