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Sony’s PSP Go information leaked prior to E3

Just a few days before Sony’s upcoming E3 press conference, the company’s next generation handheld gaming device, the PSP Go, has been given some unofficial specifications, starred in a hands-on preview video courtesy of Qore and previewed in some leaked press photos. The upcoming PSP Go will be a UMD-less slider that features the following specs:

  • 3.8-inch display of unknown resolution
  • 43 percent lighter than the current PSP-3000
  • 16GB of flash memory
  • Integrated Bluetooth with mobile phone tethering and BT headset support
  • Memory Stick Micro slot
  • New Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Solid games
  • Full PlayStation Network support (TV and movie rentals/purchases) and integration with the PlayStation 3

The PSP Go is expected to be available this fall and will be sold alongside the current PSP-3000. Hit the jump for some more close-ups of this Mylo 2 look alike along with the Qore video.



Sony posts record $1 billion loss for fiscal year 2008

As expected, Sony announced a record Â¥98.9 billion ($1 billion) loss for the fiscal year ending in March 2009. This is Sony’s first reported yearly loss in 14 years and a significant change from the Â¥369.4 billion profit Sony reported for the fiscal year ending in March 2008. Overall sales dropped 12.9 percent to Â¥7.73 trillion during 2008 with US sales plummeting 20 percent, European sales slumping 17 percent and Japanese sales falling 14 percent. A small ray of hope in an otherwise bleak report were sales of the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation portable, which both showed slight improvements. PS3 sales were up 10 percent YoY and PSP sales increased from 13.8 million the previous year to 14.1 million in the recently ending fiscal year. Though improving, sales of Sony gaming products still lag far behind those of Nintendo and Microsoft.

In an attempt to further lower its operating costs, Sony will continue with its previously announced work force reduction of 16,000 employees and will also close 3 plants in Japan, lowering its total number of plants to 49 from a high of 57 last year. Despite its cost cutting measures the outlook remains similarly bleak for the fiscal year ending in March 2010, with losses projected to be in the ballpark of ¥120 billion.


Sony to unveil motion-sensing controller for the Playstation 3?

Tired of your bush league Wii-owning friends making fun of the lame Sixaxis motion-sensing technology in your PS3 controller? Hang in there as you may not have to endure their ridicule for much longer. The Cut Scene is reporting that Sony is planning to unveil a new and improved motion-sensing controller that will supposedly wipe the floor with the Wii remote. According to several sources, the new controller, as described in Sony patent applications, will utilize LEDs and a small camera to track the user’s movements. The remote will be able to read different color lights and detect the shape and angle of each light — making it much more accurate than the Wii remote. The new PS3 remote will also be able to track movement along the Z-axis (forward and backward) and measure velocity. A new remote is useless without supporting game titles of course, and Sony is reportedly reaching out to developers to enable motion control in future games. If this rumor pans out, the new PS3 remote system will make its debut as early as E3 2009 which runs from June 2-4.

[Via Kotaku]


Is the PSP Go! the new UMD-less PSP?

We’ve heard some rumors about an upcoming PSP refresh in the past — ok, a whole lot of rumors — but new information is casting doubt upon the details of previous information. 1UP is reporting that the new PSP will be christened the PSP Go! and will finally do away with that awful UMD system while taking on a slider form. In place of UMDs, it is said the PSP Go! will come in 8GB and 16GB models meaning a green light for game downloads. As for games, Sony is reportedly planning to have around 100 old and new games ready for launch time. Sadly those of you who were looking for a bit of dual-joystick action will be disappointed to note that according to this new rumor, a second analog stick will not be added to the right-hand side. Such is life, we suppose. Word is Sony will make the PSP Go! official at E3 next month and have it hit the streets in Japan in September with a US launch in either late October or early November — ensuring its inclusion in plenty of letters to Santa. And yes, the image above is a mock up.


First the PS2 Now the PS3

Just what exactly is the best thing to know about a playstation 3 in the market today? I believe everyone will raise their hands with eagerness if it’s all about the best deals of PS3s available in the market, specifically the price.

It was in 2005 when the Playstation 3, released by Sony, became a wide hit among gaming fanatics. Not only that, even those that are tech gadget fans had their heads turned to this game console given the fact that most of them have already geared themselves up with the Xbox. Comparing these two consoles, both have a common denominator of giving that hard core game action right in the comforts of their own home. That’s what good entertainment is all about lately. What makes it much better is the fact that Sony is having a clearance sale for PS 3 units.

If this news does not excite you at all, then you can settle for solitaire or minesweeper instead. Kidding aside, the fact that Sony will have a clearance sale for PS 3s means a lower price on the game console. This perhaps is one of the biggest decisions ever made by the big company to have a lot of people enjoy the gaming experience that everyone has their hands on. Of course it’s not only those who can afford at any price that has all the goods.

PS3 for sale on markets today, even without the clearance sale price, can be noticeably lower than its original price when it was first released. This trend on waiting for prices to get low is a wise move among some consumers that really wouldn’t mind to wait. As long as they will be able to purchase the gizmo soon enough, then they’re already satisfied with that. Good thing about the PS3 for sale today is that all its gadgets and accessories to have you locked up in your home and get busy with a lot of games are all intact. The only downside is that you get things like cheap zelda games.

