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Confirmed: Rogers/Fido iPhone 3G S retail pricing starts at $699, available for purchase at all Canadian Apple Stores

Quite a few people were outraged by the $699 and $799 no-contract prices we listed for perspective iPhone 3G S buyers on Rogers and Fido, and understandably so. Some questioned whether or not pricing would be the same directly from Apple and Rogers/Fido however, and thanks to some fine-print on Apple.ca we have been able to confirm that the 16GB iPhone 3G S will go for $699 and the 32GB model will go for $799 — identical to Best Buy Mobile’s pricing:

For non-qualified customers, including existing Rogers or Fido customers who want to upgrade from another phone or replace an iPhone3G, the pricing without a new agreement is $599(8GB), $699(16GB), or $799(32GB).

Also of note is the fact that the nine Apple Stores in Canada will themselves be selling the entire iPhone line up, something they did not do with the iPhone 3G. Hit the jump for a screenshot of Apple’s terms.

UPDATE: It looks like both Fido and Rogers themselves will not be selling the iPhone 3G S at no-contract pricing at launch but will instead refer customers who wish to purchase the device outright to an Apple Store. To be clear, Fido and Rogers will sell the device off contract, just not at first.

iPhone / iPod touch activation servers bite it

Ruh roh, Shaggy. According to an unending stream of tips flowing into our inbox, iPhone / iPod touch activation servers just bit it, big time. Apparently Apple and AT&T underestimated the wave of Apple handset users dying for OS 3.0 and the swarm was just too much to handle. If you’re trying to reactivate your phone post 3.0 update, sit tight and things should be back online soon. Oh, the agony.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

ATT to offer early iPhone 3G adopters $199/$299 upgrade pricing for iPhone 3G S

It looks like iPhone 3G early adopters will get a special bonus courtesy of Apple and AT&T today. For one reason or another, AT&T caved and those who purchased the iPhone 3G between July 2008 and September 2008 will be able to upgrade to the iPhone 3G S at fully subsidized prices — $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model. All of you who are eligible can now stop with the “its too expensive to upgrade” diatribe tout de suite. There is some criteria that must be met in order to be eligible such as plan minimums, credit rating and so on, so hit the read link for all the deets. If you purchased your 3G after September, well, there’s always refurbs or next year if you don’t want to cough up the cash.


iPhone OS 3.0 available today from Apple

Today is the day, folks. Get your iPhone and iPod touch ready to update ready as Apple is officially releasing iPhone OS 3.0 to the masses. As you already know — and have like voiced your opinion about several times already — the OS update is available for free to current iPhone owners and for $9.95 for iPod touch owners. Additional information is available at Apple’s website and the fun will begin when you sync with iTunes. Give us a shout in the comments with your first impressions of OS 3.0 once it goes live later today.

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Didn’t pre-order an iPhone 3G S? You might have to wait about two weeks

We got a tip from one of our most-trusty ninjas earlier this morning about this, but we’ve now also got a screenshot from someone else, too. To make a long story short, if you did not pre-order an iPhone 3G S from AT&T yet, (we’re not talking about Apple because we don’t have information on their pre-ordering/stock levels, etc) your iPhone 3G S won’t be shipping to you/your store until “7-14 days” after the order date. It seems that all AT&T’s pre-order stock is depleted leaving only iPhone 3G Ss for dying-in-line purchasing on this coming Friday, and all pre-orders going forward won’t be fulfilled until after the June 19th launch date.

Thanks, to our ninjas!

Rogers / Fido no-contract iPhone 3G S pricing revealed, eh

When Apple announced the upcoming iPhone 3G S earlier this month, we posted a quick little synopsis of info available to would-be 3G S owners up in Canada. Our Canadian readers thanked us, and then promptly threatened violence lest we do everything in our power to dig up contract-free pricing on Apple’s new kit. Not wanting to anger the Canadian people we got to digging and thankfully, one of our ninjas just came through with some tasty screen shots from Best Buy. According to the major retailer’s inventory system, Rogers and Fido customers are looking at no-contract pricing of $799.99 for the 32GB version and $699.99 for the 16GB version. A bargain at twice the price… Umm, or something like that. Hit the jump for screenshots of the Rogers 16GB iPhone 3G S in Best Buy’s inventory (32GB is above) along with the 16GB and 32GB models from Fido.

iPhone 3G S gets unboxed early, not a whole lot going on

The folks over at iTalkiPhone have picked up an iPhone 3G S early and have unboxed it for all to see. Of course, there really isn’t a whole lot to see since it looks almost exactly like its predecessor save for a couple engraved markings. We were also hoping that it would be like other unboxing sessions where pictures of the contents would be taken, but it’s only the phone and the box. If anything looks different, the bezel seems a little more prominent than the iPhone 3G (it even pops a little on the box image), but it could also be the lighting conditions. We’re just a week away from the launch of iPhone 3.0 OS and the new device, so maybe these pics will inflame that spark you have inside for new, shiny toys.

