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Top Five Ways to Earn Extra Money Online at Home for Free

Here’s a fact: everybody wants to earn extra money. We all
have bills to pay, families to feed, and the list goes on
and on…

Discover several legitimate ways to earn extra money
online for free using your computer at home.

You probably wonder how much extra income you can make?
Well, it depends on how much time and energy you are going
to put in.

Here are five legitimate online opportunities for
everybody to earn extra cash fast:

1. Get paid to read email

This is probably one of the oldest online income
opportunity. In order to get started all you need is your
own e-mail address. If you have an Internet access at home,
you probably already have an e-mail address too? Otherwise,
you can open your own email account and receive your
personal e-mail address for free at:

http://www.yahoo.com or http://www.hotmail.com

Actually, be prepared to use your e-mail address with any
of the extra income opportunities that I have listed in
this article.

How ‘get paid to read email’ programs work? Simply, online
advertisers pay commissions to the paid email companies for
sending their advertisements via e-mail to members who want
to get paid for reading emails. When you receive a paid e-
mail, in order to receive your cash you should click on the
link and visit an advertiser’s web site.

How much you can earn? Not much. The paid email companies
pay from $0.01 up to $1.00 per e-mail that you read.
Usually the more they pay, the higher is their payout
minimum. It means that you can request your payment only
after you have earned a certain amount of money.

It really wouldn’t be worth your time if paid e-mail
companies didn’t have referral or affiliate programs. As an
affiliate you can refer new members to their programs and
get paid a percentage of what your referrals earn.

Note that if you want to make serious money you’ll need to
recruit at least several hundred referrals. Not to worry
though – there are some free ways to accomplish that, as
you will soon discover. Besides, visitor to sign up
conversion ratios are very high, since get paid to read
programs are totally free to join!

It is very important to select only legitimate paid email
companies. Here’s a short list of proven ‘get paid to read
e-mail’ companies:

i) WowEarnings – http://www.cash4offers.com/r/wowearn
ii) InboxDollars – http://www.cash4offers.com/r/idollars
iii) E-mailPaysU – http://www.cash4offers.com/r/epaysu

2. Get paid to take surveys

When you join paid survey programs, online merchants pay
you for your opinions on their products and services. The
problem is that in order to access top paid survey
companies you have to pay an access fee.

Here are some top-notch web sites that offer huge
databases of paid survey programs:

i) Survey Scout – http://www.cash4offers.com/r/sscout
ii) Paid For Free – http://www.cash4offers.com/r/paid4free
iii) Survey Platinum – http://www.cash4offers.com/r/surveyp

3. Get paid to complete offers

At the moment, this is one of the most lucrative ways to
earn extra money online working from home. Again, online
merchants pay commissions to visitors… but not for
opinions, not for their ads delivered via e-mail, but for
trying their products and services. The offers include
credit card applications, ISP services, membership clubs,
free trials and samples, etc.

You can earn up to $70 extra money just for a single offer
completed. Usually, the more extra cash you earn per offer,
the more you have to pay per S&H or trial membership.
However, if you really need a product or service that is
offered, this is a great opportunity to accept it on the
Internet, simply using your computer at home. Plus, you get
paid extra cash for accepting terrific deals!

Top get paid for offers programs:

i) Cash4Offers – http://www.cash4offers.com
ii) WowEarnings – http://www.cash4offers.com/r/wowearn
iii) CashFiesta – http://www.cash4offers.com/r/cashf
iv) SearchCactus – http://www.cash4offers.com/r/scactus
v) InboxDollars – http://www.cash4offers.com/r/idollars

4. Get paid to shop online

This way to earn extra money is very similar to paid
offers opportunity. You get paid a certain percentage of
what you spend at online stores.

Cash4Offers and WowEarnings have super get paid to shop
online stores. So, if you like to shop online, why not get
paid for doing it?

5. Get paid for marketing affiliate programs

As I mentioned earlier, you cannot earn a lot cash unless
you join affiliate programs of these ‘get paid to’
companies, and earn commissions from your referrals.

If you don’t want to get involved in the affiliate
marketing, the only option is to join a get paid to
complete offers company and earn several hundred dollars by
completing offers that interest you.

However, if you are serious about making extra income
online from the comfort of your home, you should join ‘get
paid to’ (or other) affiliate programs and promote them on
the Internet.

