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First the PS2 Now the PS3

Just what exactly is the best thing to know about a playstation 3 in the market today? I believe everyone will raise their hands with eagerness if it’s all about the best deals of PS3s available in the market, specifically the price.

It was in 2005 when the Playstation 3, released by Sony, became a wide hit among gaming fanatics. Not only that, even those that are tech gadget fans had their heads turned to this game console given the fact that most of them have already geared themselves up with the Xbox. Comparing these two consoles, both have a common denominator of giving that hard core game action right in the comforts of their own home. That’s what good entertainment is all about lately. What makes it much better is the fact that Sony is having a clearance sale for PS 3 units.

If this news does not excite you at all, then you can settle for solitaire or minesweeper instead. Kidding aside, the fact that Sony will have a clearance sale for PS 3s means a lower price on the game console. This perhaps is one of the biggest decisions ever made by the big company to have a lot of people enjoy the gaming experience that everyone has their hands on. Of course it’s not only those who can afford at any price that has all the goods.

PS3 for sale on markets today, even without the clearance sale price, can be noticeably lower than its original price when it was first released. This trend on waiting for prices to get low is a wise move among some consumers that really wouldn’t mind to wait. As long as they will be able to purchase the gizmo soon enough, then they’re already satisfied with that. Good thing about the PS3 for sale today is that all its gadgets and accessories to have you locked up in your home and get busy with a lot of games are all intact. The only downside is that you get things like cheap zelda games.

It really is important to be very particular about searching for a good deal on a ps3 as you can somehow make some good run for your money as soon as you hit the perfect target. Now since it’s an online deal or negotiation, make sure that everything is in good condition; as much as possible, brand new. Why you have to be very choosy about it is the mere fact that you’re after some good gaming experience without having to paralyze your own budget.

Evaluate. Evaluate the price and the package you’re getting. Will you be able to pay less in other online shops or if you’re willing to meet the price of the dealer without second-thoughts? Estimate the savings you’ll have if you’re going to purchase it online. Assess all the positive and negative aspects of buying the product before finalizing the deal with the seller.

Although, you can still find some free downloadable games online even if you do not go for the second hand PS3. It’s more like being able to find the best price and being able to download the best games for free.

You can easily get a ps3 for sale if you look online. As you can see, a ps3 sale is a nice way to get a cheap ps3 and not even worry about things like finding games. Getting a ps3 for sale online will help you get everything you need in a ps3. I got my ps3 for sale on ebay and amazing my ps3 is in perfect condition. I recommended you use us to get your ps3 for sale!

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Here’s How You Can Download Wii Games Online

There’s no question that the Wii is already one of the most successful gaming machines ever launched They keep selling out and there’s lots of new and exciting games that keep getting launched. Today we are going to let you know how you can find Nintendo Wii game downloads online and then use them on your system.

Naturally, the big draw to using Wii game downloads is that you don’t have to shell out money for each new game you pick up. You can save a lot of money and you don’t even have to leave your place when you need to pick up a new game!

Now first off, we need to let you know that there are some websites out there that claim to offer free Nintendo Wii downloads if you just download some type of software. You’re best to steer clear of these! It’s not safe to use these websites for a number of reasons.

There’s a big risk of picking up a virus and you’re almost doomed to have spyware installed on your system when you utilize these websites.. You will also see that nearly all of the downloads don’t even work and the download speeds are very sluggish. It’s mighty annoying having to wait for hours for a game to download only to learn the game doesn’t work or it was a virus.

To avoid these dangers you need to register as a member at a specialized Nintendo Wii download website. There are internet sites founded by companies that offer Nintendo Wii game downloads for a membership fee. Here you never have to worry about computer viruses or faulty games.

You can also have access to other downloads at these internet sites. You can download other media files such as movies and TV shows that you can use on your Wii.

It’s cheap to register a member. You will ordinarilly will be charged about $50-$70 which then gives you unlimited access to the website and any game download you desire. The membership fee is a one-time only charge and provides you with unlimited Wii game downloads. You just login and browse through the available games and download the ones you want. The site will provide any programs you need to transfer the games onto your Wii.

