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Rumored PS3 Slim gets outed, maybe

While these photos most certainly have not been authenticated at this point, we may be looking at the first images of Sony’s upcoming PS3 Slim. The company still denies the Slim’s existence, but it looks like an assembly worker may have risked life and limb to put the truth in the hands of the people. That truth, unfortunately, is apparently the fact that Sony can’t figure out how to resurrect its market presence so it’s resorting to a snazzy hardware redesign in an attempt to catch more eyes… And wallets. As Kotaku points out however, the logo shown on the console in these images is most definitely not the current PS3 logo. Sure, Sony could have changed it, but beyond the logo the console as a whole looks, well, cheap. If we step back for a moment though, could it be that Sony has listened to the cries demanding a price drop on the PS3? It has been said time and time again that the expense of building a PS3 console simply doesn’t allow for a lower price. Perhaps, just perhaps, Sony has found another way to hit lower price brackets. As barely any information is available at this point, we won’t be expecting any sort of confirmation from E3. Hit the jump for more shots.


First the PS2 Now the PS3

Just what exactly is the best thing to know about a playstation 3 in the market today? I believe everyone will raise their hands with eagerness if it’s all about the best deals of PS3s available in the market, specifically the price.

It was in 2005 when the Playstation 3, released by Sony, became a wide hit among gaming fanatics. Not only that, even those that are tech gadget fans had their heads turned to this game console given the fact that most of them have already geared themselves up with the Xbox. Comparing these two consoles, both have a common denominator of giving that hard core game action right in the comforts of their own home. That’s what good entertainment is all about lately. What makes it much better is the fact that Sony is having a clearance sale for PS 3 units.

If this news does not excite you at all, then you can settle for solitaire or minesweeper instead. Kidding aside, the fact that Sony will have a clearance sale for PS 3s means a lower price on the game console. This perhaps is one of the biggest decisions ever made by the big company to have a lot of people enjoy the gaming experience that everyone has their hands on. Of course it’s not only those who can afford at any price that has all the goods.

PS3 for sale on markets today, even without the clearance sale price, can be noticeably lower than its original price when it was first released. This trend on waiting for prices to get low is a wise move among some consumers that really wouldn’t mind to wait. As long as they will be able to purchase the gizmo soon enough, then they’re already satisfied with that. Good thing about the PS3 for sale today is that all its gadgets and accessories to have you locked up in your home and get busy with a lot of games are all intact. The only downside is that you get things like cheap zelda games.

It really is important to be very particular about searching for a good deal on a ps3 as you can somehow make some good run for your money as soon as you hit the perfect target. Now since it’s an online deal or negotiation, make sure that everything is in good condition; as much as possible, brand new. Why you have to be very choosy about it is the mere fact that you’re after some good gaming experience without having to paralyze your own budget.

Evaluate. Evaluate the price and the package you’re getting. Will you be able to pay less in other online shops or if you’re willing to meet the price of the dealer without second-thoughts? Estimate the savings you’ll have if you’re going to purchase it online. Assess all the positive and negative aspects of buying the product before finalizing the deal with the seller.

Although, you can still find some free downloadable games online even if you do not go for the second hand PS3. It’s more like being able to find the best price and being able to download the best games for free.

You can easily get a ps3 for sale if you look online. As you can see, a ps3 sale is a nice way to get a cheap ps3 and not even worry about things like finding games. Getting a ps3 for sale online will help you get everything you need in a ps3. I got my ps3 for sale on ebay and amazing my ps3 is in perfect condition. I recommended you use us to get your ps3 for sale!

