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Vodafone to carry unannounced Nokia “N97 Mini”, BlackBerry Storm 2; no Palm Pre

According to a post from likely soon-to-be-ex-Vodafone forum moderator Ev from Vodafone, Vodafone Ireland has a few tasty morsels baking in the oven. First and foremost, the mod claims Voda will not be picking up the new Nokia N97 due to the high price point of the handset. Instead, the carrier will pick up the unannounced “N97 Mini” considering the device’s “competitive pricing”. Ev also states that Vodafone will offer the BlackBerry Storm 2 later this year, a foregone conclusion. Last but not least, the big mouthed mod suggests that due to exclusivity with a competitor, Vodafone will not be offering the Palm Pre. All of this falls into the rumor category for the time being of course, but it’s pretty interesting none the less. Will Ev elaborate? Will (s)he be gagged and locked in a basement? Keep your eye on the read link to find out.

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Storm 2 could drop on Verizon sooner than expected

Could we be saying goodbye to the BlackBerry Storm sooner than expected? BlackBerryOS forum moderator BlackBerryOS , who has a relatively good track record where early info is concerned, claims to have received some intel from a senior-level insider at Verizon. Said intel suggests that Verizon Wireless employees are already undergoing training for the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2. More importantly, he claims that the Storm 2 could be released as early as this month, and insists it will be available by the end of June at the latest. Wow. Could the Storm 2 be slated to drop even before VZW deals the BlackBerry Tour? The email goes on to cover the presence of Wi-Fi in the Storm 2, though we’ve already confirmed that back in April. So, Verizon customers, if this pans out will you be jumping on the Storm 2 train or can you wait it out for the Tour?

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Verizon’s upcoming BlackBerry releases: Tour, Pearl Flip, Atlas Storm 2 info

So check it. We just got a tip from a new ninja but this information looks really credible so we’re running it… Here’s the random bits of info we received:

  • All Verizon BlackBerry handsets launched after the BlackBerry Tour will have Wi-Fi
  • The Storm 2’s screen does not press in like SurePress, rather it operates more like traditional capacitive touch screen panels. We’re not sure if the rumored TruePress is just localized haptic feedback or what, but we can’t imagine RIM abandoning their entire fucking selling point on the Storm.
  • We have no idea what to think of this part, but, our tipster said the BlackBerry Tour would be accompanied by a BlackBerry Atlas with the Atlas having Wi-Fi, not the Tour. Again, don’t flip out, but it’s just what was told to us by this particular tipster.
  • BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 release is “imminent”. We’d say May release, June latest.
  • 8230 specs… EV-DO Rev. 0, 2.0 MP Camera, 3.5 ounces, Flash 128 MB, RAM 64 MB, SD Card – Expandable to 16GB, Usage/Standby – 220 min. / 216 hrs.

There you have it, guys!

Images of the BlackBerry Storm 2 emerge

A mere four days after the world got its first look at the upcoming BlackBerry Driftwood, the guys at CrackBerry have scored pictures of the successor to the BlackBerry Storm from the same source. Featuring similar styling queues as the Driftwood with black plastic convenience keys and a battery cover sporting the seven-dot BlackBerry logo, the Storm 2 does look a lot like the current 9500 / 9530 Storm — albeit much thinner and more streamlined. We’re currently short on concrete specs other than the fact that it will launch on Verizon and feature Wi-Fi and a new screen technology called TruePress (as opposed to the current Storm’s SurePress). The newest Storm also retains the metal battery cover and auto-focus 3.2 megapixel camera with flash as well. Anyway, hit the jump for a few more pics.