Ideally, you should create your own web site. Here are
some useful resources from top online affiliate marketers
that will help you to get started:

i) Corey Ruld – http://www.cash4offers.com/r/crcourse
ii) James Martell – http://www.cash4offers.com/r/jm
iii) Ken Evoy – http://www.cash4offers.com/r/sbires

Of course, you can succeed as an affiliate even without
your own web site. The best free way to drive targeted
traffic to your affiliate programs is by writting your own
articles and submitting them to major article directories:

* http://www.goarticles.com
* http://www.articlecity.com
* http://www.article-emporium.com
* http://www.ezinearticles.com
* http://groups.yahoo.com/group/article_announce

If you think that you cannot write, check out Jim Edwards’
“Turn Words Into Traffic” letter. I hope that he will
convince you that you can:


When joining a ‘get paid to’ affiliate program look what
affiliate marketing tools & resources the company gives
you. The only ‘get paid to’ affiliate program that offers
two-tier affiliate commissions, ready-to-use articles, free
reports that you can give away to your web site visitors,
affiliate e-course and much more, is Cash4Offers.

As you can see, some ‘get paid to’ companies offer you
several ways to earn extra money in one place. For example,
WowEarnings gives you an all-in-one-place extra income
opportunity to get paid to read e-mails, complete offers,
shop and refer your friends.

But if you want to make the most extra income working from
home in your spare time, you should get involved with
affiliate marketing, and start with the Cash4Offers
affiliate program.

Are Paid Surveys a Waste of Your Time?

Recently ,while visiting one of my favorite business forums,
I ran across some interesting comments concerning paid
surveys. The gyst of these comments was that taking online
surveys is a waste of time. Here is my answer to those

…. Just because you didn’t earn any money with surveys,
that doesn’t mean that they are a waste of time.

Like any other online opportunity, it takes time and effort
to build an income with surveys. Many people who have
failed, say the same thing about SFI, Goji, Empowerism, and
dozens of other online stay at home job opportunities. But,
thousands of members of these same companies are making good
money every month. Try to convince them that they are
wasting their time, and they will laugh at you. Meanwhile,
their bank accounts just keep filling up with cash!

Survey takers can earn a solid second income. It may not be
more than a few hundred dollars each month, but it’s enough
to pay the light bill or the phone bill, or maybe both. It
takes time to build up a steady stream of business, but the
same thing applies regardless of what business you choose to

The biggest downfall that new survey takers face, is a lack
of knowledge of the activity itself. Hopefully, the
following will give you a good starting point.

To earn money with surveys, you consider doing the

1. Study. Don’t expect things to be all rosy just because
the ad looked good when you signed up. Take the time to
learn the mechanics of the survey business. This will allow
you to identify your particular niche.

2. Continually update your registrations as your survey
company updates their data base. New marketing firms are
looking to test their products all of the time, so the data
bases will constantly grow.

3. Create a seperate Email account just for survey business,
and make sure that you turn off all of the spam filters for
this account. Often, surveys will trigger a spam filter, and
you will never even know that someone wanted you to take

4. When you fill out a questionaire for a potential survey,
you might find out that you don’t qualify for that
particular survey. Send a thank you note and ask to be
considered for future surveys.

The magic words, “Please and Thank You” never go out of

5. When you are offered surveys that result in points,
coupons or drawings, fill them out! These are often used as
qualifyers by different companies. By completing them, you
show that you are serious about participating, and as a
result, you increase your chances of being contacted with
cash offers.

6. Be truthful and give complete demographic information
when applying. Don’t pretend to be a 24 year old woman, when
you are actually a 35 year old man. These companies have
junk filters too, and they can see through this nonsense in
a New York Second.

7. Search for forums that concentrate on surveys. You will
be pleasantly surprised by what you find. There are folks
out there who are willing to share what they have learned.
Take advantage of that help to refine your survey skills.

One of the keys to running a successful stay at home job, is
to establish multiple streams of income. Each of these
streams might only provide a few dollars each month, but
with enough different sources, you will find that you are
able to earn a substantial second income. Paid Surveys can
provide a terrific income stream, that will continue to grow
as you become more knowledgable and experienced with them.

You may not get filthy stinking rich by completing surveys,
but if you follow these seven steps, you stand a good chance
of earning enough to pay a couple of extra bills each month.
Besides, its fun!

Can You Really Make Money with Online Surveys?

I am sure you have seen the “Paid Survey” sites that claim
to pay you for your opinion. Question is: Will they really
pay you for just taking simple surveys online?