Downloading Wii games is the simplest and cheapest way to find new games for your system. Once you start doing it, you won’t be able to stop!

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How to download wii games from computer for your wii

Download Wii games is a jolly new trend. Based on a poll of our reviewers, we’ve discovered that most Wii owners are uninformed about how easygoing it is to find Wii games on the World Wide Web. Download Wii games can be a ton of fun, but it can get discouraging if you don’t join the correct site for you.

Downloading Wii games is certain to keep your kids happy. The best sites will give you all of the downloads you want, making downloading Wii games far less expensive then purchasing them. The Nintendo Wii is the latest and greatest in home gaming technology and it is truly impressive; however, the games can be a little expensive.

Downloading Wii games lets you make the most of your console without ever having to leave your house to get new games; it will also save you quite a bit of money. It’s easy and fast to get started downloading Wii games.

Downloading Wii games is predicted to become the preferred method to acquire new games in very short order. A membership to one of the websites which offer unlimited downloading of Wii games is very reasonably priced; usually less than the cost of a single game at the shops! Obviously, downloading Wii games can save you untold dollars over the long term. As you may know, the Wii is the top selling gaming console, meaning that these websites will necessarily have a lot of different games to offer.

Downloading Wii games allows you to keep up with the latest in Wii gaming, without having to pay for each new release that you’d like to play. You can start downloading games within minutes of signing up for a membership, making downlo0ading Wii games the obvious choice for every owner of a Nintendo Wii.

Think playing one game while downloading some other. You get a number of great features when you join, allowing you to download all their media whenever you like. Imagine only paying a small one-time fee, lower than the cost of one Wii game, and having access to a huge database of all the cutting-edge games for lifetime. Think of playing a game, while getting another.

In general, a good wii site will offer any Wii or PC games you might given license to access all their tools in downloading their files to your Wii or pc. Essentially, you’ll be able to find whatsoever you need for your Wii or PC.

Nintendo has really outdone themselves with this revolutionary gaming system, the first which allows you to control the action using your hands (and with your entire body, in some games) If you really want to get the maximum enjoyment from your Wii console, Wii downloads are the way to go. This is a gaming console which will entertain children and adults alike.

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Play Poker With Online Casinos

There is this inherent desire in every human being to earn loads of money and that too, as soon as possible. However, it is hard to refute that there is no shortcut to success. With the introduction of online casino games and poker, there finally seems to be a way to play online poker easily.

Online poker seems to be the buzzword among both die hard gamblers and novices who are simply thrilled by the rising popularity of this game. In fact, most of the students in USA prefer playing online poker rather than engaging themselves in summer jobs for their allowances. Although, online poker games might start as a hobby for most of the people, it soon goes on to become a source to earn some easy money instantly.

Most of the people seem to be welcoming the concept of online poker games. However, critics slam it as a fraudulent and highly risky game which could backfire on the player at any point of time. Although a large number of professional players bet that their success rate is cent percent, another fact which needs to be understood is that playing poker with online casinos still hasn’t been able to receive legal sanction.

Most of the parents seem to be sceptical of their children who invest large amount of their time, energy and even money while playing online poker. However, certain parents are also completely comfortable with the idea of their children playing poker in order to provide their tuition fee themselves.

Though it cannot be ignored that there are mammoth amount of failure stories where people have lost huge amount of money while playing poker, winning is not fairly common. Professional players who play online poker for a fee claim that it is important to learn certain gambling moves in order to master the game. One can only learn these moves when they have practiced the game again and again, therefore mastering it. It is advisable that novice gamblers who do not have a thorough knowledge of online poker should not risk investing too much amount while playing online poker initially.

On the other hand, professional poker players seem to be more cautious than any other kind of player. This is because these individuals are supposed to play on a limited amount of sum and claim their win as well. The best advice which can be doled out to any novice who is about to venture into the world of online poker would be not to invest their amount in one go. It is better to increase or decrease the amount of sum invested on the basis of their performance in them game.

