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Amazon announces Kindle DX ship date: June 10th

Amazon has just made a whole lot of Kindle DX owners-to-be very happy campers. Back when the super-sized e-book/e-magazine/e-newspaper/e-text book reader was announced, “Summer” was as close as we got to a release date. Pre-orders were open of course so that anxious e-bookers could reserve their spot in line, but Summer can be a pretty long season — you know, global warming and all. Amazon has just made the Kindle DX ship date official however, June 10th to be exact, so the mystery is over. Those of you who were quick to throw down $489 on a pre-order will likely receive your DX shortly after the 10th and orders are first come, first served. Translation: if you haven’t gotten your order in at this point, expect Hartsfield-Jackson style delays.


Amazon Kindle DX gets official

Amazon has definitely had some issues keeping the wraps on its readers and it looks like the Kindle DX fell victim to the trend. Of course these most recent leaks weren’t quite as bad as the Kindle 2 we scooped over four months ahead of its official launch, but never the less we basically knew all there was to know about Amazon’s super-sized e-book reader ahead of today’s announcement. Well actually, there were a few surprises tucked away in Amazon’s pocket — namely automatic screen rotation which is certainly a welcome addition. The rest, such as its specs, annotation capabilities, device size and its new education-centric features were already pretty well covered. Pre-ordering is now live and the DX ships this Summer — Price of admission: $489.


Details on the soon-to-be announced Amazon Kindle DX surface

When it rains, it pours and information is pouring out about the rumored “super-sized” Amazon Kindle. The upcoming Kindle, now known as the Kindle DX, will pack a full-featured 9.7-inch electronic ink display, 5-way navigation button and a QWERTY keyboard into its large white housing. It basically looks like the designers took a Kindle 2 and stretched its screen from 6 inches to 9.7 inches, and then squished the keyboard in the process. The new Kindle DX will reportedly feature an improved web browser, the ability to add annotations in addition to notes and highlights and a long awaited native PDF reader. In addition to newspaper and periodicals, the Kindle DX is designed to support textbooks and, according to the Wall Street Journal, a special edition packed with pre-installed textbooks for chemistry, computer science and a freshman seminar is being released as part of a college trial. Lev Gonick, chief information officer for Case Western Reserve University, claims that a lucky bunch of select college students at Case Western Reserve, as well as Pace, Princeton, Reed, Arizona State, and the Darden School at the University of Virginia are signed up to test out this new device starting in the Fall semester. Sweet! Hit the jump for a few blurry images of the Kindle DX seemingly snagged from a slide show presentation.

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Amazon press event on Wednesday, big Kindle announcement imminent

Amazon will be hosting yet another press event, this one slated for Wednesday May 6th at 10:30AM ET. In the recent past of course, Amazon press events mean one thing — a Kindle announcement. Ironically, this latest event will be held at Pace University, the historical location of the the New York Times 19th century headquarters and the same company rumored to be working with Amazon on a “big-screen” Kindle designed for newspapers and magazines. We place this rumor in the “highly likely to happen” category and look forward to unveiling Amazon’s latest Kindle offering.


Amazon Kindle app comes to the iPhone

If you’ve been feeling left out because it seems everyone and their moms are grabbing a Kindle and you spent your tax refund on an iPhone, Amazon has come to the rescue! On March 3, Kindle for the iPhone has been released and is free in the iTunes App Store. All you bookworms can now get the same content as Kindle owners can, which includes books, magazines and newspapers. Tons of great Kindle features are there, too, so you can adjust font size on screen, make notes and highlight content. The only catch is that the app can’t access the Kindle store and purchases have to be made through the browser. It’s a minor annoyance, sure, but a very small price to pay for such a great application. Other e-book readers for the iPhone are probably feeling a little heat now as the reputation and the hype over the Kindle is enough to get these apps flying out of the iTunes store. If you’ve been mulling the purchase of a Kindle and can manage reading on a much smaller screen, you might want to consider giving the Kindle for iPhone app a shot.