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Samsung and LG each surpass 20 million touchscreen handsets sold

So, at this point it’s pretty safe to say touchscreen handsets are big. Like, really big. Every major mobile phone manufacturer is basically knee deep in touchscreens right now, or well on its way to being knee deep at least, and for good reason: everyone wants one. Of the major players in the handset game right now, Samsung and LG both jumped head first into the touchscreen trend over two years ago — for a while there it seemed like they forgot how to make a hardware button. It’s no mystery that touchscreens have been paying off for the manufacturers but this morning we learn Samsung and LG have each surpassed the 20 million mark where touchscreen device sales are concerned. In other words, each company is selling approximately 1.6 million touchscreen handsets per month. With people this hungry for touchscreens, those who have been slow to embrace them would be well served to jump on board; the global market for touchscreen smartphones is estimated to reach about 500 million by 2012. It’s anyone’s guess who the major touchscreen players will be by then but for the time being, it’s pretty safe to call South Korea the touchscreen capital of the world.

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LG’s enV Touch aka Voyager 2 gets spec’d

When we showed you some exclusive pics of the LG enV Touch aka Voyager 2 we didn’t know a whole lot about the Verizon-bound device. Don’t worry though, as some new details have now emerged thanks to a leaked Verizon Equipment Guide. The handset will sport dual WVGA touchscreen displays, a full-QWERTY keypad, stereo speakers, Bluetooth, microSDHC support and a 3.2 megapixel camera with not only auto-focus and flash but a Schneider-Kreuznach lens as well. The enV Touch will also feature a UI that is quite similar to its predecessor the Voyager in many ways, with one of the most notable improvements being the Shortcut Menu that stores up to 15 shortcuts. As for when the enV Touch will hit the shelves, it’s anyone’s guess at this point. The fact that it was left off of the latest Verizon rebate sheet that is in effect until June 4th however, probably isn’t too comforting for those who have their hopes set of landing this device ASAP. Hit the jump for a few more shots from the Equipment Guide.


The LG Xenon arrives at Rogers for $79.99

A press release has yet to cross the wire, but a few of our eagle-eyed readers have sent us links to Rogers’ website which is now listing the LG Xenon. The Xenon becomes the latest addition to Rogers’ rapidly growing Quick Messaging line-up, which also includes the LG Neon, Samsung Gravity and Propel. The Xenon however, is arguably the pick of the pack as it features a 2.8-inch 240×400 resolution touchscreen display, sliding QWERTY keypad, 2 megapixel camera with video recording, Bluetooth 2.0, 80MB of internal memory, microSDHC support, an accelerometer and dual-band HSPA with quad-band EDGE connectivity. Not bad at all, especially given that the Xenon is going for $79.99 on contract and $279.99 contract-free.


LG KX500: the Cookie gets some CDMA flavor

LG’s popular GSM KP500 “Cookie” may be making its debut in the Asia Pacific region as the CDMA-toting KX500. Thus far, the GSM Cookie has been a huge success for LG — selling over 2 million handsets worldwide since its launch in October 2008 — and its extension into the CDMA market will only help to boost those sales figures. The CDMA2000 1x-compatible Cookie appears to be similar to the GSM version in terms of specifications with the same 3-inch touchscreen display, 3 megapixel camera, accelerometer, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and FM radio. It’s also compatible with Verizon Wireless and Sprint networks of course, though there’s currently no word on the handset being carried by either. According to retailer ePrice, the KX500 will be available by the end of May with a $276 price point.

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LG GD900 could be hitting the UK next month

Uh oh. The often accurate Carphone Warehouse has just updated its site to include the LG GD900, tagged as the GD900 Crystal, complete with an expected arrival time frame in mid-May. Yeah, we’re excited. While LG hasn’t yet announced an official release date for any region, we can only hope that other areas are slated for around the same — though we doubt any US availability would fall into that time frame. As you might recall from our brief but entrancing encounter with this sexy little piece of kit, the GD900 is the world’s first handset to feature an illuminated transparent keypad with multitouch gesture support. Coupled with LG’s new S-Class UI under a nice bright touchscreen display, we can’t get our hands on it quickly enough. Everything else — like the slim form and class-topping 8 megapixel camera — is just gravy.

