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Nokia Siemens to acquire Nortel’s LTE and CDMA assets

Canada-based Nortel, once North America’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, filed for bankruptcy in January 2009 after a turnaround effort failed. As part of its bankruptcy proceedings, Nortel will sell its LTE and CDMA assets to Nokia Siemens for a cool $650 million. The acquisition will improve Nokia Siemen’s position in both North America and the growing LTE business. The acquisition is subject to approval from both the US bankruptcy court and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice but it’s expected to close in Q3 2009.


Nokia USA three hour sale begins tonight, ends tonight

Do you have a burning desire for a new Symbian smartphone but an even deeper burning desire to save money? How does 15 – 50 percent off select shiny new Nokia handsets sound? For only three hours starting at 9pm Central/10pm Eastern, here’s what you’re looking at:

  • N97 – $594
  • E75 – $265
  • E71 – $295
  • 5800 XpressMusic – $299
  • N85 – $320
  • N95 8GB – $378
  • E63 – $167
  • E66 – $245
  • N79 – $279

While a few of those price points might still be a bit steep, we’re generally looking at some solid deals on these brand new, unlocked, warrantied handsets. Anyone eying one of these bad boys and planning to pounce tonight?

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Vodafone to carry unannounced Nokia “N97 Mini”, BlackBerry Storm 2; no Palm Pre

According to a post from likely soon-to-be-ex-Vodafone forum moderator Ev from Vodafone, Vodafone Ireland has a few tasty morsels baking in the oven. First and foremost, the mod claims Voda will not be picking up the new Nokia N97 due to the high price point of the handset. Instead, the carrier will pick up the unannounced “N97 Mini” considering the device’s “competitive pricing”. Ev also states that Vodafone will offer the BlackBerry Storm 2 later this year, a foregone conclusion. Last but not least, the big mouthed mod suggests that due to exclusivity with a competitor, Vodafone will not be offering the Palm Pre. All of this falls into the rumor category for the time being of course, but it’s pretty interesting none the less. Will Ev elaborate? Will (s)he be gagged and locked in a basement? Keep your eye on the read link to find out.

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Nokia N86 8MP hits London this Friday

Following what must have been an intense prayer circle attended by each and every Nokia fan in the US, the N97 somehow found its way into customers’ hands in the US before its European counterpart. Unheard of. With the hopes that a trend of timely US releases will follow, it might just be safe to presume the N86 8MP will find its way to store shelves in the next week or so. As revealed by the Nokia Flagship store in London, the photog’s dream of a handset is due to drop in the UK this coming Friday, June 19th. Our hope is that a US release happens around the same time and considering the handset is already shipping worldwide, it shouldn’t be long now. Man, what a month…

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Nokia and Vodafone announce the 6730 classic

Nokia and Vodafone today announced the exclusive launch of the new Nokia 6730 classic. This mid-level S60 3rd edition handset features quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, dual-band UMTS/HSPA, 2.2-inch QVGA display, 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera, GPS/aGPS, FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0, 48MB of internal memory and microSD expansion. Vodafone will be the exclusive carrier and will start offering the 6730 classic across all markets in June. Pricing is yet to be determined but we highly doubt this handset will break anybody’s piggy bank — this little guy is destined to be a freebie on most contracts.


Nokia’s Ovi Store goes live across the globe

Throughout the night our inboxes had been lighting up like the New York skyline with reports that Nokia’s Ovi Store went live across the globe just as Nokia promised during MWC. Just a few hours ago, Nokia confirmed the news with a press release. For those of you who don’t know what the Ovi Store is all about, it’s the destination for S40 and S60 users to hit if they’re looking to load up their devices up with apps, games, videos, podcasts, widgets, pics and more in an online store front that integrates MOSH, Download! and WidSets. All you need is a valid credit card to pay for your goods unless you live in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Spain or the United Kingdom where your tab will be called in by your carrier. Carrier billing will be available in the US as well later this year via AT&T. Excited much?