Thanks, Taylor!

Canadian iPhone user? Here’s what you need to know

Okay, listen up. There’s a ton of Canadian BGR readers out there so we’re going to spend a moment letting you know what the real story is with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S in the Great White North. Both Rogers and Fido will be carrying the new iPhone 3G S and just like in the US, it will be available as of June 19th — same pricing, too — the 16GB model going for $199 and the 32GB model going for $299. On the same day, the price of the iPhone 3G 8GB will drop to $99. Furthermore, the 6GB/$30 iPhone data promo will be back in full force (albeit for an unspecified limited time). iPhone users can tether as well, provided their plan offers 1GB or more of data which is fair enough because if you’re still on the 500MB plan as of today, you’re pretty much a sucker (we kid, sort of). As for MMS, a new iPhone value pack has the feature covered and will be offered when OS 3.0 launches on June 17th. This brings us to perhaps the best news — if you already have an iPhone 3G from Rogers or Fido and are not eligible for an HUP to snag an iPhone 3G S, you will be able to purchase one with no-contract pricing.

Happy, Canada?

The reason why ATT won’t support MMS with the iPhone until “late Summer”, tethering info!

We were just told the real reason why AT&T won’t be supporting MMS on the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G S at launch, and you’re going to laugh… Technically it will work right away our ninja tells us. The are no extra plans or higher fees we’ve just learned (the unlimited $20 package covers unlimited SMS and MMS), and the reason it’s not good to go right away is because AT&T has to manually remove all the “Opt Out MMS codes” on each account. Basically, if we were to summarize this, and we’re going out a little bit of a limb, remove the Opt Out MMS code, and MMS will work with the final OS 3.0 build right away. Who wants to try it with the GM 3.0 build just released?

We’ve also just heard that tethering will be 100% locked out at launch, but AT&T’s in the process of putting together a $70/mo unlimited data and tethering plan. SMS and MMS will not be included in that plan, we’re told.

Apple introduces the new iPhone 3G S, in stores June 19th

All right boys and girls… It’s time for the big show. For months now, it has been glaringly obvious that Apple would introduce its third-generation handset at WWDC today and sure enough — it’s here. Apple addicts around the world are rejoicing and Apple haters around the world are refining their arguments as to why the iPhone is a non-factor. Love it or hate it, hit the jump to find out how the new iPhone 3G S shapes up.

What we all knew/was rumored:

  • Size — The new iPhone 3G S comes with either 16GB or 32GB of internal storage, a 100% bump from the 8GB and 16GB iPhone 3G offerings.
  • Guts — Many will tell you that the most significant improvements are found within the new iPhone’s guts. We knew A2DP support was coming, a nice addition of course, but Apple also confirmed today that the new iPhone sports a faster processor and a 7.2Mbps HSDPA-compatible radio. Huzzah.
  • Camera — The old 2 megapixel sensor has been bumped up to 3.2 megapixels and there’s still no flash. Apple also added auto-focus and geotagging support.
  • Video — This little guy is all about video — 30fps video recording, video editing, video sharing… Yay.
  • Compass — Know where north is. Yay.
  • Battery life — The new kit features 5 hours of 3G talk time and up to 24 hours of music playback — according to Apple at least.
  • OS — Tethering is now covered, though we still don’t know how AT&T will handle it, and the Find My iPhone feature we scooped is a done deal (available to MobileMe subscribers only). Oh and turn-by-turn nav is game on… TomTom was on hand at the keynote to demonstrate its iPhone app/accessory combo. 3.0 will be available beginning June 17th — free for iPhone owners, $9.95 for iPod Touch owners.
  • Price — As expected, the new iPhone 3G S will ring up at $199 for the 16GB version and $299 for the 32GB version. The current 8GB iPhone 3G will hang around and drop to $99 starting today.

What we didn’t know:

  • The 3G S looks exactly like the 3G — no matte rubbery finish, no matching bezel.
  • Voice Control is now built in, hi 2002, so you can dial by voice, control iPod playback by voice and so on. We have to admit though, saying “play more songs like this” to initiate the Genius feature is cool.
  • Integrated hardware encryption.
  • The iPhone 3G S goes on sale June 19th in the US.

In the end, the jump from second to third generation is very reminiscent of the jump from first to second generation; this is more of an upgrade announcement (as we expected) as opposed to a new product launch. The man of the hour is still OS 3.0 if you ask us, and most of its features are backwards compatible. Those of you in love with your current iPhone but looking for a little more oomph will certainly be pleased while those of you holding out for things like a physical keypad, modern camera with flash, etc will have to continue to look elsewhere for another year. Sound off in the comments section and let us know if there will be a new iPhone 3G S in your future.