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Sprint launches LG LX370, Samsung Exclaim and HTC Snap

Believe it or not, Sprint fans, there actually are other new handsets available from the carrier beyond the Palm Pre. You might not think so with all of the focus that the webOS device is — or was — getting, but it is true. Sure there’s the Tour coming down the pipe for all you BlackBerry fans out there, but what about there rest of you? Well, between yesterday and today Sprint has launched three new handsets that should fill in the gaps quite nicely. First up, the LG LX370 was announced today featuring Sprint’s One Click UI, EV-DO Rev. A, a 2 megapixel camera, GPS, Sprint TV, stereo Bluetooth and microSDHC support. Fair enough for a $100 slider (after $50 MIR). Also announced this morning is the Samsung Exclaim, which sports a side-sliding QWERTY keypad along with a 2 megapixel camera, EV-DO Rev. A, GPS, Sprint TV, Sprint One Click UI and microSDHC support. The Exclaim is a touch more affordable at $80 after a $50 MIR. Last but not least, the HTC Snap finally decided to join the party yesterday. Already available from Best Buy and Radio Shack, the Snap has already been detailed a zillion times so just know that it’ll run you $150 after a $100 MIR if you want to snag it directly from Sprint. See anything you like?

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Sprint joins in on the fun, announces the BlackBerry Tour

BlackBerry users on Sprint have long griped that everything comes to them by the time it’s old and dated on Verizon, but this won’t be the case with the Tour 9630. Sprint has just announced that it will be carrying the device “later this summer” for $199.99 on a 2-year contract after a $50 instant rebate and $100 mail-in rebate. The pain that rebates cause in all of our rears aside, the price is good and by God the phone is, so what are you waiting for? Go and sign up to be notified when it’s available, already.


Sprint HTC Snap available now from Best Buy, coming to Radio Shack tomorrow; still not on Sprint’s website?

In all the excitement surrounding the Pre, it appears as though Sprint may have forgotten about the poor HTC Snap. Rumored to be available starting Sunday June 7th, the Snap is still nowhere to be found on Sprint’s website. A new rumor however, suggests that the Snap will hit Radio Shack tomorrow for a contract price of $149.99. Curiously enough, the Snap is also still on Best Buy’s website and is apparently available for a contract-free price of $519.99 — in-store pickup is even available with several stores showing available inventory. If you are desperate for this Windows Mobile phone and have loads of cash laying around, hit up Best Buy to get your handset today. Those who are desperate but financially strapped may have to wait until tomorrow to see if the rumored Radio Shack launch materializes. Everyone else will just have to wait for Sprint to get its act together and get this phone out the door.

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Sprint: Pre on Verizon in six months? Nope.

The back and forth continues. Following Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam’s comment that the Pre would be hitting VZW shelves “over the next six months or so”, Sprint issued a brief official statement confirming that its Pre exclusivity runs through the end of 2009, at least. While specifics of the exclusivity deal remain a mystery for the time being, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has just elaborated on the situation a bit. According to Cnet, Hesse stated the following at a press event with regard to McAdam’s Pre comment:

They need to check their facts. That just is not the case. Both Palm and Sprint have agreed not to discuss the length of the exclusivity deal. But I can tell you it’s not six months.

So, Verizon customers, it looks like you have a bit more waiting than anticipated before you can get your webOS on — at least where the Pre is concerned.


Sprint HTC Snap gets unboxed

Believe it or not, there is actually more than one Sprint handset being launched this weekend. No, seriously! Right on schedule, the HTC Snap has touched down in Sprint stores across the country and your pals at BGR decided to share a few quick unboxing pics. Courtesy of one of our ninjas, behold Sprint’s iteration of the Snap. Sure the pictures are a little blurry and sure it’s hard to get excited about the Snap when the Pre launch is the day before, but business users may be happy to see a pure business handset as it gets ready for lift off this Sunday. Hit the jump for a few more shots including a size comparison with the BlackBerry Bold.

