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Does The Mike Dillard PPC Domination Course Suck?

Is The PPC Domination Course Just Another Scam?

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw regular everyday people sucking money out of Googles Adword program literally at will.

PPC Domination is an all encompassing course created by Mike Dillard and Jim Yaghi.

The most complete course I have ever seen about generating targeted keyword traffic to a site is PPC Domination created by Mike Dillard and Jim Yaghi.

Using the concept of a funded proposal on top of driving traffic at will to your site opens up a whole new revenue stream.

Doesn’t it make a ton of sense that while you are driving traffic and creating leads that if you can have your leads pay you at the same time that you have just created and unlimited advertising budget?

If you could figure out how to have an unlimited advertising budget, then do you think you could figure out how to have an unlimited bank account?

If you understand the combination of two concepts in lead generation such as a funded proposal and the unlimited traffic source from Google you will not sleep.

PPC Domination uses step by step videos to demonstrate over the shoulder techniques. You can stop, rewind, review and go over information as many times as you like.

Not only that, you will learn how to spot cash rich key words, how to write a pulling headline, and how to target buying keywords.

There are plenty of guru type secrets also revealed in the PPC Domination course like, how to get your ad noticed by changing it’s color, (A little sneaky, but legal.), or how about a special key on your computer’s keyboard that when used in your ad will instantly grab your readers attention.

Did you know there is a special key on your computer that you can use when creating your ad that grabs your reader’s attention almost instantly?

Once you have gone through this step by step course you will have money pulling profitable ads flying through the Internet in 15 minutes or less.

This list building process is so easy and powerful that I showed my 8 year old the videos and within 48 hours he was creating his own campaigns to sell toy cars.

So, does the PPC Domination course really suck? You can be the judge by going on over to:

Well, maybe PPC Domination doesn’t suck. Find out more right now:

You will also learn how regular everyday people are using the methods found in this pay per click course to generate up to 12,000 leads a month, that are generating a positive cash flow of $4.55 a lead.

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