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Using Keywords In Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a series of techniques by which websites are deliberately promoted through tactics designed to gain the attention of search engines, thus boosting the sites to the top of the search engine lists. Small organizations rely on an inhouse webmaster or often an outside ‘website guy’ to maintain their site, but larger companies may employ entire departments to work specifically on web marketing and SEO. Most new webmasters and web developers recognize the importance of using SEO but many don’t know how to start the process.

One good place to start in SEO is called keyword research. In fact, it may be the most important place to start when considering a comprehensive SEO development plan. Keyword research is harmonious with web page content. The content must be written so that it includes the keywords which you have decided are important to your site’s identity.

Your set of keywords will be used over and over in many different places, not just in the content of your website. For example, when writing an internet article, you will want to use keywords repetitively, but not excessively. There is a proper balance and it is something that you’ll just have to learn in the beginning. The goal is to get your point across without sounding artificial.

One way to maximize the effect of keywords is to use synonyms, because they work very well. You can also change the capitalization of some words because the engines treat them differently. Some SEO pro’s acknowledge that many misspell words when using search terms, and therefore they deliberately use misspelled words as keywords.

Ultimately the question will eventually come to how you choose your keywords. And there is no clear answer for that. You must know your website and its message clearly and envision what other people would think of when they are trying to find you. There are resources that provide the lists, but at the end of the day, you must provide your own keywords, because your website is yours more than anyone else’s.

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Twitter ” How to Use It Effectively

The growth of social networking has been incredible over recent years. Facebook came out of nowhere and was heralded as the most commonly used. Until now that is! Twitter has risen from the flames like Pheonix to take hold of the number one social media platform. Its micro blogging format is easy and fast to use and brilliant for keeping people updated.

You can use it liberally to talk with friends and keep them up to date with whats going on in your life now. Or you can sen tweets to friends and family just to say hello.

Some clever marketers are using to twitter to make money and drive traffic. They give an update to their followers with their website in with the view to driving lots of customers from Twitter to their sales page. twitter works well with other social networking sites too.

Twitter uses tiny url’s which are ok for seo. these also help with page rank and do pass through some juice from the link. If you want to start using twitter to promote stuff online the follow these simple guidelines below and you wont go far wrong

Client – is desktop shortcut that enables you to send your twits without having to log in or open a browser. Just fire your message in and send and twitter will update your account. This is very good as it means you are more time efficient and can send more sales info

Tweeting Search Engine – If you require information on something or need answers use the power of twitter to get you what you need. Just twit your little heart out and the solution to your issue will come rolling back to you

Twitter library – If you need to info or opinions on something send out your updates to people and use the info they comeback with to collect your data

Increase Your Popularity ” Install a plugin on your blog that auto updates your twitter page whenever you add new content to your blog

Stay Ahead of The Crowd ” Use updates on Twitter from authority sites to keep you one step ahead

Find Your Market- Discover new clients by searching for user groups and communities on Twitter

Twitter Care – Use A twitter account for your customer queries and problems. Respond quickly and easily to give good customer service

Twitter Trust – help people find what they are looking for and become part of a vibrant community to gain maximum trust and exposure

By following this quick guide you will ensure that you maximise your online efforts and generate some highly targeted traffic via the hottest social network out there. Join in and have some fun!

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