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EA Sports Active – a New Wii Fit Game

Wii Fit has been a huge bestseller! It has been hard to find the balance board anywhere for sale because it has sold out again and again. A new game that makes use of the balance board if coming out from Electronic Arts, called EA Sports Active.

EA Sports Active is like the game that come with the balance board, but better. It focuses on a full body workout, incorporating other types of workouts not using the balance board. This will be what folks call the “Wii Fit killer.”

EA Sports Active has some amazing features. First, it can track both upper and lower body movements. To track your lower body movements, all you have to do is use the included strap to strap the Nunchuk to your leg.

Now, any leg movements will be tracked, just like the Wii Remote tracks hand movements. You’ll be able to workout with others since another strap is included in the box of the game.

A resistance band also comes with the EA Sports Active game. Resistance training is important, but storing weights takes up a lot of room because they are bulky and heavy. You basically have your own custom personal trainer in this game too.

You’ll be given feedback from the game, from your “personal trainer.” The objective of the feedback is to help you to get in better shape and make improvements where necessary. They also track your workouts to encourage you by seeing how far you’ve come.

The highlight of the game is the 30 days challenge mode. They claim that with just 20 minutes each day for 30 days, you’ll see some very visual results with your body changing. Calories burned and workout intensity are tracked, through the varying daily workouts.

There’s a ton more information about Wii Fit’s EA Sports Active video game. You can see collaborator videos, the release date, preorder information and more at my site below. Be sure to preorder the game, as it will probably be sold out for a few weeks after release.

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