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The Greatest Marketing Idea of All Time

I saw a sales page dealing with Viral Marketing. The author made some claims that made me skeptical. Then I started reading about a new Viral Marketing Idea which was about as different as anyting that I had ever seen.

Their viral marketing strategy begins with their e-book being given away for free without even asking for your e-mail address. That is unheard of in modern Internet Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular way of making money online. With thousands and thousands of products which you can promote and sell, the possibilities are almost endless. Some products have a generous percentage given to the affiliate. Some even 70-100% of the cost to the consumer.

In getting started with this revolutionary strategy you pick an affiliate product which is something that would be considered to be an impulse type product. A product that will solve a pressing problem for the end buyer. Once the product and niche are chosen, other related and associated products are found which have resale rights.

How important is high Search Engine placement? It used to be that you MUST be listed high in the Search Engines. Not anymore with this strategy. All marketing is done in a viral method. Free items are ALWAYS given away as an inducement.

You want to promote your affiliate products in a low key style by weaving the links to your affiliate products throughout the document.

Once the products that you want to promote and sell are woven throughout the document, you will give this article away for free to many ezine publishing sites. The distribution will be viral.

This unique strategy will work even better with articles than e-books. Articles can be written in massive numbers and easily distributed. The article can pre-sell the e-document.

To study this strategy, it is suggested that the free e-book be downloaded and analyzed in detail.

Jim Spence


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