It really is important to be very particular about searching for a good deal on a ps3 as you can somehow make some good run for your money as soon as you hit the perfect target. Now since it’s an online deal or negotiation, make sure that everything is in good condition; as much as possible, brand new. Why you have to be very choosy about it is the mere fact that you’re after some good gaming experience without having to paralyze your own budget.

Evaluate. Evaluate the price and the package you’re getting. Will you be able to pay less in other online shops or if you’re willing to meet the price of the dealer without second-thoughts? Estimate the savings you’ll have if you’re going to purchase it online. Assess all the positive and negative aspects of buying the product before finalizing the deal with the seller.

Although, you can still find some free downloadable games online even if you do not go for the second hand PS3. It’s more like being able to find the best price and being able to download the best games for free.

You can easily get a ps3 for sale if you look online. As you can see, a ps3 sale is a nice way to get a cheap ps3 and not even worry about things like finding games. Getting a ps3 for sale online will help you get everything you need in a ps3. I got my ps3 for sale on ebay and amazing my ps3 is in perfect condition. I recommended you use us to get your ps3 for sale!

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Sony’s X1000 series Walkman to launch April 25th in Japan

Sony’s highly anticipated OLED MP3 player, the X1000 series Walkman, is slated for launch on April 25th in Japan. The 3-inch touchscreen-sporting device will debut with 16GB and 32GB models that feature integrated noise cancellation, Walkman-specific Netfront web browser, YouTube support, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, wireless Podcast delivery, FM tuner and support for MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV audio / AVC, H.264, MPEG4, WMV video. The Walkman will be available in Black or Red with suggested retail prices of 40,000 yen ($400 USD) for the 16GB X1050 and 50,000 yen ($500 USD) for the 32GB X1060.

[Via PMP Today]


March PS3 sales trump Wii… in Japan

It’s not exactly the major coup Sony needs to become a gaming leader once again, but surpassing Nintendo Wii console sales in a market like Japan — even for one month — is a pretty big deal. Fueled by new game titles such as Resident Evil 5 and the PS3 exclusive Yakuza 3, Sony managed to outsell the dominant Wii box by nearly 50 percent in March. No, seriously! According to Enterbrain, a Japanese game magazine publisher, Sony sold 146,948 PS3 consoles in March while Nintendo managed to hawk a mere 99,335 Wii units. For comparison sake, Microsoft shuffled out 43,172 Xbox 360 consoles. No, the Earth isn’t exactly reversing on its axis just yet. While we applaud Sony for a solid month and for topping Wii sales in Japan for the first time in nearly a year and a half, big exclusives aren’t going to be coming around every month to help push units out the door. In order to right this ship, at least where gaming is concerned, the company still needs to find a way to bolster sustained sales growth — surges aren’t going to help in the long run.


New Sony PSP rumor refresh; out before Christmas

With the E3 expo coming up in June, rumors of a refreshed PSP are surging once again. Now billed as yet another “iPhone killer”, chatter surrounding the possibility of a new PSP is reportedly firming up a bit with inside sources seemingly becoming more lose lipped lately. Current status of rumors: slider form factor,  touchscreen, two analog thumbsticks in addition to standard controls, “far more similar to the iPhone than the current device” (whatever that means) and a release scheduled before Christmas 2009. No, it certainly won’t look like the sweet mock up above but the more rumors that get pumped into the mill lately, the more they’ve been lining up on common ground. Sony can definitely use the buzz a device like this would create, that’s for sure.

[Via Kotaku]


Sony drops the price on the PlayStation 2 to $99

Sony confirmed on Tuesday that its PlayStation 2 console will finally hit the sub-$100 price point. Starting April 1st, the gaming console — now almost ten years old — will retail for a mere $99.99. That low price point will certainly appeal to entry-level gamers shopping for their first console or casual gamers looking to delve into the PS2’s extensive catalog of games. Is this the “big announcement” that has been rumored from Sony or does it have something bigger and better in store for us? Either way it’s not the PS3 price drop the console sorely needs and it won’t do anything for more serious gamers deciding between the thriving Xbox 360 or the troubled PS3, which continues to lose developer interest.


Ericsson looking to dump cell phone business; Sony to buy its stake in SE?

This one definitely falls into the unconfirmed rumors category for the time being, but a German magazine is reporting Ericsson has had enough of the consumer cell phone game. According to the report, Ericsson is looking to dump its stake in the company’s joint venture with Sony, Sony Ericsson, and stick to what it does best — infrastructure, back end network components and the like. The magazine also states that Sony may be toying with the idea of picking up Ericsson’s share of the JV and controlling 100 percent of the company. We’re not sure how the struggling Japanese manufacturer plans to scrape up enough cash for a deal like this but where there’s a will (and an electronics empire) there’s a way. It will definitely be interesting to see how this one plays out as it would certainly be the end of an era. An Ericsson rep declined to comment on the story.

[Via MobileBurn]