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Happy Pre Day, mobile fans

Fear and Loathing joke aside, you know a phone has heat when people would rather drive through a store window than wait for the store to open… If you’ve been chained up in a basement for the past few months and haven’t heard, Sprint and Palm just launched one of the most highly anticipated handsets of the year — the Palm Pre. The webOS-powered wonder is now available in stores across the country and supplies are likely to be a bit limited so if you want in on some steamy Pre action, you best crawl out of bed and get yourself to a Sprint store. Now if you’ll excuse us we have some more Pres to scoop up and if you’re grabbing one today as well, let us know what you think!

(source image courtesy of NBC)

Sprint: Pre on Verizon in six months? Nope.

The back and forth continues. Following Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam’s comment that the Pre would be hitting VZW shelves “over the next six months or so”, Sprint issued a brief official statement confirming that its Pre exclusivity runs through the end of 2009, at least. While specifics of the exclusivity deal remain a mystery for the time being, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has just elaborated on the situation a bit. According to Cnet, Hesse stated the following at a press event with regard to McAdam’s Pre comment:

They need to check their facts. That just is not the case. Both Palm and Sprint have agreed not to discuss the length of the exclusivity deal. But I can tell you it’s not six months.

So, Verizon customers, it looks like you have a bit more waiting than anticipated before you can get your webOS on — at least where the Pre is concerned.


Worried about Pre shortages? Not as much as this guy, you’re not…

Things have heated up quite a bit since Sprint confirmed to us that the Palm Pre is likely to be in short supply when it launches this weekend. As such, if you’re one of the many future Pre addicts who can’t wait to get your hands on Palm’s first webOS-powered device you may want to consider dusting off the old camping gear. According to tinyComb, lines for the Pre are already beginning to form outside Sprint shops. Ok fine — one guy is parked outside one shop rocking a sign that reads “First”, but who knows how many could join him before the week is through? Here’s what the anonymous Pre hound had to say:

I’ve been so disappointed with Sprint since my parents got me a plan three years ago. I hear there is only going to be four phones at each spot, and I’m getting mine!

Good luck to you, sir. Hit the jump for more shots.

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Bell is pushing hard to get the Pre out in early August

A week ago, Canada’s Bell announced that it has the exclusive rights to get the Pre party started in Canada. With an ETA as vague as 2H09 however, it’s a bit hard to get excited just yet — not that those South of the 49th parallel have had a fun time with their 1H09 launch window. Thankfully we’ve received a little nugget of information from one of our ninjas who is now able to confirm that Bell is working feverishly to get the Palm Pre in time for an early August release, with the only real variable to this launch window being the number of devices Bell is able to score from Palm. You see, Bell doesn’t want to repeat the whole BlackBerry Storm launch fiasco in which Bell “launched” the Storm on December 10th with well under a thousand devices in its possession. The good news however, is that if Bell is able to snag enough handsets then the launch could happen at an earlier date. Then again, it’s more than likely that demand for the device in the US will throw a wrench into Bell’s plans. Again.

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Palm Pre hands on video, application walkthrough

So, check it. There’s something called the Palm Pre. We linked up with our friendly Palm rep, and he gave us a walkthrough of some of the brand new third party applications. Things like Pandora, Sprint TV, Palm’s Classic OS emulator, and Flight View all got shown off on Palm’s sexy Pre hardware. We also got a brief hardware walkthrough too, just for you guys.

That’s all we got for now, but hopefully the video quenches your thirst for some Pre hotness!

Hands on with the Palm Pre

Admit it… As much fun as it is to see the latest and greatest from around the mobile world at CTIA, there’s just one handset you’ve been waiting to see pop up here on BGR. We had to save something special for day two, didn’t we? Well the wait is over people — behold the Palm Pre in all of its glory. Following Palm’s announcement that early access to Palm’s Mojo SDK is now open, Palm was on hand in Sprint’s lair giving demos of various early apps that are currently available. We saw some great stuff including Pandora, MotionApps’ Palm OS emulator and Fandango, and once we cleaned up the drool that had collected on the floor we took a few snaps of the gorgeous handset mounted to its oh-so-awesome Touchstone wireless charger. Hit the jump, feast your eyes and sit tight for some video we’ll run tomorrow morning.

Palm Pre users will be able to get their retro PalmOS kicks via Classic

It goes without saying that amongst the earliest of early adopters to the Palm Pre will be Palm loyalists whose migration from PalmOS to WebOS will surely leave them missing some of the apps that they have grown to love and live by for the past 13 years. To help make the transition easier and allow the fanatics live in the past, MotionApp has obtained special rights to code the only Palm approved PalmOS simulator for WebOS entitled Classic. While it will not be able to access the heart of WebOS, Classic be able to run over 30,000 PalmOS applications at speeds nearly twice as fast as they would run on a Treo 700p meaning that the odds are the crème de la crème of PalmOS apps won’t be left behind. At this time neither the pricing nor availability of Classic has been announced, something we’re not too surprised about given that Palm has yet to tip the world off as to the pricing structure of App Catalog or a release date for the Pre itself.

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