Well, I did a little experiment. Actually, it was a pretty
big experiment. I researched several hundred of these

What did I find? You guessed it:

Most were scams.

They want your email address so they can spam you. Or they
require you to accumulate 10 million zillion points before
they pay you. Or they say they pay but don’t.

But, as I was weeding out all the scams I would
occasionally come across a legitimate company. It didn’t
happen very often, but out of the hundreds of companies I
researched, I found 68 good ones.

Now, let me tell you — you are not going to get rich doing
surveys online. And, if anybody tells you that you can earn
“thousands” a month — they are lying to you. (My best
month so far I earned $104.00)

But, on the other hand it’s not very hard work either. Most
surveys are short. I did one this morning that took less
than 5 minutes. It only paid $4.00 but for 5 minutes work I
am not going to complain. Yesterday I did one that paid
$10.00. Two weeks ago I did a $25.00 one. And a couple of
months ago I had one that paid $50. It varies. And sometimes
there are very short screener surveys that don’t
pay anything — you have to take the screeners to see if
you qualify for the paid surveys.

All in all, it’s not a bad way to earn a few extra bucks a

Online Paid Surveys: The Whole Truth (Avoiding Potential Pitfalls)

Recent popularity.

7 million companies now actively seek out the opinions of moms, students, retirees and others. In the last year thousands of people have discovered that they can earn money simply by filling out paid online surveys or participating in paid focus groups while sitting at their computer.

A stay at home mom may fill out a couple of surveys while the kids are napping or later in the evening when the kids go to bed, or a student may complete a survey in-between classes or use surveys as a part-time job in the summer. If you have a computer with Internet access then you are eligible to participate.

Why will companies pay for your opinion?

Why? Because getting your opinions allows companies to get in touch with consumers and their views and habits BEFORE launching new products and services. With research and development costs at all-time highs and profit margins at all-time lows, a company simply cannot risk bringing a product to market that nobody wants. Think “New Coke” or today’s automotive industry.

It’s worth it to these large corporations to pay someone $75 to fill out a 1 to 2 page online survey, or to pay someone $150 an hour to participate in an online focus group, or to pay someone $25 per hour to preview the trailer for a new movie.

How they work.

Companies you register with will send paid survey opportunities to your email inbox. You have the option to accept or decline these individual surveys. For each survey you complete, you will be paid a preset amount. Most of these paid surveys take approximately 5 to 15 minutes to complete and normally pay $10 – $75 per survey. Online focus groups pay substantially more .. up to $250 per hour.

In the course of our investigation we received approximately 25-30 survey opportunities per day. It quickly became clear that if someone is willing to devote several hours per day to these surveys that it’s entirely possible to earn several hundred dollars per day.

Let’s say you complete 20 online surveys per day .. all at the low-end pay of $10-$15 per survey. At 5 to 15 minutes per survey you would be earning $200 – $300 per day for 1.5 to several hours of at-home work. At just $35 per survey the earnings go to $700 per day. And at $75 per survey the earnings skyrocket to $1500 per day.

Fraudulent websites & potential pitfalls.

Unfortunately, as with any innovative idea come the scammers. Hundreds of “paid surveys” websites have popped up, claiming to offer direct access to networks where people can find these online surveys. Most charge $85-$125 dollars to register and make outrageous claims of $200 per survey. But once a customer pays the membership fee they find:

1. Outdated resources and directories
2. Non-Working links and pages
3. Non-Intuitive navigation
4. Zero help or customer service
5. No refunds if you are unsatisfied.

Most of these SCAM sites won’t even respond to refund requests. Eventually they get shut down due to too many customer complaints, or the State Attorney General forces them out of business. But the customer has already lost their money, and the SCAMMERS just open another paid survey site under a different name in a different state. It’s definitely “buyer beware”.

Paid Surveys and Paid Focus Groups at your fingertips.

Fortunately you no longer need to register with each of the 7 million companies to participate in their paid online surveys. 2004 saw entire networks spring up solely to administer these paid surveys. All you need do is register your name with one of these organizations to participate in the surveys in their network.

Many experienced people find it advantageous to register their name with more than one administering organization. This allows the person to enjoy a wider selection of surveys and focus groups .. as well as collect the multiple bonuses that are regularly offered.

Yes, you can get paid for your opinion.