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LG announces Q1 2009 results; YoY growth despite harsh times

Color us impressed. Projections put LG in a pretty fair place as Q1 was wrapping up and in the midst of a global recession spelling big trouble for just about everyone, the Korean electronics company turned in some pretty good numbers. Save for its business solutions division, every major area of LG’s business saw pretty impressive growth year over year. Kicking things off with the mobile division, LG’s handset shipments dropped 7 percent YoY (12 percent QoQ) to 22.6 million units but the company still managed to record $3.02 billion in sales — an increase of 16.8 percent YoY. The mobile division’s profits slid in at $181 million with a margin of 6 percent. Home entertainment sales rose an even more impressive 18.6 percent YoY and shipments rose a whopping 40 percent to 3,538,000 units. LG’s home appliance business also grew 16 percent YoY to $1.57 billion and its air conditioning division posted $900 million in sales, an 8.9 percent increase YoY. Business solutions, as mentioned above, was the only unit to report a decline with sales coming in at $780 million, a 6.6 percent drop YoY. All divisions accounted for, LG reported $9.12 billion in unaudited sales in the quarter — a 14.6 percent increase from Q1 2008 — and profit margin rose 2.8 percent QoQ to 3.5 percent. Results did dip a bit from Q4 2008, but solid year over year performance is hardly something to be scoffed at in this day and age. Golf claps, please.


LG Secret heading to AT&T according to FCC filing

Preliminary FCC documents covering the LG CF750 were first discovered back in October of last year, but it looks like some rummaging through newly-available additions to the filing has revealed some important new details. Namely, this North Americanized version of the LG Secret will indeed be making its way to AT&T. The presence of an AT&T-compatible 3G radio (850/1900 MHz) was a pretty good indicator that the handset was bound for the country’s largest GSM carrier and further digging has unearthed a draft of the user manual chocked full of AT&T references. Mentioning value-adds such as AT&T GPS, AT&T Music, Yellow Pages, MEdia Net and MEdia Mall doesn’t really leave much to the imagination. So, AT&T customers, expect to have another touchscreen option from LG coming your way soon.

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LG manages to move 20 million QWERTY handsets through 2008

Made slightly less impressive by earlier news this morning regarding Nokia’s reported claim of having shipped 13 million 5800 XMs 5310 XMs, LG has some news of its own today: 20 million QWERTY handsets sold worldwide. Considering the wide range of QWERTY handsets the company has produced over the years, the number 20 million might not seem overly staggering. What we find most impressive however, is LGs rate of growth when it comes to QWERTY sales. Have a look:

  • 2005: 350,000 units sold
  • 2006: 600,000 units sold
  • 2007: 2.7 million units sold
  • 2008: 12.7 million units sold

In other words, in the midst of the most severe economic downturn in decades, LG surged from nearly 3 million QWERTY handsets sold in 2007 to nearly 13 million handsets sold in 2008. Wow. There’s no question that a battle is taking place as far as handset trends are concerned. Design-wise, QWERTY and full touchscreen handsets are probably the two most desirable form factors right now; surprising perhaps, considering these two builds are on opposite ends of the spectrum. LG’s success with QWERTYs is good news for all you button lovers out there however… Despite the increasing numbers of new full touchscreen designs, don’t expect manufacturers to do away with buttons any time soon.


Hands on with the LG Arena

Released in Europe last month, the LG Arena is a handset that easily can get lost amongst the 6,472,891 other full touchscreen handsets spread throughout the show floor this year. While it doesn’t exactly fill any gaps in that realm, it does come with an admirable spec sheet and LG’s new S-Class UI, which is most certainly an upgrade from the company’s earlier efforts. We already saw a bit of LG’s revamped UI on our new phone-crush, the LG GD900, and we really do like it as a supplement for a true smartphone OS. In terms of functionality, it’s not quite what Motorola has achieved with the Evoke’s new Linux-based OS but what it lacks in go it certainly makes up for in show. Sort of. Regardless, the great look of the handset and UI along with the 5 megapixel camera, 3-inch WVGA display, FM transmitter, aGPS, Wi-Fi and the rest of the specs on this able handset will surely appeal to plenty of casual users. Hit the jump for more shots.

LG’s Voyager 2, enV 3 for Verizon Wireless get pictured, blurred

One of ninjas just came through with pics of LG’s update to the popular but oh so craptastic Voyager. The LG Voyager 2 (original, huh?) is obviously going to hit Verizon soon, and for an extra treat, we’ve got pictures of the handset with the LG EnV3 as well. We’re working on specs and release dates, so bear with us ok? In the meantime, hit the bounce to check out the rest of the shots!

Thanks, to my ninja #/1!