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Nokia @ CTIA: E71x and E75

Nokia made an interesting showing at CTIA this year, opting to focus almost entirely on apps and services rather than hardware. Ovi this, share that, social this, messaging that… Fair enough. A solid portfolio of value adds and supporting services is essential for the company as it continues its efforts to make the “Internet Company” branding stick, but we’ve yet to see Nokia enter the leader phase in this space. Nope, it’s still a game of catch up for the time being so for now we’re a bit more interested in what Nokia does best — handsets. Nothing that hadn’t been previously announced made a showing at the Nokia booth this year; in fact the company’s newest handset is the E71x that we scooped way back in November. It’s finally here though and it’s cheaper than we expected which definitely isn’t a bad thing. So with that, feast your eyes on the E71x after the jump, along with its relatively new unlocked brother-in-law the E75. More on Nokia to come.



Expansys spills the beans on the Nokia E75

Never mind the fact that they’re just doing it to get free publicity and a head start on pre-orders, we absolutely love it when retailers give it to the manufacturers in the junk and out the specs of their phones just days before they’re official. Expansys is no stranger to this process and has done it again with the Nokia E75. We’ve seen the E75 countless times before and while we want it for reasons we can’t really describe we’re now in a position to say that the E75 won’t suffice to stave off our hunger for the upcoming N97. Why? High cost, a tiny display and poor screen resolution will do the trick every time. If you’re an S60 nut however, chances are you’re going to love what the E75 has got:

  • Quad-band GSM / EDGE, dual-band HSDPA (900/2100) at 3.6Mbps
  • 2.4″ 240×320 QVGA display
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus, digital zoom, LED flash
  • 30FPS QVGA video recording
  • aGPS
  • WiFi
  • FM radio
  • microSDHC
  • 3.5mm headset, Bluetooth 2.0, microUSB
  • Nokia Maps, PDF Document Viewer, ZIP File Manager
  • Dual home screen (work/personal)
  • 1000 mAh battery
  • 630 mins talk, 408 hrs stand-by time

So what’s all of this going to cost? Early estimates are that the E75 will ship on March 13 for £389.99 SIM-free ($580 USD) or free on select tariffs from T-Mobile UK. Fail.