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Low inventory is forcing Best Buy Mobile to launch the Palm Pre in two phases

Contrary to the naysayers, looks like those rumors about Best Buy Mobile having low Palm Pre inventory are indeed true. In fact, thanks to one of our ninjas we now know that Best Buy Mobile’s own Pre launch guide lays out a two-pronged launch: Phase 1 will be from June to July where inventory will be extremely low and marketing will be minimal. Best Buy Mobile is warning stores that “customer demand will outweigh inventory and stores may go weeks after launch with little or no replenishment.” Stores are being instructed to not sell the Pre early, not to make hold lists prior to the launch date and to limit sales to one device per customer. Sorry BBYM employees — no employee purchases until August. A ticketing system will be used to handle any lines on launch day and a running waiting list will be created when the Pre has sold out. Folks on the waiting list will get the Pre if when new shipments arrive.

Due to the low expected inventory, only 300 specially selected stores will have working demos of the Pre. The remainder of the stores will sell their entire inventory of the Pre and will not have a live phone on display. Inventory will be allotted to stores based upon their Sprint sales and their past successful launches of other high profile phones. The only good news in this launch guide is that this time of dearth is expected to be followed by a time of bounty in late July or early August when the inventory of the Pre is expected to increase. Take home message here: if you really, really want a Pre on the launch date or soon thereafter, you may have to forgo Best Buy and Radio Shack and seek out a Sprint store where Pre supplies are said to be a bit more robust.

Palm Pre lands on Best Buy website… for $849

As if we didn’t see this one coming, the Palm Pre has made its official debut on Best Buy’s website. The handset is sporting a super-high $849 price tag which is apparently a deterrent. With a shortage of handsets “expected at launch”, Best Buy supposedly wants to discourage Best Buy employees and any other customers from buying the handset at full retail. We will see how this shakes out as the launch date draws closer.

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Best Buy stores only getting 4 Palm Pres for launch day?

“Whoa, whoa, easy there killer.” That’s probably one of the phrases coming out of your mouth at the moment. One of our most-trusty of ninjas just dropped this bomb in our mailbox — it’s going to be rough out there on June 6th, folks. We’ve been told that there are only roughly 4,250 Palm Pres that Best Buy stores will be receiving for launch day on June 6th. Scott Anderson of Best Buy Mobile told us there were around 1,000 Best Buy locations that would be selling the Pre, so this leaves us with around 4 units per store. For launch. Incredible, isn’t it?

If it makes you feel any better, we’ve heard Palm executives have already started sliting their wrists.

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UPDATE: We just got word from a RadioShack ninja that 721 RadioShack stores will carry the Pre on launch day. Our guy guessed each store would get around 2 units each and the stores themselves are limited to high coastal areas like New York, New Jersey, California, Miami, Texas, etc.

Not. Good.

Best Buy answers questions on Palm Pre day

We’ve been getting an enormous response to the news that Best Buy’s Palm Pres will go for $100 less (well, basically) and we hit up Best Buy to try and get some answers on various questions you guys have been asking. Straight Talk Express style. Hit the jump for some possibly valuable info that could save your ass from going home without webOS in your pants.

Scott Anderson, director of merchandising at Best Buy Mobile took some time out to clarify the following for us:

Q: First off, what’s up with the stock situation? Forget rumors, Dan Hesse himself has said there’s probably a greater chance of getting a nice Sprint customer service rep than nailing a Pre on launch day. How’s Best Buy’s stock going to be?

A: Like most of the significant handset launches, we expect inventory to be in limited supply for the first 4-8 weeks.

Q: What about preorders? A lot of people are incredibly excited over the Palm Pre and that the device will be available at Best Buy with an “instant” mail-in-rebate. Will you guys be doing any preorders, reservations, etc? How will you deal with long lines if there are some?

A: The addition of the Palm Pre expands our already large assortment of smartphones. We are excited about the opportunity to present consumers with many choices and solutions as they look to meet their individual mobile technology needs. Best Buy Mobile is initiating a “ticketing process” beginning on June 6.  Meaning, if any store were to sell through all of its inventory, the store would begin to log customer names in an effort to prioritize them for the next shipment’s arrival.

Q: Ok, cool. Will every Best Buy location be selling the Pre or is there a “limited” launch like we reported a little while back?

