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LogMeIn Ignition lets you control your PC from your BlackBerry Storm

While WES might have turned out to be a wash as far as new handsets are concerned, there’s still plenty of awesome new stuff down here in sunny Orlando, FL. New to the scene is LogMeIn Ignition, an app for the Storm which allows Windows and Mac users to access and control their computers on the go. Just like its iPhone app cousin, LogMeIn Ignition has the ability to pan and zoom, a full-QWERTY keyboard and the ability to store login details for multiple computers along with necessary passwords with 256-bit SSL encryption. LogMeIn’s Ignition looks to be a definite winner for those who are looking to access their computers while on the move. Look for it to make its retail debut sometime in the near future, but for now you can sign up to learn more and be notified as soon as you can join the beta program by hitting the read link.


Pandora Radio now available for the BlackBerry Storm

You won’t see it on the dedicated BlackBerry page just yet but rest assured, Pandora has launched the highly anticipated BlackBerry Storm version of its mobile streaming application. When we told you about initial BlackBerry availablility last month, there were two main caveats: 1) No T-Mo. 2) No Storm. Resourceful as our readers are, it was quickly discovered that the whole no T-Mobile thing could be circumvented pretty easily. The lack of a Storm-compatible build however, would prove to be a slightly tougher nut to crack (obviously). No matter, as Pandora unveiled an official Storm build via its Twitter feed last night. Enough talk — time to get streaming. Hit www.pandora.com from your Storm’s browser or look for it in App World to get your hands on Pandora Radio and let us now how it goes.

RIM spokesman confirms BlackBerry Storm 2 launch in 2009 and novel input method

Alain Segond von Banchet, Channel Sales manger for RIM in the Netherlands, reportedly spoke freely about the BlackBerry Storm 2 during the TeleVisie 2009 Expo in the Netherlands yesterday. Segond von Banchet supposedly revealed that the Storm successor will launch in late 2009 or early 2010 with KPN, a move away from the exclusive Vodafone launch seen with the original Storm. He also confirmed that the Storm 2 will contain an improved touch input method, which we spoke of yesterday, so consider this a third source of confirmation. Now here’s where things get sketchy. Segond von Banchet supposedly also claimed that RIM will be slowing down the release schedule for devices in 2009 with no new devices except for the Storm 2. Considering we all know the Niagra alone is well on its way to two US carriers, at least one confirmed in 2009, this report loses a bit of credibility lest he was speaking only about the local market in the Netherlands. Either way, RIM and its partners seem a bit loose lipped regarding the unannounced Storm 2 — very, very uncharacteristic.

[Via Unwired View]


BlackBerry Storm 2 with Wi-Fi and a new screen

SlashGear reported on a rumor they heard about the next generation BlackBerry Storm launching with Wi-Fi on Verizon Wireless. We’ve been able to confirm that rumor a pretty long while ago, so yes, the Storm 2 will launch on Verizon with Wi-Fi. SlashGear was correct in their report and it’s 100% confirmed. Something not reported though, and now confirmed to us by two independent sources, is the new screen tech involved. We’re told that it improves the screen enormously and makes typing really pleasurable. Better yet? You can leave it to RIM to come up with the dumbest names possible because we heard they’re ditching SurePress and calling this one TruePress. Don’t take that as fact, but it is interesting that both our sources had mentioned the same thing to us. So, the BlackBerry Storm 2 will launch with Wi-Fi and a brand new screen technology, and, if we were a betting bunch we’d wager it will have a 5 megapixel camera.

Don’t you just love rumors?