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T-Mobile’s Walmart roadmap: T-Mobile G2 with a surprise

You thought T-Mobile would go ahead and launch the same identical HTC Sapphire hardware as those other carriers, didn’t you? Well, it looks like good old T-mo US might have a surprise up its sleeve — at least it did. You’ll be pleased as punch to know that besides the rumored color options (which this photo does confirm to a certain extent), the T-Mobile G2 (if that is the actual name) will apparently feature a 5 megapixel camera instead of a 3.2 megapixel one. Who says your buddies at BGR don’t come through with the goods? We’re looking at a July release from Walmart and a $179 price tag with a 2-year contract. McDonald’s Supersized image after the jump (throwback edition)!

T-Mobile G2 to be launched at CTIA?

This isn’t based on any tips or ninja-related information, just more like logical thinking, we guess. But, is there anyone out there that thinks T-Mobile USA wont be announcing the T-Mobile G2 at CTIA? We nailed the April release date back when we scooped the G2 — we even got the other mystery carrier right — and even though a lot of people doubted it would come so soon (it’s only the same phone without a keyboard, but whatever), we were pretty sure it was spot on. Additionally, we’ve just been made aware of the fact that the Cupcake update looks to be coming around April as well. Good timing, huh? Get all those old G1s upgraded Audemars Piguet style.

If we’re wrong, we’ll buy the T-Mobile team dinner. What do you guys think?

Meet the HTC Magic, the Android-powered Vodafone exclusive formerly known as the G2

Y’all might know the next Android phone from HTC as the G2, but around these here parts we know it as the HTC Magic. An exclusive to Vodafone in Europe, the Magic is of debatable sexyness when compared to the T-Mobile G1 (and looks very Sony Ericsson, does it not?) and just happens to be one those phones that we’re just dying to know more about. But for now we can safely say that the Magic will feature HSPA, WiFi and GPS connectivity along with a 3.2 megapixel camera — sans flash — and of course come with a healthy dose of that sweet, sweet Cupcake that so many of you G1 users are clamoring for. Now we can’t say with absolute certainty when this thing will released or even announced, but since MWC is going on and with CTIA just around the corner, now is as good a time as ever to steal the spotlight from those damn pesky competitors. Oh, one more thing… don’t be too shocked if the name Magic is replaced with Pioneer. Just sayin’. Hit the jump for some more shots.