If you can stay away from the SCAM websites, it is possible to earn money … even hundreds of dollars per day … by filling out online paid surveys and participating in paid focus groups.

Before joining a paid survey network, you should be sure that it satisfies the following minimum requirements:

• In business for at least 1 year.
• Well organized, easy to navigate directories.
• Directories updated at least weekly.
• Helpful resources available for newcomers.
• No “waiting period”. Eligible immediately..
• Customer service available via phone or email, with response time less than 24hrs.
• 100% guaranteed.

Paid Surveys Online – An easy way to make money online?

Paid surveys are being promoted as an easy way to make money online. Some ads promise you up to $250 per hour for taking paid surveys. Are they realistic? Can one really expect to earn that much money from online paid surveys? Let us find out the answers to these questions.

Such advertisements are usually put up by paid survey database companies like Surveyscout. They charge you for giving access to a database of market research companies, often in the range of $30 to $60. They typically have 400 to 500 survey companies in their database.

Is it worth paying these companies to get access to such a database? Whatever information you get from these companies, you can get for free on the internet on many free online survey sites. Secondly, these survey database companies do not send any surveys by themselves, and you have to join each market research company in their database individually to get any surveys. In addition, most of the survey companies in their databases are good for nothing. Only about 40 to 50 survey companies are really worth joining.

What does this mean? If you are planning to try online surveys, you never have to pay anyone. You can get the list of the best survey companies for free on the internet. You can join them and get started.

Now let us take a closer look at on the rewards offered by paid online surveys. Survey companies can be divided into those which reward you with cash for each survey, those that give you points which can be redeemed for cash, and those which enter you into sweepstakes or prizedraws.

Survey companies that pay cash give $1 to $20 or more per online survey depending on many factors. This group includes many of the best survey sites like American Consumer Opinion Panel, Surveysavvy, Ciao Surveys, Greenfield online(Gozing) and Pinecone Research. You can expect to get 1 to 4 surveys per month from each site.

Surveys that reward you with points let you accumulate reward points which you can later redeem for cash or gifts. Some of the most reputed market research companies like Globaltestmarket, Opinion Outpost, NFO Mysurvey and Lightspeed Research reward you in this way.

Yet other companies enter you into draws for cash or gifts as reward for taking surveys. Although many people don’t like this form of reward system, your chances of getting the prize is quite good as the pool to select the prize winners is usually small. Some good survey companies that follow this reward system are Synovate, NPD Research, NOP World (Surveys.com), ECN Research and Nielsen Netratings.

Another important factor which determines how much you can earn from online surveys is your profile, particularly your country. Generally residents of the USA and Canada can expect to make more money from paid surveys, as there are more market research companies operating in these countries. Also they get more frequent surveys. However, participants from other countries can also hope to make some good extra money from paid online surveys.

All said and done, the maximum earnings an average person can expect from doing paid surveys is not more than $200 to $300 per month. This can be a good source of extra income for some people. But the claims that paid surveys can make you rich or replace your real job are largely unfounded. Hence, it is always best to stay with free paid surveys.

Paid Surveys : The Truth

About Paid Surveys

Get paid to take surveys! Get paid for your opinion! Earn
up to $250 an hour taking surveys from your home computer!

Advertisements like these are popping up all over the place.
Classifieds, forums, newspapers, magazines, everywhere. But
the thing everyone wants to know is, “Is this real?”.

The truth is… yes and no. Yes, you can actually make
money taking surveys online. No, you are not going to make
$4,500 a month doing it.

But, you can actually make some extra money every month.
$100 to $300 a month from paid surveys is not very hard to
reach. The problem is there are so many websites posing as
“paid survey” companies that it’s hard to find legitimate

In the following paragraphs I will give you step by step
instructions on how to get paid taking surveys online. In 3
simple steps you can easily be on your way to getting paid
for your opinion.

