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Profitable Website: A Key Ingredient List

Whether you’ve been an internet entrepreneur for quite some time or are just getting into the world of online business there are a few things that every business website must have to both attract and keep customers.

A Memorable Customer Experience

A fantastic customer experience is paramount to a great and profitable website. How do you create that fantastic experience? First and foremost, in order to make a decision to buy anything, your customers need to be able to find what theyre looking for quickly and easily. Make sure all your information is right up front and easy to find.

FAQ pages, for example, are a great resource for all those common questions. Shipping charges and easy to find product descriptions are also a must.

A sense of community is also a vital ingredient for a fantastic customer experience. This can be created with, a frequent buyer program, superior customer service and even your about us page can help foster a connection.

Article Management And CMS

For business owners, in order to provide your customers and visitors with a fabulous experience a CMS, content management system or article management system will make providing valuable content quick and easy.

A CMS enables the user to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a Web site without needing the expertise of a Webmaster. This means you dont need to know any programming language to create your website. You can create, schedule, edit and remove pages without spending hours modifying HTML.

Simple Checkout

The checkout process is where many businesses stumble. Customers demand, and deserve, a simple and very secure system and many shopping carts just dont measure up. Items are dropped, customers are asked to jump through too many hoops, and quite often all of the information they need, like shipping charges, isnt apparent until they hit the pay now button.

A good shopping cart system is imperative for a valuable customer experience and itll make your life easier too with simple reporting procedures and readily accessible sales information and a reasonable pricetag.

Easy Navigation

Include a search function on your site and give your visitors and customers the ability to instantly find exactly what they need. For example, a pet store owner with this search feature on their website makes it easy for a prospect to find that dog coat theyre looking for. Forcing them to search throughout pages of items is a sure way to detract from their shopping experience.

Offering your visitors a search tool tells them you respect their time and value their business and the keyword information the tool provides gives you valuable insight.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When building a profitable online business SEO plays a very important role in driving website traffic and sales. A key feature for a website builder is an easy SEO system which makes linking, content, and keyword tagging including meta and alt tags a straightforward process.

If your website builder also comes with a sitemap feature each time you update your website content, the search engines are automatically notified, saving you tons of time and ensuring your website is getting noticed by the search engines and potential visitors.


In the competitive world of online business, your branding strategy can certainly help set you apart from your competition. While a logo is important, think about the Nike swish or the colorful eBay lettering, for a small business owner your personality is a large part of your brand. Your personality can be reflected in the content and design on your website.

Creating a great and profitable website starts with a website builder that provides the tools necessary to create a powerful customer experience. Choose your builder wisely, look for one that is easy to use and provides the tools you need to create the business you desire.

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How to get traffic from Adwords

Adwords service has brought success to several companies by furnishing them with a huge amount of highly targeted traffic form Adwords from as low as two cents per visitor. However, there are possibly as many webmasters who have paid for Adwords and seen only a small benefit or have indeed made losses. If the latter is applicable to you, then the following might be of some benefit.

Create a layout for your ad. Decide what you need to include in the title, this is most important. A good title attracts visitors. Then choose what keywords or details you would like to present to potential customers. Make sure that your text will bring only focused visitors to your site and stay away from the price of wasted clicks.

Before beginning a campaign it helps to scribble down as many keywords and phrases as you can think of. The most popular keywords are probably going to have been bid up too high, making your click throughs costly.

Try to think of keywords that your customers would use. When you have thought of as many words as you can, look over your list. Keep only those that you feel are best.

Don’t go along with Google’s recommended cost per click. It is always far higher than necessary. A lot of advertisers don’t understand that their click through rate affects their position just as much as how much they PPC. For instance, if you pay twenty cents per click for the phrase “make money” and your competitors pays forty cents and achieves a click thru rate of 0.5%. In order to get a position above him, you’ll only need to double up your click through rate, to anything above 1%. , while still only paying half what he pays.

Now you have your keywords and pricing settled you need to set your daily budget. Keep it low for a while, permitting you to see how successfully this campaign is running, without investing too much cash. Let your campaign run for some days, and take care to note which keywords are leading to sales or enquiries.

Keep a close eye on your sites performance. Keep trying to improve, change something around, and try something new. You will soon find that little things can mean a lot, and can substantially improve performance from Adwords.

Google will disable your advertisements if you are not getting enough clicks. If this happens, go back and rethink your keywords and then repeat this process to find new solutions.

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