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HTC Hero ROM running on the G1 gets caught on tape; oh hi, Donut

Haykuro from the xda-developers forum, the 17-year-old phenom known for bringing cupcake to the masses ahead of schedule, has just issued a video Android fans will surely be drooling over. Cupcake? What Cupcake? All the cool kids are rocking Donut. Haykuro dug up a ROM from the upcoming HTC Hero and — as you might imagine someone with his talents might do — he smacked it into submission before firing it up on an HTC G1. Yes. For those wanting to see what the future has in store for Android but who are too lazy to search for the cooked ROM, hit the jump to see Donut in all of its glory. Kids, don’t try this at home.

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T-Mobile’s Walmart roadmap: T-Mobile G1 v2

So check this, our brothers and sisters at TmoToday broke news of this second iteration of the T-Mobile G1 aka Bigfoot (aka Morrison according to the Walmart roadmap). But we’ve uncovered something very sexy — an awesome image! Full slide-out HTC-style QWERTY? Check. Look for this to drop in October for $148 with a 2-year agreement at Walmart (so, $149.99 on T-Mobile then?). If the hit or miss hardware design of the G1 wasn’t your thing and the Magic’s lack of QWERTY has you disappointed, the G1 v2 is where it’s at.

T-Mobile Android roadmap reveals Samsung Houdini, G1 v2 Bigfoot coming this Fall

Despite the fact that this document has more black censor bars than a Girls Gone Wild commercial, TmoToday managed to get its hands on what is purported to be T-Mobile US’s 2009 Android roadmap. While a lot of the good stuff is surely hidden — though it’s nice to see T-Mo has some juicy Android action in the works — there are a few tidbits to be taken from the document. Firstly, it shows the HTC G2 as launching this Summer. Considering the handset recently appeared in T-Mobile’s inventory system, that looks about right. Next up is the G1 being EOLed after back to school season this year. Don’t fret though physical keyboard fans, as the document also reveals what has been dubbed internally as “G1 v2″ and “Bigfoot” slated for release this Fall. Odd codenames aside, the handset pretty much looks like a Helio Ocean 2 from the mockup — a QWERTY slider with overly rounded corners. Last but certainly not least, a tiny little mock up that could serve as our first glimpse of a second Android handset in the pipeline from Samsung, codenamed “Houdini”. Then again, it might just be a really crappy old rendering intended to represent the I7500. Either way, three cheers for more Android handsets hitting pinky this year! Not much else can be gleaned from the roadmap unfortunately, but hit the jump for a full image anyway.

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Android “cupcake” 1.5 has arrived for T-Mobile G1s

All through the night we received reports from ecstatic T-Mobile G1 users who have been letting us know the Android “cupcake” 1.5 update has been pushed out by T-Mobile. We checked ourselves and this is indeed the case but as some kind readers pointed out to us, customized ROMs can completely thwart a G1’s ability to receive the update notification. It’s not a hard fix to remove those cooked ROMs, so if you want to get your official cupcake on you know what to do. Oh, and let us know how it goes.

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Google too slow for you? Get Cupcake on your G1, today!

While the keys to the Android 1.5 “Cupcake” SDK may have just been handed over to developers, the clever folks in the XDA-Developers community have been playing with the software on their G1’s for the past few days already thanks to an individual known as haykuro. Very, very long story short; haykuro successfully ported the software from the upcoming HTC Magic/G2 over to the G1. A bit of work is required to get the software up and running on a G1, but it’s not something that would be above the abilities of the average user thanks in part to great tutorials and the help of the XDA community. Plus, it helps that all of the APNs for T-Mobile USA and AT&T, etc come pre-loaded within the software. So forget about waiting for Google and HTC to take their sweet time sending Cupcake your way — hit haykuro’s blog and let us know how it goes.

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TeleNav GPS Navigator coming to T-Mobile G1 on February 24th

T-Mobile G1 owners had long wondered who would be the first to offer true navigation services for Android handsets and today we have our answer. Later this month, Android users will be able to begin testing out TeleNav GPS Navigator, the brand new navigation application that will surely be as usable and feature-rich as its BlackBerry cousin – actually, even more so. The app features 3D turn-by-turn GPS navigation with voice guidance on top of nationwide maps and a business listing directory of over 10 million POIs. It will also provide traffic alerts, gas prices, weather forecasts and even direct access to restaurant reviews. TeleNav co-founder Sal Dhanani had this to say:

TeleNav has become synonymous with mobile phone GPS navigation. It is relied upon by millions of mobile customers. It was important to us that we build a great application for Android and the G1 so that customers with this phone would have a remarkable experience. The device’s large, beautiful touch screen creates an incredible navigation experience when combined with our software.