STEP 1: Finding a legitimate source for paid surveys

Finding a legitimate source of information is probably the
hardest part. There are several companies that pose as paid
surveys or market research companies that will only try to
sell you something or sell your email address to third parties.
There are also several paid survey directories that you can
join. These directories charge you up to $50 for information
that is available all over the internet for free. Never pay
for a paid surveys directory. Use the search engines to find
free directories. Or try a free directory like the one at

STEP 2: What Paid Survey Companies To Join

There are over 600 paid survey companies you can join.
Choosing the right ones are key to getting paid for taking
surveys. Some companies will send you one every few months
while others may send you invitations everyday. There are
about 20 paid survey sites you should join when first
starting. These companies send surveys regularly and by
joining them you can almost be sure to get at least 1 paid
survey a day. After signing up for these companies you can
come back later and sign up with other companies that send
less. But just with these 20 a hundred to a few hundred dollars
a month is not impossible. These companies are:
NFO My Survey, goZing Surveys, Global Test Market, Test Spin,
Survey Savvy, Survey Spot, American Consumer Opinion, E-Poll,
Poll Cast, ECN Research, Synovate Surveys, NPD Online Research,
Pinecone Research, Harris Poll, Lightspeed Research, Ipsos
Surveys, Opinion Outpost, Greenfield Online, Nielson/NetRatings,
Consumer Link…….

STEP 3: Check Your Email, Confirm Your Memberships

Some companies will send you emails asking you to confirm
your membership. Make sure you do this. Now all you have to
do is wait for paid survey invitations daily. Sometimes more.
None of the companies listed here will spam you or try to
get you to buy anything. They are all legitimate paid
survey companies. You will find that once you have taken a
few surveys you will start receiving more invitations.Once you
get the hang of it you can go back and find other companies
to join to increase your income.

Taking Free Paid Surveys Online

Free Paid Surveys, Get Paid To Take Surveys, Take Online Surveys for CASH!

More than likely you have seen ads like these all over the internet. And like most people you are probably wondering if they are true. Can you really get paid to take surveys online? Or is paid surveys just another scam? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. You can actually get paid to take surveys online.

There are many companies that will pay you to participate in online surveys, focus groups, and even product tests. These are market research companies that are paid by large companies to find out what the public feels about their products. They want to know if their advertising camppagns are working and how everyday people feel about their products. Large corporations spend billions of dollars a year on advertising. So to pay you a few dollars to find out if their advertising is working is not that big of a deal. So they hire these market research companies. And the market research companies send out surveys to everyday people to find out what the public is thinking.

There are also several misconceptions about taking paid surveys online. Many advertisements will tell you that you can make up to $250 an hour taking paid surveys. Although it is possible to be compensated $250 for participating in an important study or focus group, the average paid survey will pay you between $2 and $20.

There are also a few different kinds of paid survey sites. There are paid survey directories, or databases, and there are the actual paid survey companies. A paid survey, or market research company, is the actual company that will send you the paid surveys. And also the one that will compensate you for your participation. An example of a paid survey company is NFO My Survey. NFO has been around for over 20 years and is one of the major paid survey companies on the internet. When joining a paid survey site like NFO you are notified by email when your participation in a paid survey is needed. You can then choose to take the paid survey or simply ignore it. You are told how much you will be paid for taking each survey and how long the paid survey should take to complete. Companies like NFO My Survey are always free to join. A legitimate paid survey company will never ask you to pay a fee to join.

Another type of site is a paid survey directory, or database. Paid survey databases provide directories of paid survey companies. These are the sites you go to to find companies that will pay you to participate in online surveys. There are several databases you can join. But most online paid survey databases are not free. A site like SurveyScout charges about $35 for their directory of 490 paid survey companies. Others charge anywhere from $20 to $60 to access their paid surveys directory. Many people are fooled into thinking that when they join these membership sites they will automatically start receiving paid surveys. A membership site like SurveyScout does not actually send paid surveys. they are only a directory of companies that you join that send paid surveys online.

Before you spend $35 dollars for a paid survey database do some looking around. A good paid survey directory will have everything you would find in a paid membership site and is absolutely free. There is no need to pay to find paid surveys. In fact, why would you want to pay for free information? Paid membership sites are simply taking advantage of the fact that most people don’t know where to look for this type of information. And once they pay and then find out that they paid for a directory, most people feel like they have been scammed. My advice would be to bypass a paid directory. And use a free paid survey directory.

If you are looking for a full-time income online, paid surveys may not be the thing for you. Although you can make some good money taking paid surveys online, more than likely it will not be enough to make you rich. On the other hand, if you want to make some extra money without much effort then paid surveys is the way to go.

The key to getting paid to take surveys online is joining as many of these paid survey companies as possible. Most paid survey sites will only send a few paid surveys a month.

