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Apple pushes out OS X 10.5.7 update

Sure it’s a tiny bit later than many expected but OS X users can now finally get their mitts on Apple’s 10.5.7 update for OS X. Just open your trusty old Software Update utility and go to town.

The 10.5.7 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac.

For detailed information on this update, please visit this website: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3397
For detailed information on security updates, please visit this website: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1222

Highlights of this latest Leopard update include fixes to sync issues, widget updates, resolved issues with logging into Gmail, improved parental controls and improved video playback on newer Macs. So what are you waiting for?

Apple getting ready to issue 10.5.7 update for OS X?

As rumors of Snow Leopard continue to swirl, it looks like Apple will be stringing Leopard along for quite a while longer before the next iteration of OS X debuts. According to reports, Apple has seeded a new OS X build to developers and testing is currently under way. The new build, 10.5.7, is said to focus on maintenance, security and synchronization. Apparently the seventh variant of Leopard is a pretty substantial improvement even in its current form — specific areas Apple is targeting with the update include graphics drivers, Time Machine, printing services, screen sharing services, MobileMe syncing, Mail and AddressBook syncing, AirPort services, text services and iCal. Beyond that, about 70 code corrections are said to have already been identified in the build. Needless to say if this rumor turns out to be true, we’re certainly looking forward to seeing an update that will resolve a healthy amount of the issues currently plaguing OS X. Of course we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves; we likely still have a few months before 10.5.7 sees the light of day considering testing has just begun.


Omni Group sees the light, frees up four OS X apps

In the age of the internet, it seems like the surest way to prevent people from trying out your browser would be to charge for it. Charge for a web browser? Why would anyone pay for a browser when the big boys such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Chrome — and even the little guys like Flock and Camino — are free? The Omni Group however, has been charging for OmniWeb since the dawn of time (ok, since 1995) and its business model must have some logic behind it as its browser still has a sizable niche user base. But alas… Times they are a-changin’ and now that everything on the interwebs is free, the Omni Group’s hand was apparently forced. As of yesterday, four OmniGroup apps have moved from pay to free distribution models: OmniWeb, a Mac-only web browser – the company’s most notable offering perhaps; OmniDazzle, a collection of visual effects; OmniDiskSweeper, a disk cleanup utility; and OmniObjectMeter, a memory management and repair utility for developers. With this move the Omni Group hopes to gain a slightly wider audience and as heralded as its software is by many current users, we don’t doubt that the unshackling of these apps will pay off in the long run.

[Via Cult of Mac]