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Nintendo DSi makes a big splash in the US; 435,000 sold in first week

The first quarter of 2008 was rough on the typically hardy gaming industry but following a 17 percent decline in overall sales, there is a bright spot for one of the big three console companies as Q2 kicks off. Obviously, that company is Nintendo. Sure the Wii is still leading the pack when it comes to stationary consoles but the big news earlier this month was the arrival of the company’s latest portable gaming console, the Nintendo DSi. A substantial update from its little cousin the DS Lite, Nintendo’s DSi has been available in Japan for quite some time and finally made it to US shores last week. In its first full week of sales, Nintendo reports the handheld sold a remarkable 435,000 units. To put that in perspective, Nintendo moved just over 226,000 DS Lites in its first week of US availability. Bigger screens, dual cameras and a handful of photo manipulation tools highlighted in Nintendo’s supporting ad run apparently add up to big success. The NPD Group reports that Nintendo accounted for nearly 59 percent of all video game hardware sold in March — thanks to the DSi, expect that number to climb in April.


How to download wii games from computer for your wii

Download Wii games is a jolly new trend. Based on a poll of our reviewers, we’ve discovered that most Wii owners are uninformed about how easygoing it is to find Wii games on the World Wide Web. Download Wii games can be a ton of fun, but it can get discouraging if you don’t join the correct site for you.

Downloading Wii games is certain to keep your kids happy. The best sites will give you all of the downloads you want, making downloading Wii games far less expensive then purchasing them. The Nintendo Wii is the latest and greatest in home gaming technology and it is truly impressive; however, the games can be a little expensive.

Downloading Wii games lets you make the most of your console without ever having to leave your house to get new games; it will also save you quite a bit of money. It’s easy and fast to get started downloading Wii games.

Downloading Wii games is predicted to become the preferred method to acquire new games in very short order. A membership to one of the websites which offer unlimited downloading of Wii games is very reasonably priced; usually less than the cost of a single game at the shops! Obviously, downloading Wii games can save you untold dollars over the long term. As you may know, the Wii is the top selling gaming console, meaning that these websites will necessarily have a lot of different games to offer.

Downloading Wii games allows you to keep up with the latest in Wii gaming, without having to pay for each new release that you’d like to play. You can start downloading games within minutes of signing up for a membership, making downlo0ading Wii games the obvious choice for every owner of a Nintendo Wii.

Think playing one game while downloading some other. You get a number of great features when you join, allowing you to download all their media whenever you like. Imagine only paying a small one-time fee, lower than the cost of one Wii game, and having access to a huge database of all the cutting-edge games for lifetime. Think of playing a game, while getting another.

In general, a good wii site will offer any Wii or PC games you might given license to access all their tools in downloading their files to your Wii or pc. Essentially, you’ll be able to find whatsoever you need for your Wii or PC.

Nintendo has really outdone themselves with this revolutionary gaming system, the first which allows you to control the action using your hands (and with your entire body, in some games) If you really want to get the maximum enjoyment from your Wii console, Wii downloads are the way to go. This is a gaming console which will entertain children and adults alike.

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A Review of PC Games: Red Alert 3 and Football Manager 2009

Many, are the distinct personal computer games with a variety of graphics and genre that are available. Strategic war oriented PC games, such as Red Alert 3 offer up many different levels of the game so, that you may find hours of enjoyment. There is also Football Manager 2009, which in choosing is found to be another very engaging pc game.

An in depth look of the popular PC game Red Alert 3 shows that it was made by franchise, Command and Conquer. The previous game in the series had been released seven years ago and left its very loyal fans in a long wait for the release of the third in the series, Red Alert 3

Red Alert 3 was introduced in October 2008 and has a few surprises for the players. The classic strategic game is a power struggle between The Empire of The Rising Sun, the Soviet Union, and the Allies. It has many exciting new levels, with updated weapons and narration and is an excellent addition to any Command and Conquer collection.

The game has awesome graphics that offers weaponry such as intelligent dolphins, teleportation, and tanks that can transform. Red Alert 3 also has many television and movie stars to help with the almost comical narration and characters. Celebrities such as Tim Curry (plays the premier of Russia) and Jenny McCarthy who is seen packing a huge toy gun in one of the scenes in the game.

A review of Football Manager 2009 is found to have added lots of content and offers many new options and features one can choose. The player of the game will notice the extreme 3D match engine that has been enhanced in such a way, that the player will have a hard time believing the game’s play. All this added and enhanced extras in the game have fans excited and waiting ffor Football Manager this year.

Although there are many exciting features to talk about in Football Manager, I can’t release them all. I will give you this one however; you will find the addition of both old and new players. The football players themselves have been updated as well. There are definitely many possible winning combinations of football players, coaches and championships with this one.

When looking for a new game for the personal computer, Red Alert 3 and Football Manager 2009 make two of the best choices. Both games will excite and amuse the player for hours with added features and some familiar faces of television, movies and many sports icons.

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Download Wii Games

You may want to try new games before you buy them, or you may want an application for your Wii. No matter why you’re looking for Wii downloads on the Internet, there are many different websites that you can visit to find them. Wii download sites allow you to download games for your Wii console.

Wii downloads websites are quickly becoming the most popular place to buy Wii games. Wii downloads websites offer hard to find games. Additionally, these websites can offer a larger variety of games for less because they don’t have the overhead game stores do.

Wii downloads websites offer many other advantages over a brick and mortar type store. With a membership to a Wii downloads website, you can download one game while you are playing another. With being able to download the games like this, you don’t need to worry about boredom.

Choosing a Wii downloads website with a one time charge can save you even more. You can go to a Wii downloads website and get more than just games for your Wii. Many Wii downloads websites offer movies, software, music, and TV shows in addition to the games.