Sprint said to be cooking up a tri-mode cocktail; WiMAX, WiFi, CDMA handset

Many people have wondered aloud what Sprint’s next big move might be after the Pre jumps off this weekend. The Palm Eos? Perhaps, but it looks like the struggling carrier might have something even more exciting in its bag within the next year or so. Market analysis firm SmarTrend is reporting that an unnamed Sprint spokesperson revealed a tri-mode handset coming down the pipeline sometime in 2009/2010. Said phone will be sporting CDMA, WiFi and WiMAX compatibility, which would provide a healthy mix of CDMA coverage and beastly data speeds where WiMAX is available. Analysts guess believe this upcoming tri-mode beast may be Android-powered, though we have yet to see anything substantiate that claim. As Sprint continues to expand WiMAX coverage and tout “the first wireless 4G network” in commercials, it would indeed be nice to see a handset emerge with WiMAX compatibility before the year is out. We shall see.

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Sprint’s HTC S511 Snap makes an appearance on Best Buy website

A week prior to its rumored June 7th debut, the Sprint version of the HTC Snap, (aka HTC Willow aka HTC Cedar) has made an appearance on Best Buy’s website. All the glorious details are there, including a few stock photos and a $519 out of contract price tag. Expect Sprint to make this handset official sometime this week along with actual pricing and availability. One word of caution for any n00bs out there, if you head over to Sprint on the 7th to pick up a Pre and it is out of stock, don’t let them sell you the Snap instead. This baby is for Motorola Q lovers looking for a boost, not potential Pre owners.

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Sprint responds to Verizon CEO’s comments concerning Palm Pre

Following some comments yesterday from Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam, the Internet exploded. The highlight of course was the un-revalation that Verizon would be adding the Palm Pre to it’s portfolio once Sprint’s exclusivity expires. The part that grabbed everyone’s attention was the time frame however: “six months or so.” Could Sprint’s Pre exclusivity really be expiring later this year? According to a Sprint spokesman, no:

We have the Pre through 2009.

Nice — short and to the point. So to clarify McAdam’s comments from yesterday, it looks like Verizon will be offering the Pre once 2010 rolls around in seven months and change. Can you hold out?

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Sprint stores no longer offering Palm Pres one night early?

We just got a tip that those “events” on June 5th, the night before the Palm Pre release date, might not actually allow you to walk home with an early Pre. Sort of. According to our tipster, Sprint and Palm are worried about the allocation of units for launch day (where have we heard this before?) and don’t want to deplete the stock the night before.

We’re not sure what to make of this other than apparently those launch parties in every city in America will be reduced to just the absolutely huge markets. Or they could just have a certain amount for the launch parties and keep the rest? Oh, never mind. That would actually assume you trust Sprint employees. Now we get it.

Sprint: Palm Pre shortages are speculation but demand could exceed supply

As the Palm Pre fiiiiiiiiinally nears launch, there has been plenty of talk with regards to supply and demand lately. Is the Pre going to be as popular as everyone thinks? Did production issues prevent Palm from having enough units ready for launch? Are Palm and Sprint shorting deliveries to help ensure a sellout? Here at BGR we’ve gotten some pretty firm intel regarding Best Buy’s stock of Pre handsets at launch, but what about Sprint’s stock? Can we expect similar shortages? The following is an official statement from Sprint:

At Sprint, we’re excited by the response to the Palm Pre, but what’s been posted is pure speculation. Because of the Pre’s popularity, it’s likely that initially we won’t be able to keep up with the demand for the device. If that happens, we will work diligently to ensure that everyone who wants a Pre can get one as soon as possible.

So, it looks like Sprint and Palm are doing their best to meet projected demand but because the device is anticipated to be so desirable, it’s entirely possible — nay, likely — that demand will exceed supply. In that event however, Sprint will do everything in its power to step things up and get units out to everyone who wants one as soon as possible. There you have it folks, straight from the horse’s mouth.