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Google Docs viewer on Mobile Browsers

Last week, Google announced that the Google Docs viewer supports .doc and .docx attachments. Today they’re also releasing a mobile version of the Google Docs viewer for Android, iPhone and iPad to help you view PDFs, .ppt, .doc and .docx files you’ve uploaded to your documents list, without needing to download the file.

With Google’s mobile viewer you can switch quickly between pages and pan/zoom within a page. On your iPhone and iPad, you can pinch to zoom in or out.

You can try it out by going to docs.google.com on your Android-powered device, iPad or iPhone and select any document in these formats that you’ve previously uploaded.

Best Buy Reward Zone and Premier Silver members get iPhones on the cheap

Somehow avoiding the urge to ignore Best Buy checkout staff as they push discount membership programs on you is finally going to pay off – if you’re currently in the market for an iPhone 3G, that is. According to a new email promo flyer from Best Buy, Reward Zone and Premier Silver members are in for some serious discount love on new iPhone 3G purchases. According to the communique, members purchasing a new iPhone 3G along with a 2-year AT&T service contract will enjoy between $50 and $100 off a shiny new iPhone 3G (yes new, not refurbished). Here’s how the pricing breaks down:

Reward Zone members

  • iPhone 3G 8GB: $149.99 ($50 off)
  • iPhone 3G 16GB: $249.99 ($50 off)

Premier Silver members

  • iPhone 3G 8GB: $99.99 ($100 off)
  • iPhone 3G 16GB: $199.99 ($100 off)

These are indeed the lowest prices we’ve seen for new iPhone 3Gs but as always, there’s some bad news. The offers are only good through this coming Saturday, February 28th, and you had to be a program member as of February 21st to enjoy the discounts. In other words, you can’t sign up today and hope to be eligible. Best Buy is also offering a variety of additional deals for Reward Zone and Premier Silver members ranging from 20% off BlackBerry accessories to discounts on DVDs and Blu-ray movies.

Thanks, PJ!