Some Wii downloads websites charge per game or application downloaded. Others have a one time or monthly charge. If you are going to download a large number of games, you will want to find a Wii downloads website that offers unlimited downloads for a one time or monthly charge.

When searching for Wii downloads websites, you may want to check out websites that review the downloads websites. Before you rely entirely on the reviews, consider how biased the reviewer seems. If reviews seem too lopsided or unfair, you should look elsewhere for more reviews.

Wii downloads websites with a lot of popups can be unsafe to download from. Many times, these websites include a lot of malware or viruses that you want to avoid. Always take care when downloading from an unfamiliar website to avoid problems with Trojans and other viruses.

Many sites that offer Wii downloads also offer a technical support area. If this is your first time downloading games and applications from a Wii downloads website, you may want to make sure technical support is included. You may also want to check if the Wii downloads website offers tutorials in addition to the website tech support.

Tech support areas wont tell you how fast the downloads are on the Wii downloads websites. The download speed doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the downloads. Download times will vary according to how busy the server is and how much bandwidth the Wii downloads website owner has purchased.

Wii downloads websites offer two types of software conversion tools to help you play your downloads on your Wii. One type of conversion tool will allow you to copy the downloads to the Wii to play them there. The other conversion tool will help you burn the downloads to disk before you can play them on your Wii.

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Nintendo DSi US launch slated for April 5th, $169.99 MSRP

It’s been out in Japan since November 1st of last year, but this April 5th is as good a time as any for Nintendo to finally launch the DSi in the United States. With the MSRP set at $169.99, Nintendo is hoping that potential customers will be able to overlook the somewhat steep price as a small cost when compared to the advantages the DSi has over its predecessors, the DS and DS Lite. Equipped with a VGA camera on the rear of the system and one on the front which can be used in part to control certain aspects of supported games, the DSi is roughly 12% thinner than the DS Lite and features more spacious 3.25″ displays. A word of caution: If you plan to sell your existing DS/DS Lite and upgrade to the DSi you might want to reconsider if you plan on getting some more mileage out of your Game Boy Advance cartridges – there is no longer a slot for them. Game on!

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EA Sports Active – a New Wii Fit Game

Wii Fit has been a huge bestseller! It has been hard to find the balance board anywhere for sale because it has sold out again and again. A new game that makes use of the balance board if coming out from Electronic Arts, called EA Sports Active.

EA Sports Active is like the game that come with the balance board, but better. It focuses on a full body workout, incorporating other types of workouts not using the balance board. This will be what folks call the “Wii Fit killer.”

EA Sports Active has some amazing features. First, it can track both upper and lower body movements. To track your lower body movements, all you have to do is use the included strap to strap the Nunchuk to your leg.

Now, any leg movements will be tracked, just like the Wii Remote tracks hand movements. You’ll be able to workout with others since another strap is included in the box of the game.

A resistance band also comes with the EA Sports Active game. Resistance training is important, but storing weights takes up a lot of room because they are bulky and heavy. You basically have your own custom personal trainer in this game too.

You’ll be given feedback from the game, from your “personal trainer.” The objective of the feedback is to help you to get in better shape and make improvements where necessary. They also track your workouts to encourage you by seeing how far you’ve come.

The highlight of the game is the 30 days challenge mode. They claim that with just 20 minutes each day for 30 days, you’ll see some very visual results with your body changing. Calories burned and workout intensity are tracked, through the varying daily workouts.

There’s a ton more information about Wii Fit’s EA Sports Active video game. You can see collaborator videos, the release date, preorder information and more at my site below. Be sure to preorder the game, as it will probably be sold out for a few weeks after release.

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Nintendo reveals top selling Wii and DS games, Wii Sports becomes best selling game ever

Nintendo just can’t seem to make an announcement regarding numbers without wowing us these days, and its recent financial call is no exception. Forgetting about the dollars and cents for the purposes of this post, Nintendo released a list of 26 games for the Wii and DS that have sold at least one million copies since April 2008, along with total sales for each title. Let’s have a look at the full list:


  • Wii Sports – 40.5 million
  • Wii Play – 20.91 million
  • Wii Fit – 14.01 million
  • Mario Kart Wii – 13.67 million
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl – 8.1 million
  • Super Mario Galaxy – 7.66 million
  • Mario Party 8 – 6.28 million
  • Animal Crossing: City Folk – 3.22 million
  • Wii Music – 2.50 million
  • Link’s Crossbow Training – 2.44 million
  • Mario Super Sluggers – 1.21 million

Nintendo DS

  • Nintendogs – 21.67 million
  • New Super Mario Bros. – 17.63 million
  • Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day – 16.82 million
  • Pokemon Diamond/Pearl – 16.48 million
  • Mario Kart DS – 13.79 million
  • Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day – 13.27 million
  • Animal Crossing: Wild World: 10.57 million
  • Super Mario 64 DS – 7.16 million
  • Mario Party DS – 5.49 million
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness – 4.4 million
  • Pokemon Platinum Version – 2.4 million
  • Kirby Super Star Ultra – 2.19 million
  • Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia – 1.80 million
  • Rhythm Heaven – 1.71 million
  • Personal Trainer: Cooking – 1.68 million

Did you catch that first one? “Wii Sports – 40.5 million.” Damn! Of course this includes game sales bundled with consoles, but this new figure pushes Wii Sports into the number one spot on the all-time best selling games list. Falling to number two is the title that many thought could sit atop the list forever: Super Mario Brothers – with 40.24 million copies sold. Propelled by ridiculous console sales rates, it took Wii Sports only 110 weeks to pass Mario, its seventh cousin four times removed, and 40mm will become 50mm before we know it. To be honest Wii Sports is probably still our favorite Wii game to date, though Resident Evil 4 certainly gave it a run for its money.

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