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Windows Marketplace for Mobile to allow multiple app installs

Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace for Mobile is reportedly instituting a very customer friendly application sharing policy. According to circulating reports, customers who purchase apps from the online storefront will be able to install those apps on up to five Windows Mobile devices at no additional cost. Most normal people, BGR readers aside, will not own five Windows Mobile 6.5 devices so customers will presumably be able to share purchased apps by authorizing the mobile phones of close family and friends. Daniel Bouie, senior product planner for Microsoft, says that the company “sees this as a permanent feature, and we’ve gotten great positive feedback from the vast majority of developers we’ve talked with about this.” Happy developers, happy customers — is it too good to be true?


Boost Mobile intros International Connect

News from Boost Mobile this morning brings its subscribers a new international texting and walkie talkie option that will definitely turn heads. Dubbed International Connect, the $10 plan enhancement affords customers unlimited SMS and PTT from the US to Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Chile. Though the new International Connect option is hardly worldwide as the header on Boost’s press release would lead you to believe, it’s still a hell of a package for $10. No? Hit the jump for the full release or we’ll send Mickey Avalon to do a live show in your front yard.

Boost Mobile Adds Worldwide Texting Option to Monthly Unlimited Plan

International Connect Includes Unlimited Worldwide Texting and Walkie-Talkie From the U.S. to Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Chile for an Additional $10 a Month

IRVINE, CA–(March 31, 2009) – Furthering its commitment to offer simple and affordable service pricing options to prepaid customers, Boost Mobile today launched International Connect, a $10 per month add-on for Monthly Unlimited customers which includes unlimited international text messaging and Walkie-Talkie in and between the U.S., Canada, Baja California (Mexico) and to select areas of South America from the U.S., Canada and Baja California (Mexico) for one flat charge.

“The International Connect $10 enhancement to the $50 Monthly Unlimited plan is a great value for the growing number of Latinos who want quality wireless service without a contract,” said Mirna Aceituno, manager of Hispanic marketing for Boost Mobile. “Boost Mobile is making it easier to stay connected to family and friends in Latin America for a price that won’t put a strain on your wallet.”


Boost Mobile now offers an array of service plans allowing customers to pay by the month, day or minute. Flexible service options such as the Boost Mobile Monthly Unlimited plan for $50 per month includes anytime calling, text messaging, wireless Web and Boost Walkie-Talkie with a nationwide home calling area with coverage in more than 15,800 cities for a flat rate of $50 per month.

In addition to the Monthly Unlimited plan, Boost service billing options include an anytime rate of 10 cents per minute and the $1/Day Chat Plan that features unlimited text messaging, unlimited nights and weekend calling and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to approximately 40 million customers on the Boost Mobile, Sprint, and Nextel network. Chat Plan nights are Monday through Friday from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. and weekends are from 9 p.m. on Fridays to 7 a.m. on Mondays. As with all Boost Mobile service plans, there are no credit checks, hidden charges or contracts.*

Boost Pay As You Go service is ideal for a wide range of consumers, including those who prefer to pay in advance and are uncomfortable with monthly service obligations; budget-minded customers who use prepaid service to control spending. Boost Mobile phones and service can be purchased at participating wireless dealers and major retail locations or at www.boostmobile.com.


T-Mobile launches Motorola W223 Renew: Recession edition

The Motorola Renew isn’t exactly an unheard of device, but T-Mobile has gone and scooped ‘em up. Don’t expect to be taking 8-megapixel flicks here, as this is as low-end as you basically get. How low end? Well, how does $9.99 on a two-year sound? Yeah, it’s that inexpensive. There are some perks to owning a Motorola Renew, however. First of all, you’re looking at around nine whole hours of battery life — awesome. Second, the entire case of the phone is made from recycled water bottles and thus is 100% fully recyclable. Additionally, the box it comes in is also made from recycled material and the phone ships with a postage-paid envelope to a recycling center when the phone’s time on the earth is done. Not to get all gushy over the green aspect of the device, but as a final aside, Motorola has completely offset the carbon dioxide required to make, distribute, and operate the phone through investments in reforestation and renewable energy sources. Pretty damn cool, if we do say so ourselves.

Alright, you’ve got your tye-dye shirts on, incense burning, and Iron Man by Black Sabbath on repeat, but you’re still wondering how the phone is. If anyone remembers the Motorola L6 (the low cost SLVR or L8) you’ll know what we’re talking about it. The thing to remember is the cost of the handset and what you need in a phone. Would many BGR readers put up with possibly the worst display we’ve ever seen on a mobile device? Most likely not. Would most BGR readers get excited by nine hours of talk time? Probably so. The actual OS the Renew runs is Synergy (love it or hate it), but as old Moto junkies, we were rockin’ around that thing in no time. The Motorola system sounds even made us shed a single tear. In closing, we’d say that while this is certainly not the type of phone Motorola needs right now, it’s certainly not a bad option for the loved one in your life that just pisses you off because they don’t care what kind of phone they use. It’s available today from T-Mobile.

AT&T Mobility Sales Reps going on strike?

This is unconfirmed as a whole at the moment, but we got a couple tips that AT&T sales employees were about to go on strike as “corporate is unwilling to budge on benefits and compensation.” We asked one of our ninjas about this and they said that it is definitely “possible” and there was a contingency in place. We’ll keep digging, but if you suddenly realize your Bold exploded in your hands and you need a new one, you’ll know why your local AT&T store is surrounded by picketers and protesters.

UPDATE: Yeah, this is for realz. Here’s an excerpt from the Communications Workers of America’s website: “Picket signs are being sent out to every CWA Local with Mobility members as the February 7th expiration date approaches. With little progress at the bargaining table, every Local must be ready to walk, if necessary, to get some RESPECT from AT&T Mobility.”