So the logic is, the more paid survey companies you belong to the more paid survey invitations you will receive. And the more money you will make. I’ts a good idea to start off with around 10 to 20 good paid survey companies. Each one will only take a few minutes to sign up for and is well worth it. There are around 500 paid survey companies you can join. And once you have joined the main ones you can go back and join others to receive even more paid surveys. Of 500 paid survey companies I would have to say that there are about 50 that will send you paid surveys on a regular basis. The rest may only send one a month or even less. So starting with the top paid surveys is obviously the best way to go.

You must answer a few screener questions before taking a survey to see if you fit the profile for the type of person the company is interested in. After taking a few screeners you can start to see how you should answer to make yourself qualify. for instance, most paid survey screeners will ask you if you work in a certain industry, or any type of market research or advertising business. The answer to a question like this should almost always be no. They do not want people who know the market research business taking their surveys. And you will almost always not qualify for the paid survey.

Well now that you have all the information you need it’s up to you to decide if paid surveys is for you or not. If you are interested in paid surveys I highly reccommend NFO My Survey, Global Test Market, Survey Savvy, Survey Spot, E-Poll, ECN Research, Lightspeed Research, American Consumer opinion, Test Spin,GoZing surveys, Greenfield Online, and Opinion Outpost. There several more great paid survey sites. These are just my personal favorites.

Paid Surveys Revealed

Who does not like some extra cash in hand? What about when that ‘extra cash’ comes relatively easy, with the least of exertion? What about when that extra cash comes to you right in your home, without having you to move to any other place?

You guessed right! I am talking about home business. There are a great number of home businesses with the advent of the Internet. Many people are drawing a decent income from such endeavors. Each one of us is tempted to try out some of these offers, because they sound so easy and within our reach, that we feel we would miss out on a great opportunity if do not try it out. The temptation is even harder to fight when we are in dire need for cash.

I got hooked on the idea, when I had lost my job two years ago. I had more than 16 years’ seniority and never expected to get the axe. My heart was broken; but what hurt the most was that I had, all-of-a-sudden, to cut and curtail on each every expense. I was faced with an acute emotional and financial poverty.

It was at this time that, one day while idling over my computer, I clicked on a link – which I think mentioned cash from home – and I was hooked. At first I was overwhelmed at the variety and diversity of the Internet income opportunity. I found a multitude of offers ranging from data typing, to freelancing; from web designing to copy writing … to the one of the most lucrative options, paid surveys.

Taking paid surveys is an extremely convenient and easy way to earn cash online. I can see the interest growing in your eyes. What are online paid surveys, you will ask?

That is exactly what I was asking two years ago when I rediscovered the meaning of earning at my convenience! Let me start at the most important part. Money! How much can you make with online paid surveys? Will you believe when I tell you that you can make anything between $1 and $150 per survey?

They say that the difference between real and fiction is that fiction needs to make sense!! This is really applicable to making money with online surveys. It does not really make sense, but it is there life-size and true! But do not take my word for it. You go out there and just type ‘online paid surveys’ in the browser line and see what comes out of it. Try a few and just get the feel of it and see how easy is to fill in a survey.

The online surveys are just simple questionnaires which require certain information or opinions from you. These feedback are analyzed by the companies who send you the surveys and the information thus obtained go to form the future product strategy of that company, be it marketing, production, content, correction, etc.

The next logical question you would ask is why the companies would pay people to do surveys. Companies need access to information regarding the reaction of the public on the products they promote. In order to get this information they do extensive market research studies which are expensive and sometimes not reliable – when the data can be manufactured. Paid online surveys give these companies direct access to the public. The payment is calculated based on the importance of the product and the difficulty the company has to gain serious insights on it. Hence, online surveys are a healthy business proposition for the companies.

You could, as I could, build a good reliable source of income with online surveys. There are a few tips that you should keeping mind however, so you do not run into headaches.

Seek those companies that have a good feedback on the Internet; in order to find what others think of it, run a search on the name of the company asking for review or comments. Invariably, the net will throw up sufficient feedback for you to get a good idea about the company;

Remember – this type of work is just like any other work, even if it requires less mental and physical effort. Completing online surveys require patience and persistence if you want to earn a significant amount;

Another trick is to get your name enlisted in as many companies as possible. Logically speaking, even if you have only $5 surveys – which usually take anything between 20-25 minutes max (this also depends upon the speed of your browser) – and you have 4-5 per day, you could earn a very tidy sum;

I advice NOT to enlist in the survey databases who ask you a fee for membership. You can find the same market research companies for free. Why pay for the free information?