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Android 1.5 (Cupcake) official rollout date leaked

We’ve been teased and we’ve waited and waited for this, and now it’s finally here. After several false alarms, it looks like the big update to Android is officially coming our way. We knew it was coming sooner than later when it became available for dev phones a few weeks back. Late last month, some lucky users had the OS upgrade pushed to their devices, but now it will be available for everyone. During the week of May 11th T-Mobile will start rolling out Android 1.5 via an over-the-air update. Not everyone will receive it right away as the rollout will be done in phases, but everyone should have his or her handsets upgraded by the end of May. This took long enough, right? Larger images after the break.

Images of the Android-powered HTC Hero emerge

Courtesy of the folks at Code Android Singapore, we now have our first live images of the rumored Android-based HTC Hero. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief as the phone, first pictured in glorious hot pink, is shown with a typical black matte finish. The handset resembles a shoehorn the HTC Magic sans trackball and has a chin that would make even Jay Leno proud. One of the images also reveals the presence of a rather large round hole suggesting the presence of a 3.5mm headphone jack. Woo! With HTC’s track record of leaks, additional information on the Hero should be forthcoming soon. Hit the jump for a few more snapshots of this interesting looking handset.

[Via Gizmodo]


T-Mobile Android roadmap reveals Samsung Houdini, G1 v2 Bigfoot coming this Fall

Despite the fact that this document has more black censor bars than a Girls Gone Wild commercial, TmoToday managed to get its hands on what is purported to be T-Mobile US’s 2009 Android roadmap. While a lot of the good stuff is surely hidden — though it’s nice to see T-Mo has some juicy Android action in the works — there are a few tidbits to be taken from the document. Firstly, it shows the HTC G2 as launching this Summer. Considering the handset recently appeared in T-Mobile’s inventory system, that looks about right. Next up is the G1 being EOLed after back to school season this year. Don’t fret though physical keyboard fans, as the document also reveals what has been dubbed internally as “G1 v2″ and “Bigfoot” slated for release this Fall. Odd codenames aside, the handset pretty much looks like a Helio Ocean 2 from the mockup — a QWERTY slider with overly rounded corners. Last but certainly not least, a tiny little mock up that could serve as our first glimpse of a second Android handset in the pipeline from Samsung, codenamed “Houdini”. Then again, it might just be a really crappy old rendering intended to represent the I7500. Either way, three cheers for more Android handsets hitting pinky this year! Not much else can be gleaned from the roadmap unfortunately, but hit the jump for a full image anyway.

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Motorola’s loss widens in Q1 2009; company remains committed to Android

Motorola announced its Q1 2009 financial results today and reported total sales of $5.4 billion with a net loss of $231 million. Though wider than the $194 million loss posted in the same quarter last year, things were better than analysts expected this quarter. Motorola’s mobile devices division posted device sales of $1.8 billion and shipped 14.7 million handsets, grabbing an estimated 6 percent share of the global handset market. Handset sales have dropped 45 percent from Q1 2008 and operating loss has widened to $509 million from $418 million from 2008. On the bright side however, Moto posted a $595 million operating loss in Q4 of last year so at least things are moving in the right direction. Motorola notes that it continues to make progress on its upcoming handsets and remains committed to launching several new Android-based handsets by Q4 2009 with multiple carriers and in multiple regions. That little green robot sure has some heavy lifting to do.


Android “cupcake” 1.5 has arrived for T-Mobile G1s

All through the night we received reports from ecstatic T-Mobile G1 users who have been letting us know the Android “cupcake” 1.5 update has been pushed out by T-Mobile. We checked ourselves and this is indeed the case but as some kind readers pointed out to us, customized ROMs can completely thwart a G1’s ability to receive the update notification. It’s not a hard fix to remove those cooked ROMs, so if you want to get your official cupcake on you know what to do. Oh, and let us know how it goes.

