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Sony Ericsson @ CTIA

Tucked away in the giant Ericsson booth at this year’s show was a tiny little two-sided Sony Ericsson display showcasing a handful of handsets and accessories. With the difficult time the JV is having these days, it’s no surprise that SE didn’t make much of a showing at CTIA. All the same, we wanted to give them a little love and check out the newly announced T707 — Sony Ericsson’s latest clam shell feature phone. While the handset definitely has a nice size and feel to it, there really isn’t anything new or exciting to be said about the T707. Same old UI, same old specs, new package. We wish there was something about the T707 worth more attention but truth be told, we can’t think of anything. The hidden LED display on the cover maybe? The 3.2 megapixel camera? Nope, without Maria Sharapova standing next to it we’ve got nothing. Hit the jump for more images of the T707, sans-Sharapova, along with a few Bluetooth watches (not watch phones, watches) Sony Ericsson had on display.


MBW-150 Bluetooth Watch:

MBW-200 Bluetooth Watch:

Najmi Jarwala steps down from his position as President of Sony Ericsson USA

Sony Ericsson announced today that Najmi Jarwala has resigned from his position as President of Sony Ericsson USA and Head of Region North America (US and Canada). Mr. Jarwala will be leaving his position at the end of March in order to “pursue other career opportunities”. While SE seeks out a replacement, the dual role will be filled by Anders Runevad, currently the Executive Vice President of Sony Ericsson and Head of Global Sales & Marketing. With Sony Ericsson seemingly sinking faster than a lead weight, we can’t blame Mr. Jarwala for jumping ship while he can — though we would imagine he didn’t make the decision to leave entirely by himself.


Sony Ericsson slammed in Q1; future outlook bleak

In the current economic crisis it’s pretty easy to turn to the default financial climate, decreasing retailer inventories and “weak consumer demand” when things aren’t going great. Well, it’s certainly easier than talking about your lackluster product line, aging designs and your penchant for rehashing old models in favor of variation and innovation. But we digress. Sony Ericsson revealed today that Q1 will most definitely not be the quarter it turns things around and slows its current sales tumble. In fact, it’s looking at a loss in the neighborhood of €340-€390 million ($459 million-$526 million). Still number four in terms of global market share for the time being, the company expects to sell only 14 million handsets between January and March of this year — down from 24.2 million in Q4 2008. That’s no typo; the company expects to sell 20 million fewer handsets in Q1 2009 than it did in the previous quarter. While that figure is horrifying, it certainly goes a great length in explaining why Ericsson might want out of the JV.

[Via Reuters]


Sony Ericsson announces the 8 megapixel W995 and the 12 megapixel Idou

Sony Ericsson had the first press conference of MWC 2009 and used that opportunity to announce the W995, previously known as the Hikaru. The W995 is an 8 megapixel slider with 3.5mm headphone jack, stereo speakers, 2.6″ QVGA scratch-resistant screen, 118MB built-in memory, A-GPS with Google Maps and Wayfinder Navigator pre-installed, Wi-Fi and full PlayStation 3 compatibility. The phone also supports Sony Ericsson’s new Media Go service which allows you to easily transfer music, videos, photos and podcasts between your mobile phone and computer. This handset will be available in Progressive Black, Cosmic Silver and Energetic Red in select markets starting at the end of Q1 2009.

Sony Ericsson also unveiled the 12 megapixel Symbian-based Idou. The Idou will feature a Xenon flash, large 3.5″ 16:9 touchscreen and will be capable of “full media consumption”. The Idou does not have a model name yet and is expected to be available in the second half of 2009. Hit the jump for the press photo of the Idou.

Sony Ericsson wants a piece of the leak action; Hikaru rumors revived

Why should everyone else have all the fun? Granted other leaks leading up to MWC so far have been a bit more, shall we say exciting, but revived news of Sony Ericsson’s upcoming flagship Walman phone isn’t a bad thing. So behold – a leaked image of the Hikaru (Hikaru? Sounds like a fuzzy little animal from down under) suggests we might finally be getting an official announcement from Sony Ericsson next week at MWC and long-time SE fans will hopefully be appeased. While it may be a bit behind the times in many areas, the Hikaru will come packing an 8 megapixel camera and Sony’s latest Walkman player – possibly marking the end of days where potential buyers had to choose between a good camera (Cyber-shot line) or a good media player (Walkman line). To refresh your memory, here are the known specs for this puppy:

  • Slider form factor
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • 8 GB of internal storage
  • 2.6-inch display
  • Walkman player 4.0
  • Stereo speakers and a 3.5mm audio jack
  • Dedicated multimedia buttons

It’s not much but it’ll have to do – at least until next week if Sony Ericsson indeed pulls the canopy off this little guy at MWC. So what do you guys think – is anyone looking forward to the Hikaru?


LG edges past Motorola and Sony Ericssson to become third largest handset manufacturer

2008 turned out to be a milestone year for LG as it managed to leapfrog past both Motorola and Sony Ericsson by outselling them for the first time in their history. With 100 million phones sold, LG’s 2008 sales are no small feat considering the turbulent economic times. However, it must be said that LG only just surpassed Motorola by 100,000 devices. Motorola, which has quite a lot of new devices headed for Verizon in 2009, is going to have to push very hard for sales in 2009 to regain the number three slot but that might be difficult considering that an LG executive had previously said that his company aims to release over 100 devices in 2009. Yikes. Oh, and in case you were wondering how many units the industry sales leaders in Nokia and Samsung sold, the answer is 470 and 200 million respectively. Add in Sony Ericsson’s 96.6 million and that’s nearly 1 billion phones from the top five in 2008.