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March PS3 sales trump Wii… in Japan

It’s not exactly the major coup Sony needs to become a gaming leader once again, but surpassing Nintendo Wii console sales in a market like Japan — even for one month — is a pretty big deal. Fueled by new game titles such as Resident Evil 5 and the PS3 exclusive Yakuza 3, Sony managed to outsell the dominant Wii box by nearly 50 percent in March. No, seriously! According to Enterbrain, a Japanese game magazine publisher, Sony sold 146,948 PS3 consoles in March while Nintendo managed to hawk a mere 99,335 Wii units. For comparison sake, Microsoft shuffled out 43,172 Xbox 360 consoles. No, the Earth isn’t exactly reversing on its axis just yet. While we applaud Sony for a solid month and for topping Wii sales in Japan for the first time in nearly a year and a half, big exclusives aren’t going to be coming around every month to help push units out the door. In order to right this ship, at least where gaming is concerned, the company still needs to find a way to bolster sustained sales growth — surges aren’t going to help in the long run.


Netflix ponders streaming to Wii and PS3

It looks like Xboxers might not be the only gaming console owners who will be able enjoy Netflix streaming in the future, provided customers show interest that is. A new survey currently being conducted by Netflix asks users a variety of questions surrounding the idea of streaming Netflix content directly to their Wii consoles. The survey also questions what the requirement to purchase a $10 “Netflix Instant Streaming Disc” would do to Wii streaming desirability, leading us to believe Nintendo has absolutely no interest in making the service available any time soonvia a firmware update. $10 to stream to the Wii and avoid purchasing and setting up yet another hardware device? Count us in. Reports also suggest a similar survey covering PlayStation 3 is currently being circulated. What do you guys think — would you pay $10 to add Netflix streaming to your Wii or PS3?

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Download Free PS3 and Xbox 360 Games Online

Do you wish you could download all your favorite PS3 and Xbox 360 games on the internet? Just imagine no more searching retail stores to spend ridiculous amounts of money on games that eventually become boring, outdated and no longer playable. Well luckily for you, these days it is very easy to download all the latest PS3 and Xbox 360 games from the internet, and it can all be done for Free.

There are plenty of sites popping up all over the internet that offer free downloads and for a beginner it is pretty easy to get confused. Most of the sites available are pretty much scams and don’t deliver on what they promise, while others will offer you access to their databases but except you to pay a separate fee for every time you download a single file. Anyhow amongst all these worthless sites there are a few gems and legitimate places where you can download all your favorite PS3 games for free. However when looking for them you must follow some basic principles, which should help you find a decent source that you can use for life.

Firstly you could go and download your games from sites that are completely Free, e.g. Torrent sites, file sharing sites etc. however the problem with these sites is that their files aren’t carefully regulated and most of their files contain hidden viruses, ads or Spyware, which can be extremely harmful and dangerous to your computer. Remember nothing in this world is absolutely free, everything comes at a cost, and for you to download your games from these free sites you are risking your computer being infected with viscous viruses, that even anti-virus software’s have a hard time detecting.

Personally I would have to say that the most reliable and efficient choice would be to sign up to a legitimate site which charges a one time small fee to access their huge database of Files. These sites heavily monitor the quality of their files and their databases are updated on a regular basis, giving you unlimited lifetime access to download all the latest games. You will have to pay a small fee to join up, but I believe paying half or quarter of the price a single game (depending on which site you join, there usually less than $49.95) and gaining lifetime access to download as many games as you like without risking your computers safety is a pretty good deal. It is considered pretty much Free because the benefits far outweigh the costs, e.g. the benefits of gaining lifetime access to downloading safe regulated files that assure the safety of your computer and save you a huge amount of money in the future, easily outweigh the small one time cost to join the site.

Secondly you should choose a site that offers all sorts of media downloads. The top sites in this business will allow you download the latest Movies, TV Shows and Music along with video game downloads as well. Also do some research and make sure the site is legit, check to see if they offer customer support so if you have any problems you can get a quick response. Lastly try to find a site which offers a full money back guarantee, this way you can always get your money back if you are not happy with their services.

So stick to these basic rules when looking for a legitimate place to download Your Video Games Online, and you won’t ever have to pay Retail Prices again. Gamer Media Downloads is one particular site which offers access to over 95 million files and provides 24 hour technical support. Check out this Review of Gamer Media Downloads and find out how you can save Hundreds Of Dollars By downloading Free Video Games Online.