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Motorola’s “IRONMAN” Android handset says hello

Wait, what? Motorola possibly doing a cross-marketing campaign with a blockbuster movie? We kid, we kid, but hey, we wouldn’t put it past them… We just got hit with some really interesting information — it’s about this Motorola smartphone either called or code-named “IRONMAN”. We’ve been told it will most likely run Android and be out by the end of Q3. While we don’t have exact specs, word is it’s going to sport a screamin’ CPU and have pretty much every feature under the sun — Wi-Fi, 3G, high resolution camera, etc. We’d also assume most of the controls on the front are touch sensitive as there do not seem to be any buttons in the photo. Thoughts?

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Calgary to be Motorola’s first Android phone, more news on Moto

It looks like our ninja took it personally yesterday when we mentioned how eager we were for more info on Motorola’s Verizon-bound handsets. That said, consider us shut up. He swooped in with a few big updates that will definitely tide us over for a while — some good news and some bad — so let’s get right to it… First and foremost, the Calgary will indeed be Motorola’s first Android-powered handset. Some suspected it when rumors of a QWERTY-sliding Google phone from Moto emerged and it looks like that was a good call. The handset will likely focus on social networking to some extent and we’re pretty confident this could be a winner. The G1 and Magic are a bit, err, ho-hum and Samsung’s I7500 is basically just another full touchscreen phone. Moto could really knock it out of the park by introducing a unique, well-designed Android beast and the Calgary looks to be just that. We’re not yet able to confirm whether or not the Calgary is slated for Q2 as had been rumored regarding Motorola’s first Android offering.

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Now some bad news: The Flash and Inferno, each pictured above, have been canned. While the Inferno wasn’t really shaping up to be much of a stunner, we really wanted to see what Moto had in store for the Flash. The design is fantastic and it could definitely have translated to reality very, very well. Such is life however, and Moto is right to focus on the handsets it determines to have the most potential. Que cera cera.

Last up for the time being are a few tidbits surrounding a new handset in development at Moto — the Rolex. While little is known about it for the time being, our ninja tells us the Rolex is made almost entirely of hardened glass and it will sport the same display as the Aura. Sick. We’re not sure if this will be a mass-production unit or another pricey short run like the Aura but either way, we can’t wait to see it. A quick shot of the Rolex screen while we wait with bated breath for more:

Android 1.5 “cupcake” update now available for dev phones

Owners of the Android dev phone can now head over to HTC’s website and update their G1 to the official 1.5 version of Android. This early release for dev phones will provide developers with a few weeks of on-device testing of their software before the highly anticipated update is rolled out to the general public in May. All tools, instructions and necessary radio, system and recovery images are available directly from HTC via the read link below. Dev phone owners out there who take the plunge and update their handset, hit us up in the comments with your first impressions of this latest Android offering. As for the rest of you, don’t worry — the wait is almost over.

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Confirmed: the I7500 is Samsung’s first Android phone

It’s kind of funny how a phone can phone can appear out of nowhere as a solid rumor and then become official within 24 hours, but that’s exactly what has happened with Samsung’s first Android-powered smartphone, the I7500. Samsung and O2 Germany have both officially announced the device slated for a June release. The specs were also spot on:

  • Android 1.5 OS
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, dual-band UMTS/HSPA
  • 528 MHz Qualcomm MSM7200A CPU
  • 3.2-inch HVGA capacitive OLED touchscreen display
  • 5 megapixel camera with LED flash
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • 8GB internal flash memory
  • microSD slot
  • 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Metal case, 11.9 mm thick

Official pricing was not made public, but we have no reason to doubt yesterday’s rumored price of €300 ($397 US) considering that the rumor was bang on about everything else. Anyone else dying for the I7500 to make an appearance Stateside?


First official Android netbook will run $250

There has been so much talk of an Android netbook for the past few months and a few people were even successful in running the OS on their own netbooks. This time talk gets a little more serious as a price tag has accompanied the latest news of a Google-based netbook. Skytone, maker of the Alpha 400, will soon be releasing the Android-powered Alpha 680. So far little is known about the unit other than the fact it will be smaller and lighter than ASUS Eee portables and it will make use of the 533 MHz ARM11 processor (similar to the one in the iPhone). So, if you’re a pretty big fan of Android and wondering when on Earth it will be released, Skytone is pushing to have the manufacturing process in gear within the next three months. If the company can stick to the $250 tag it’s aiming for, we’re thinking this could be a pretty decent competitor in the low-end netbook market.