TeleNav GPS Navigator will become available as a free 30-day trial beginning Tuesday February 24, and will run $9.99 per month for those who find it useful enough to hold on to. Unlike some bigger navigation companies building nav software for mobiles such as Garmin and Tom Tom, TeleNav still opts for the monthly subscription model as opposed to a one-time fee. The idea behind a one-time fee of course — make mobile navigation purchases akin to buying a dedicated navigation unit. Buy the hardware, get the service forever, pay a subscription if you want advanced features. Different users have different preferences of course but we wonder how TeleNav would fair with a one-time fee option as well. Which pricing model do you guys prefer?


Firmware update coming soon for the T-Mobile G1, sans sweet tasty Cupcake

The next two weeks are sure to test the patience of American G1 owners as a T-Mobile rep has confirmed by way of the official forums that a new firmware build, 1.1 RC33, will be coming sometime soon (although it has been said that the update has already been seeded to “a small number of users” as of yesterday). We’ll start off by stating the bad news that Cupcake will not be a part of the new release, although RC33 does feature many sorely-needed improvements. Specifically, it will “include new system enhancements such as the ability to save pictures or files to file by long-pressing an item, check for system updates, and use the Google Voice Search feature.” Other than that, some bugs have been fixed here and there but that’s all she wrote. Okay, it does kind of suck, but Google Voice Search is a pretty good consolation prize, no?

[Via TmoNews]


Unoffical multi-touch support comes to G1; ready to get hacking?

No, this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen multi-touch demonstrated on the HTC G1. This time around however, the sweet demo is accompanied by an extensive how-to guide that will walk you through enabling your T-Mobile G1 for some sexy multi-touch zooming action. Of course the process is hardly T-Mobile approved so we have to warn you that you’ll likely void any warranties, but such is the price for the more ambitious mobile users out there. All in all, the process isn’t overly difficult for savvy gadgeteers but there’s always a chance something could go wrong – consider this your brick warning. This hack is also still in early stages so multi-touch is not yet implemented in all of the areas you’d want it to be. If you’re still fiending for some multi-touch love on your G1 however, toss on your hacker hat and hit the read link. For those who don’t quite have the stomach for invasive G1 surgery, no worries – you can still enjoy a saucy multi-touch video after the jump.

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T-Mobile says “meh” to 3G, will have G1s everywhere today

As of today, T-Mobile is going to be selling the G1 in retail outlets that are not within its 3G footprint. Prior to this, the only way that someone would be able to get a G1 was to visit a T-Mobile shop in an area that had 3G coverage or through T-Mobile’s website. Many T-Mobile customers were understandably upset that they were not able to purchase a G1 in person due to previous 3G area only restrictions. Then again, wehen you think back, T-Mobile did have a shortage of units to deal with so one can’t exactly blame them for only selling these in their largest markets. So, if you’ve been eyein’ a G1 for some time, happen to live in a non-3G area, and don’t want a white one (don’t you know they are sold out everywhere?), hit up your local T-Mobile crack dealer, and get your fix.


New T-Mobile G1 Android “Cupcake” shots and details

One of the most hotly anticipated software updates of recent memory (assuming, of course, that we’re not including the search for a stable and efficient BlackBerry Bold OS), is the Cupcake revision of the Android software for the T-Mobile G1. Rumored and confirmed in various capacities for quite some time, we’re now beginning to see further details and screenshots for this major update. Among the big changes include the oft-coveted onscreen virtual keyboard, a task manager, several new minor utility applications, and more. While the big change is obviously the inclusion of the onscreen typing mechanism, the other little changes can’t help but provide a bit more polish to the some of the handset’s rough edges. While we still don’t know exactly when this bad boy will get pushed out to the masses, we’re now hearing that “the end of January” might be a good target date. Seeing as that is roughly…right now, we might see this thing start to hit your friendly neighborhood G1 within the next several days. Then again, another delay wouldn’t be too shocking.