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SDK For Yahoo! Messenger IM Released

This is a big day for Yahoo! Messenger. Yahoo! announced that they’ve opened up the Yahoo! Messenger platform for developers. This exciting SDK will allow developers to use the Yahoo! Messenger platform to create innovative new applications and services.

Yahoo! tried to make their SDK as simple to use as possible. They’ve exposed a new REST API for the Yahoo! Messenger platform — the same API that they use with thei own products. So they know that it’s rock solid. In fact, all you need is a little knowledge of HTTP and JSON and you’ll be up and running in no time, no matter what programming environment you’re using. The SDK contains all keys Yahoo! Messenger features that you’ve come to expect, including real-time presence, contact-list management, instant messaging, file transfers, and user-image management.

Please make sure you read the documentation that Yahoo! included. This document provides best practices, guidelines for using the service, Messenger logos (including our beloved Smiley), and test cases to make sure your application is working properly.

Finally, note that they’re rolling out the SDK in most of Asia, as well as India, initially. The reason we chose this region is the dynamic nature of instant messaging in this market. There are some crazy and wonderful things with Yahoo! Messenger coming out of this corner of the world.

For those of you in the rest of the world don’t worry; we have plans to roll out this program on a larger scale very soon.

Here’s a list of handy links:

Palm to expand Mojo SDK early access program, SDK to roll out by the end of the summer

All you developers out there who are anxious to get your hands on the webOS SDK apparently won’t have to wait too much longer. Palm announced on its developer blog that it is expanding its Mojo SDK early access program, increasing the number of developers from hundreds to thousands over the next few weeks in doing so. Palm will also be releasing additional resources outside of the early access program — such as the open source webOS components now available on Palm’s open source portal — and relaxing its confidentiality rules to allow early Mojo developers to more freely communicate with the outside world. Most importantly, Palm revealed that it plans to release the SDK to the public by the end of the summer. Woo!

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