BlackBerry Pearl 8230 Flip gets pictured

Well, it’s no Curve 8900 and it’s certainly no Bold but BlackBerry fans with a need for buttons will be happy to learn that the Pearl 8230 Flip should be landing soon on Verizon shelves near you. This SureType clam shell is probably among RIM’s less desirable newer handsets but options are never a bad thing as they say. Pricing and availability are still a bit of a mystery but we know silver will be among the color options, obviously. Test units have gone out however, so the launch can’t be too far off. Unsolicited advice for our pals at Big Red: If you’re planning to launch this puppy with a giveaway contest of some kind, hire a new team to run it.

Thanks, George!


One of Acer’s Mobile World Congress’ handsets gets pictured

So, here’s the deal… One of our infamous ninjas just sent us a shot of an unreleased and unseen Acer handset. They told us it would be announced by Acer at MWC in a couple weeks, and that it is “pretty awkward.” We agreed. For one, it has a swivel keypad as evidenced by the photo they sent, it also has a touch screen but our ninja wasn’t sure if it ran Windows Mobile or Android. No hard specs, but we’d imagine a nice CPU, decent camera, 3G, GPS, and the like. Oh, and one more thing: they also said Acer had an iPhone competitor that… looked like an iPhone. Hard to imagine, right? Larger shot is after the breakage!

Thanks, Daddy G.!

Sprint unveils new customer relations plan

We, along with just about everyone else out there, have spent our fair share of time bashing Sprint. Despite its numerous flaws, however, the beleaguered carrier has been taking a stab at making amends as of late. The most recent addition to their stable of appeasement tools is the Sprint Premier program. Designed to reward loyal customers, the program provides the following benefits:

  • Early Upgrades: After only one year customers can receive our new customer price on a new handset. That’s almost a year sooner than other customers. For accounts sharing minutes, the early upgrade applies to the primary line. A new two-year agreement is required.
  • “Just Because” Perks: Spontaneous special offers for trips, tickets to shows and sporting events — just to say thanks.
  • Anniversary Rewards: Customers celebrate their annual Sprint anniversary with a special gift such as free ring tones or free minutes.
  • First to Know/First to Buy: Longstanding customers get an exclusive first peek at new products and services such as the upcoming Palm Preâ„¢, and then are among the first with opportunities to purchase when they become available.
  • Accessory Discounts: A once-a-year discount on accessories at participating Sprint stores.
  • Courtesy Plan Check: For customers who haven’t changed their plan in six months, Sprint will notify them for a “Plan Check” to make sure they are getting the most value out of their device.

Aw…”Just Because” perks? How sweet. In all seriousness, though, this is pretty good, especially considering Verizon’s recent move towards further restriction of customer retention perks. To qualify for Sprint Premier, a customer must either have been with the carrier for a mind numbing 10 years, or have an average individual plan revenue of $69.99 or family plan revenue of $99.99 for three consecutive months. Easy as pie. In such a tense economic climate, it’s nice to see a company making amends, rather than alienating, its customer base.


LG Neon gets previewed on its way to AT&T

Mobile World Congress might not be for another couple of weeks but that doesn’t mean we have to wait to see some new handsets work their way out through the cracks, or leaks as it were. Here we have another glimpse at a new handset, this time on its way to the US courtesy of LG and AT&T. No, it’s not the sexiest gear in the room, but you can expect the LG Neon to be the envy of tween texters across the country. Start with a painful color palette, mix in some QWERTY slider, add one 2.4″ touchscreen and you’ve got yourself a handset that can woo a 14-year-old girl like it was Justin Timberlake. Release timing and pricing are still a mystery at this point but expect it to be priced well enough for parents of tween girls to give in after a few days of incessant begging.


Firmware update coming soon for the T-Mobile G1, sans sweet tasty Cupcake

The next two weeks are sure to test the patience of American G1 owners as a T-Mobile rep has confirmed by way of the official forums that a new firmware build, 1.1 RC33, will be coming sometime soon (although it has been said that the update has already been seeded to “a small number of users” as of yesterday). We’ll start off by stating the bad news that Cupcake will not be a part of the new release, although RC33 does feature many sorely-needed improvements. Specifically, it will “include new system enhancements such as the ability to save pictures or files to file by long-pressing an item, check for system updates, and use the Google Voice Search feature.” Other than that, some bugs have been fixed here and there but that’s all she wrote. Okay, it does kind of suck, but Google Voice Search is a pretty good consolation prize, no?

[Via TmoNews]


BlackBerry users aren’t through the storm yet, BES still down for many

Yesterday we reported a major data outage plaguing BlackBerry users across the country and while certain regions seem to be back in action today, many BlackBerry users are still left wondering when their service might be restored. Issues in the southern region reportedly resulted from the severing of a fiber line but that can hardly account for the massive outages experienced all day long, spanning from coast to coast. We’re still waiting for word on possible causes but while service has been restored for many BlackBerry users at this point, many more are still left without data. We spoke to our pals at AT&T, one of the carriers whose customers are still affected, and information was scarce at best. All they could tell us was that BES is still down for many, it’s a RIM issue and RIM’s engineers are “working on it”. We know several areas of the Northeast are still without service, including many in the New York / New Jersey region, but AT&T claims only enterprise customers are still affected at this point.

Unfortunately for those still without data, all you can do is wait patiently for service to be restored and try to maintain your indoor voice when calling and asking for a credit on your bill. Remember, this is a RIM issue so there really isn’t anything carriers can do. We’re well past the 24-hour mark, making this one of the more serious outages in recent history and at this point all we can say is… Step it up RIM! Drop us a line in the comments and let us know if you’re back in business or still twiddling your thumbs.