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Nokia N900 “Rover” tablet gets pictured, spec’d

What a Memorial Day weekend, huh? The river of leaks just won’t stop flowing as the first image of Nokia’s successor to the N810 Internet Tablet has been uncovered along with reported specs. It’s hard to get overly excited about the N900 “Rover” because, well, it’s a Nokia tablet. This is most definitely Nokia’s most capable tablet to date and it packs HSPA connectivity but in the age of the smartphone we have to ask: Why? The specs:

  • Maemo 5
  • Dimensions: 59.7mm x 111mm x 18.2mm
  • Weight: 180g
  • 3.5-inch 800×480 (WVGA) touchscreen
  • OMAP3430 500/600 Mhz processor
  • 5.0 MP Carl Zeiss camera with dual-LED flash, auto-focus and sliding cover
  • 1GB total virtual runtime memory
  • Wi-Fi, HSPA, GPS, accelerometer

The official N900 announcement will reportedly come in June — a period of time where it will easily and quickly be overshadowed by everything else going on next month — and target launches are scattered throughout 2H. We’re certainly anxious to play with Nokia’s new tablet but that’s really all we can expect from it… Play. Nokia continues its attempt to fill the space between smartphones and netbooks but for the time being, it’s a hole that the market doesn’t seem to want filled. Will the N900 be more successful in filling this imaginary gap? A few reported carrier deals might help spread sales out a bit more but we’re not sure why anyone would want to pay for a second data plan; any capable smartphone can likely take care of the bulk of tasks the N900 would be used to perform. Anyone excited for it or are we looking at another IT destined to be lost in a retail wasteland?


ATT to land four new Nokia handsets in 2009

Well, what do we have here? Apparently the Symbian OS won’t be left out of the fray this year with AT&T as a previously unknown S60 handset has been revealed in the same deck we reported earlier. The Nokia Mako, pictured in the top left, is a Symbian S60 3.2-powered device unlike anything we’ve seen from Nokia thus far. This side slider will feature a 2.6-inch QVGA screen, four row QWERTY keyboard, quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz), dual-band HSDPA (850/1900MHz), 2 megapixel camera, aGPS, Bluetooth 2.0, 128MB of on-board memory, microSD expansion and a 2.5mm headset jack. That is apparently all the love S60 will be getting at AT&T this year but hit the jump for details on three mid and entry-level offerings from Nokia headed our way.

The remaining three handsets, the Thresher, Grouper and Snapper, share the same S40-based UI. They also share designs that were seemingly recycled from Motorolas of old. The Thresher is a standard slider with quad-band GSM, tri-band HSDPA, 3.2 megapixel camera, aGPS, Bluetooth 2.1, built-in compass, 140MB of on-board memory, microSD expansion and a 2.5mm headset jack. The Grouper is a flip phone that shares the tri-band HSDPA, aGPS and Bluetooth of the Thresher but drops the camera down to 2.0 megapixels, loses the compass, and lowers the on-board memory to 70MB. For those die hard PTTer’s out there, the Grouper also includes Kodiak PTT 5.2 support. Lastly, is Nokia’s more entry-level offering the Snapper. The Snapper is a flip phone with quad-band GSM, tri-band HSDPA, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.1, AGPS, up to 70MB of on-board memory, microSD expansion, 2 megapixel camera and Kodiak PTT.


Nokia to shed additional 490 jobs

As Finnish cell phone giant Nokia continues to cut costs in an effort to combat declining demand, the company recently told Reuters it would shed an additional 490 jobs in the near future. 170 employees from Nokia’s logistics, production management and production support divisions will be released and the company will extend its Voluntary Resignation Package to 320 workers at its Salo facility. Nokia had already implemented a temporary layoff schedule at its plant in Salo, but apparently the measure wasn’t as effective as it had hoped. So far this year, Nokia has cut approximately 4,000 jobs as it pushes to reduce annual expenses by nearly $1 billion.

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Nokia announces the 6600i slide

A day after launching three new devices for emerging World markets including the cheapest 3G model the company has ever offered, Nokia has announced the 6600i slide. Essentially nothing more than an update to the 6600 slide with a 5 megapixel camera, brushed metal body, smaller pant size and 3G connectivity, the 6600i could be just what the doctor ordered as summer approaches and the thought of ruining your N85 at the beach floats around in your head. Here’s what the 6600i slide has going for it spec wise:

  • Dual-band WCDMA (850/2100MHz) and quad-band GSM/EDGE
  • S40
  • 2.2″ QVGA display
  • 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus, 8x digital zoom and dual-LED flash / VGA video recording at 15fps
  • Bluetooth 2.0, FM tuner, accelerometer, microUSB
  • 20MB internal memory and 1GB microSD card in box
  • 1100 mAh battery
  • 3 / 4 hours talk time (GSM / UMTS), 14.5 days stand-by
  • 93mm x 45mm x 14mm, 110g
  • Available in both black and silver in Q3 for approximately 200€ ($272 USD) before subsidies and taxes.

Not bad at… Oh who are we kidding — there’s only room for one slider today.