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Nokia Siemens to acquire Nortel’s LTE and CDMA assets

Canada-based Nortel, once North America’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, filed for bankruptcy in January 2009 after a turnaround effort failed. As part of its bankruptcy proceedings, Nortel will sell its LTE and CDMA assets to Nokia Siemens for a cool $650 million. The acquisition will improve Nokia Siemen’s position in both North America and the growing LTE business. The acquisition is subject to approval from both the US bankruptcy court and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice but it’s expected to close in Q3 2009.


Sprint said to be cooking up a tri-mode cocktail; WiMAX, WiFi, CDMA handset

Many people have wondered aloud what Sprint’s next big move might be after the Pre jumps off this weekend. The Palm Eos? Perhaps, but it looks like the struggling carrier might have something even more exciting in its bag within the next year or so. Market analysis firm SmarTrend is reporting that an unnamed Sprint spokesperson revealed a tri-mode handset coming down the pipeline sometime in 2009/2010. Said phone will be sporting CDMA, WiFi and WiMAX compatibility, which would provide a healthy mix of CDMA coverage and beastly data speeds where WiMAX is available. Analysts guess believe this upcoming tri-mode beast may be Android-powered, though we have yet to see anything substantiate that claim. As Sprint continues to expand WiMAX coverage and tout “the first wireless 4G network” in commercials, it would indeed be nice to see a handset emerge with WiMAX compatibility before the year is out. We shall see.

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12.1 megapixel Sony Ericsson Kokura gets pictured; a CDMA Idou?

Looking very, very much like the now-infamous Idou Sony Ericsson announced for 2H, the same source that let us all in on the VZW/Pro2 party has floated a live shot of an upcoming SE phone that obviously grabs our attention. By way of Captain Blurrycam, d474rpr.com (”data ripper”? we’re a little rusty) brings us the “Kokura” — which could possibly be a CDMA variant of Sony Ericsson’s Idou. Really?! Bear with us here: All of the handsets in d474rpr’s post are presumably in the hands of the same tester as they were all seemingly taken in the same kitchen. Verizon’s upcoming Touch Pro2, Verizon’s upcoming BlackBerry Tour, Alltel’s upcoming HTC Cedar… And the Kokura. S60 5th Edition on Verizon Wireless? We’ll just have to wait and see.


Verizon Wireless to accelerate LTE, keep CDMA and lower data prices

Speaking at Ericsson AB’s annual capital markets day in Boston on Thursday, Verizon Wireless CTO Tony Melone candidly discussed the future of Verizon Wireless’ network. As has been discussed before, Verizon is on a fast track to roll out LTE over 700MHz. The carrier plans to begin “phase four” trials in a few select markets by the end of 2009, deploy the 4G service commercially in 2010 and rapidly accelerate expansion in 2011 and 2012. As Big Red begins the adoption of LTE, what will happen to its current CDMA and EV-DO offerings? According to Melone, Verizon’s CDMA/1xRTT network is very stable for voice services and will remain in place until 2018 or even 2020. The EV-DO network will have a much shorter life span with its current 3G technology being replaced quickly by LTE. No mention of GSM so it looks like those rumors of Verizon Wireless moving to GSM on the way to LTE are indeed false.

In some potentially good news for customers, Melone admitted that Verizon will have to lower prices on data services to remain competitive as high speed mobile broadband continues to expand. He stated that “Pricing is inhibiting the growth of this market. Quite frankly, this is likely to change even before LTE.” Hopefully, the other executives at Verizon share his view on data pricing and implement lower prices sooner rather than later.

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LG KX500: the Cookie gets some CDMA flavor

LG’s popular GSM KP500 “Cookie” may be making its debut in the Asia Pacific region as the CDMA-toting KX500. Thus far, the GSM Cookie has been a huge success for LG — selling over 2 million handsets worldwide since its launch in October 2008 — and its extension into the CDMA market will only help to boost those sales figures. The CDMA2000 1x-compatible Cookie appears to be similar to the GSM version in terms of specifications with the same 3-inch touchscreen display, 3 megapixel camera, accelerometer, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and FM radio. It’s also compatible with Verizon Wireless and Sprint networks of course, though there’s currently no word on the handset being carried by either. According to retailer ePrice, the KX500 will be available by the end of May with a $276 price point.

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Mysterious dual-sliding CDMA handset from Nokia checks in with the FCC

It looks like Nokia has something pretty interesting planned for the US market as an FCC filing has revealed a mysterious dual-sliding CDMA handset. Featuring what appears to be a 3 megapixel camera on the rear in addition to a microSD slot and 3.5mm headphones, the device supports EV-DO Rev. A connectivity along with Bluetooth 2.0 (with A2DP) and an FM transmitter. No word yet on whether or not this will be an S40 or S60 handset, but it does seem to have some of the physical hallmarks of an Nseries device. Unthinkable as it may be, we could be looking at the first Verizon-exclusive (or Sprint-exclusive?) Nseries handset. As with all things shrouded in secrecy, we’ll do our best to figure out just what this thing is all about. Hit the jump for two more images.

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