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Cox planning to jump into cellular game, alone

Following the failed launch of Pivot, a joint venture with cable providers Comcast, Time Warner and others, the Wall Street Journal is reporting Cox has plans to build and launch a new cellular network on its own. In a market dominated by four major players surrounded by various regional carriers and MVNOs snatching up crumbs at their feet, Cox is planning to enter a highly competitive space that is historically a tough nut to crack. Beyond that, it will be a very expensive endeavor — according to the report, Cox’s network will operate on a portion of the spectrum it purchased along with other Cable providers back in 2006. In other words, we’re not just looking at a series of licensing deals with established carriers.

As far as differentiating factors that could lead to success, Cox seems to be eying mobile TV (not a great idea), an app store (better idea) and service bundles (excellent idea) as strong sales tools when launch time comes. As the third largest cable provider in the country, Cox will presumably offer its customers discounted wireless service alongside TV, broadband internet and VoIP services. Forget the triple play offers you’re spammed with now… Apparently it’s quadruple play time. The WSJ article lines up with earlier reports of Cox’s interest in a solo cellular venture that surfaced back in October of last year, so it looks like we could be seeing movement from Cox pretty soon. The more the merrier, we suppose.

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March PS3 sales trump Wii… in Japan

It’s not exactly the major coup Sony needs to become a gaming leader once again, but surpassing Nintendo Wii console sales in a market like Japan — even for one month — is a pretty big deal. Fueled by new game titles such as Resident Evil 5 and the PS3 exclusive Yakuza 3, Sony managed to outsell the dominant Wii box by nearly 50 percent in March. No, seriously! According to Enterbrain, a Japanese game magazine publisher, Sony sold 146,948 PS3 consoles in March while Nintendo managed to hawk a mere 99,335 Wii units. For comparison sake, Microsoft shuffled out 43,172 Xbox 360 consoles. No, the Earth isn’t exactly reversing on its axis just yet. While we applaud Sony for a solid month and for topping Wii sales in Japan for the first time in nearly a year and a half, big exclusives aren’t going to be coming around every month to help push units out the door. In order to right this ship, at least where gaming is concerned, the company still needs to find a way to bolster sustained sales growth — surges aren’t going to help in the long run.


New Sony PSP rumor refresh; out before Christmas

With the E3 expo coming up in June, rumors of a refreshed PSP are surging once again. Now billed as yet another “iPhone killer”, chatter surrounding the possibility of a new PSP is reportedly firming up a bit with inside sources seemingly becoming more lose lipped lately. Current status of rumors: slider form factor,  touchscreen, two analog thumbsticks in addition to standard controls, “far more similar to the iPhone than the current device” (whatever that means) and a release scheduled before Christmas 2009. No, it certainly won’t look like the sweet mock up above but the more rumors that get pumped into the mill lately, the more they’ve been lining up on common ground. Sony can definitely use the buzz a device like this would create, that’s for sure.

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What is Wii Homebrew and will it Void my Wii’s Warranty?

Fellow Wii users as I surf the net and visit forum after forum I am amazed at the amount of questions there are regarding Wii Homebrew. Could this be because it’s a relative new kid on the block or is it because there has been such a big growth in Wii sales over the Christmas period? Or is it the financial meltdown that everyone is experiencing that is forcing people to find cheaper alternatives for new games.

One of the questions that are raised frequently is, Is Wii Homebrew legal and will it void the warranty of my Nintendo Wii. This stems from the fact that you most probably have heard of all the great features that this software will enable you to do with your Nintendo Wii. As most of us are law abiding citizens and would prefer not to install software on our Wii that will compromise its warranty this is indeed a question that you could have been wondering about.

The good news is that Wii Homebrew is indeed Legal and it will not compromise the warranty of your Nintendo Wii. The reason for this is that Wii Homebrew is software and not a mod chip (peace of hardware) that you need to install on your Wii. This software will then open up your Wii to do things that it was suppose to do in the first place. Like playing DVD’s, MP3’s, older games that you have from the days of N64, SNES, Sega Genesis and many more as well as backing up your existing games. There is however one word of caution that I need to bring to your attention. Now some of you might think that this is obvious but bear with me as I do need to spell this out. If you borrow your friend’s game and you make a copy of it to play on your Wii that would be illegal. So please do keep this in mind.

