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EA Sports Active: EA’s competitor to Wii Fit due on May 19th

Electronic Arts made it known earlier this month that it would be looking to the Nintendo Wii to help propel its lackluster performance of late, and it looks like it picked the perfect place to start. We’re surprised it has taken this long for a company to issue a product that competes with the Wii Fit, as popular as it has been, but EA just made its EA Sports Active title official and slated the release for May 19th. EA Sports Active will guide users through various workouts geared toward cardio and weight loss, and is endorsed by Bob Greene of Oprah fame. The game will not involve the Wii balance board and will instead make use of multiple non-Wii workout accessories that will be used alongside standard Wiimotes. Beyond that, the title will run $60 as opposed to the $90 commanded by Wii Fit — if you can find it at that price — positioning it well amongst Wii-toting fitness buffs. Any takers – or did you just buy a Wii Fit to use the balance board with snowboarding games like we did?

[Via SAI]