A: Every Best Buy Mobile store that offers Sprint phones, which is nearly 1,000 stores, will have the Pre.

So there you have it folks. If you have any additional questions hit us in the comments and we’ll try and pass them on. You can also stop by Best Buy Mobile for free upgrade checks to see if you’re eligible for a new smartphone. That will help to speed things up on launch day, you know, if you’re the nice person type.

Best Buy FTW; mega retailer confirms $199 Palm Pre price sans-MIR

Ahhh, Best Buy. Many speculated that the Pre would hit Best Buy Mobile locations without the need to worry about that annoying mail-in rebate (MIR) and as of yesterday evening, it’s confirmed. While Pre-purchasers will have to part with $299.99 at Sprint stores and then sit around for a few months before receiving $100 back in the mail, Best Buy Mobile will be carrying the handset for $199.99 — no rebate required. We know Sprint is struggling but come on, times are tough for everyone. Why should Sprint earn interest on your money for a few months when you could be earning interest yourself? We’re sure you would much rather see the savings up front, so if there is a Palm Pre in your future it looks like Best Buy Mobile is the place to get it… That is, if there are any left.


Palm Pre Launch Party for Sprint Premier Customers

This morning Sprint announced that the highly anticipated Palm Pre will be launched on June 6 for $199.99 with MIR after a two-year contract. Just now we got word that a special launch party will be hosted by Sprint for the coming handset, which arrives at retail stores the very next day. If you’re a Sprint Premier customer and you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure to register and catch all the action! You know how these events usually are: lots of celebs, live music, drinks and of course, the guest of honor, the Palm Pre. If that’s not enough to get you going, you’ll be able to grab a Palm Pre a day before everyone else by purchasing one at the event! Let us know if you’re going — it’s being held at a Sprint store, so space is limited.

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Palm Pre release date and pricing announced; June 6th for $199.99

Not to get too in-ya-face about it, but man… we knocked this crap out the park. One of our ninjas hit us up last night and gave us the heads up on this information. As predicted, Palm has just gone ahead and announced the Palm Pre release date and pricing information for the device’s debut on Sprint. It’s $199.99 after a $100 MIR on a 2-year agreement (copying Apple, much?) and will indeed be released on Saturday June 6th online and in Sprint stores in addition to Best Buy, Radio Shack and Wal-Mart. Oh, and in case you’re dying to blow some cash on some Pre accessories, the Touchstone Charging Kit goes on sale the same day for $69.99 and will comes with the Touchstone charging dock and battery cover. A bit steep, but it’s not like we expected it to be anything but.

Happy? Irate? Holding out for the Tour? We wanna know.


New York Times: Palm Pre to launch first week of June

A day before the expected Wall Street Journal announcement, a carefully crafted New York Times article about the upcoming summer season of blockbuster phones suggests the Palm Pre will launch date some time during the first week of June — “a few days prior” to Apple’s WWDC opening day on June 8th. Sounds like that June 5th to 7th window is spot on… Anyone planning on crashing that weekend-long launch meeting?

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Sprint advocates receive Palm Pre units

It seems like all the Pre minutiae is hitting the Internet like a ton of bricks but here’s some more news indicating its release isn’t far off: Palm Pre handsets are making their way to Sprint stores specifically for the store advocate, or the one who will be the Pre pro. Images surfaced recently with a number of Sprint employees holding up their handsets (luckily made anonymous by bloggers) and as you might expect, people are psyched; reviews are nothing short of what is expected based on what we’ve seen so far. The device is small, the screen is responsive and the keyboard is like a mix of Centro and Treo Pro goodness (or “badness” if you hate that bubbly plastic feeling). Managers will be undergoing mandatory device training soon and we’re expecting them to give you the hands-on shortly after that in store.

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Palm’s Pre unboxed on video

It’s fascinating how many people lust after gadget unboxings and Monday was no exception with some people going absolutely crazy over some not so great pics of the Palm Pre’s box. Well today a video unboxing of the Pre surfaced which is sure to make more than a few people wet their pants (or worse) from excitement. It’s not exactly what we pictured the first video unboxing would look like as it’s being done by a Palm rep at CES 2009 way back on January 13th (strange how it stayed under the radar until now, isn’t it?), but we’ll take what we can get and dish it out for all of the Pre-crazed nouveau Palm addicts out there. Hit the jump for the video.