This then brings me to another question that also pops up frequently and that is how to install Wii Homebrew. Luckily the answer to this question is very easy, all you have to do is to download the Wii Homebrew installer software and install it on your Wii by following the easy laid out instructions that they provide. When that is done you need to carefully read the provided instruction on how to use there software. No need to panic as I can ensure you they do tell you exactly what you need to do and that’s that, you will be enjoying your new found freedom in no time.

All and all I think this is a must have for all Nintendo Wii gamers, new or seasoned, that want to play DVD’s, MP3 or older games on their Wii. To find out more about Wii Homebrew please feel free to visit my Wii review site by clicking on the link below.

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An Easy Way To Copy XBOX Games!

There are a lot of you out there interested in copying Xbox games, judging by the number of questions we?ve been hearing about this lately. We?re used to making copies of audio CDs; but can you do the same with your games ? and if so, how?

We?re going to tell you how to do this easily so that you can start copying Xbox games. There is one thing that we need to tell you beforehand though.

We are not endorsing the illegal copying of Xbox games (meaning ones which you do not own). What we?re going to show you is meant to be used to make backup copies of your own Xbox games, which is perfectly legal and gives you a backup copy of your games in the event that one of your discs is damaged or lost.

So now, let?s get into it. There?s not going to be a lot of complex tasks here, so relax. It?s actually quite easy to make backup copies of your games.

You might be asking why you can copy Xbox games with the same software that you would use to make copies of audio discs.

The short answer is that copying Xbox games takes some technologies which your existing CD burning program doesn?t have.

Xbox and other games are encrypted for copyright protection purposes. Without the right software installed on your computer, you won?t be able to read the data on the game disc. If your computer can?t read the disc, it can?t copy it.

Thankfully, software has been developed to get around this encryption and make copies of video game discs. Once you?ve installed the software, you?ll be able to read those discs ? so you can start copying Xbox games.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software, the rest is a snap. Just put the Xbox game disc in your computer and the software will read the data and make a disc image on your hard drive. Then insert a blank DVD-R and the software will burn the image to this disc!

Sound simple? It is! It?s so easy that anyone can do it.

Remember that you don?t need to pay a lot of money for these programs. In fact, the best ones around are between $30-$40, but some companies will charge over $100! While you can pay as much as you want, you won?t get better software just because you pay more.

These programs allow you to start copying Xbox games. It?s simple, inexpensive and will let you have backup copies of your entire game library.

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World of Warcraft Millionaire Gold Guide Review

But all is not lost. There are plenty of tricks that players can use to supercharge their gold harvesting. In fact, there are so many tricks that not even veteran players know them all.

It’s fortunate then that some players have invested a lot of time and effort in uncovering all of these secrets and writing them down into guides. One of these guides is Warcraft Millionaire. The author Brad Johnson, has claimed to have made over one million gold spread over several characters.

Certainly an amazing claim.

The first thing to remember is that a lot of these sorts of guides aren’t, to put it frankly, very good. They either skimp on the info, or regurgitate what is already common knowledge. Checking out the Warcraft Millionaire guide put these fears to rest. It’s chock full of information, some 200 pages in total, spread over seven eBooks.

It is chock full of lists, locations, and details of all sorts of methods of making gold in the game. These methods include, but are not limited to, making the most of the auction house, places to grind the gold, and in game drops that are worth a decent amount of gold. A lot of what is in this guide is commonsense, but it’s all wrapped up into a concise well-written package.

And where the Warcraft Millionaire guide comes in even more handy is that it can be used to get the most out of World of Warcraft. Vanity pets, for example, can be sold for a bundle on the AH. However, a lot of players like collecting them. The guide has the locations of many of the vanity pets available in the game. Great for pet collectors.

While I haven’t yet made a million gold using this guide, I have no doubt that it’s quite possible to do so by applying the techniques that Johnson writes about.

This guide should be able to help with that.

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