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Phone Creeper: Novel security suite or spyware tool for Windows Mobile

Touted as an espionage tool but more closely resembling spyware is a new application, Phone Creeper, written by xda-developer member chetstriker. Once installed on a Windows Mobile 5, 6.1 or 6.5 handset with .NET CF 3.5, the software tool can be used to:

  • secretly and remotely read incoming / outgoing sms
  • secretly and remotely delete incoming / outgoing sms
  • secretly and remotely view call history
  • bounce sms messages off remote phone to someone else
  • create a pop-up message on phone
  • send a secret fart sound
  • secretly and remotely listen to person – (Initiates silent call back of person to your phone with their speaker phone enabled)
  • send listening in call to somebody else’s phone
  • remote wipe of installed flash card

These above remote control commands are issued via SMS messages sent from any other handset to the “infected” Windows Mobile handset. The software is currently being distributed as a cab file that one must agree to install but, in the future, a code injector could be created to insert this application silently into any cab file. Once installed, the application does not appear in the task manager, does not have a user interface and runs silently in the background. So what do you think, the ultimate spy tool for parents of teenagers, a security suite to protect your data if your phone is stolen, or the progenitor of a whole new class of mobile phone spyware?

[Via WMExperts]


Jailbreak your iPhone OS 3.0 device, 3G S owners need not apply

The iPhone Dev Team updated its blog to include full instructions on jailbreaking your iPhone OS 3.0 device using redsn0w — the multi-platform, multi-device jailbreaking and unlocking tool. Redsn0w only supports the iPhone 2G (original iPhone), iPhone 3G and the iPod touch (first and second generation) for the time being. The latest iPhone 3G S is not yet supported for jailbreaking or unlocking so don’t try to use it on your brand new phone! Jailbreaking is supported across all devices running OS 3.0, except for the 3G S, and unlocking is only available for the iPhone 2G. 3G owners need to wait for the upcoming ultrasn0w to be released in order to unlock their OS 3.0 devices. Head over to the dev team blog for the appropriate torrent files and instructions.


Nokia Siemens to acquire Nortel’s LTE and CDMA assets

Canada-based Nortel, once North America’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, filed for bankruptcy in January 2009 after a turnaround effort failed. As part of its bankruptcy proceedings, Nortel will sell its LTE and CDMA assets to Nokia Siemens for a cool $650 million. The acquisition will improve Nokia Siemen’s position in both North America and the growing LTE business. The acquisition is subject to approval from both the US bankruptcy court and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice but it’s expected to close in Q3 2009.


Nokia USA three hour sale begins tonight, ends tonight

Do you have a burning desire for a new Symbian smartphone but an even deeper burning desire to save money? How does 15 – 50 percent off select shiny new Nokia handsets sound? For only three hours starting at 9pm Central/10pm Eastern, here’s what you’re looking at:

  • N97 – $594
  • E75 – $265
  • E71 – $295
  • 5800 XpressMusic – $299
  • N85 – $320
  • N95 8GB – $378
  • E63 – $167
  • E66 – $245
  • N79 – $279

While a few of those price points might still be a bit steep, we’re generally looking at some solid deals on these brand new, unlocked, warrantied handsets. Anyone eying one of these bad boys and planning to pounce tonight?

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HTC Ozone to land on Verizon June 29th

Remember the HTC Ozone? Of course you do and so does one of our Verizon ninjas because we’ve received word that the Ozone (also known as the XV6175, Snap, Cedar and Willow if you’re so inclined) will apparently be available online starting June 29th with brick and mortal availability to follow on July 13th. Pricing is still something we’ve yet to zero in on but if you’re the sort of person who stands by Big Red and are absolutely dying to get your hands on an all-too-rare WinMo-powered candybar with a full-QWERTY, then something tells us price is no object. Right?

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WSJ: Steve Jobs had a liver transplant two months ago

Gentlemen, they can rebuild him. They have the technology. According to today’s The Wall Street Journal, Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs went under the knife approximately two months ago in a Tennessee hospital and received a liver transplant. Why? The Journal speculates that the pancreatic cancer Jobs was diagnosed with in 2004 had slowly but surely spread to his liver, an occurrence which is by no means uncommon for those who have had pancreatic cancer. Seeing as the talk of cancer spreading to Jobs’ liver is nothing but an unsubstantiated rumor at this point in time, it really makes us wonder — shareholders rights or the right to privacy? Either way, we wish Jobs a speedy recovery.

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IPhone 3G S plagued by sound issues?

Are you enjoying your brand new iPhone 3G S? Did you get a 16GB or a 32GB? Well, that won’t matter if people are experiencing what we are. There seems to a problem with sound files on the 3G S and the result after they’re triggered. After they are done playing — like the unlock sound, SMS sound, for instance — the iPhone emits a high-frequency tone. No, were not kidding. Something pretty high around 15KHz. We’ve confirmed this isn’t a local isolated issue with our phone,and since some people can’t hear these types of high-pitched tones, your iPhone might produce it yet you’d never notice.

We’re 99% sure it’s software related because if you set the phone to vibrate, big surprise, no high-pitched tone. So, anyone out there experiencing this? It’s amazing this was skipped over in the many reviews published, but oh well. Hopefully Apple fixes it soon because this is kind of painful and pretty outrageous. Hit us up and let us know!

Palm to expand Mojo SDK early access program, SDK to roll out by the end of the summer

All you developers out there who are anxious to get your hands on the webOS SDK apparently won’t have to wait too much longer. Palm announced on its developer blog that it is expanding its Mojo SDK early access program, increasing the number of developers from hundreds to thousands over the next few weeks in doing so. Palm will also be releasing additional resources outside of the early access program — such as the open source webOS components now available on Palm’s open source portal — and relaxing its confidentiality rules to allow early Mojo developers to more freely communicate with the outside world. Most importantly, Palm revealed that it plans to release the SDK to the public by the end of the summer. Woo!

Read (open source webOS components)
Read (SDK release)

Alleged live shot of Motorola Morrison surfaces, pays tribute to BGR

We love Motorola as much as the next tech site and it looks like Moto loves us right back. In what is reportedly the first live shot of Motorola’s upcoming Android handset, known now only by the codename “Morrison”, Moto’s upcoming device is dressed in some sexy, sexy colors. White and royal blue… BGR approves. Of course it’s entirely possible that Moto’s adoration of BGR had nothing at all to do with the Morrison’s design, but we’re going to go ahead and stick to our original story. Yeah. Beyond its dress, the build on the Morrison doesn’t appear quite up to par with other Motorola handsets coming down the pipe so it could be a safe assumption that we’re looking at a very affordable price point here. Of course there is no way of telling if the image above is of a production model — or even if it’s real — so that’s just speculation for the time being. Excited? Hey, at the very least we won’t have to send ours to ColorWare once we get our hands on it…

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webOS 1.0.3 hath cometh

Got a Palm Pre and haven’t heard the news that an update for webOS is now available? Well now you have absolutely no excuse for not downloading the 13MB update that will bump you up to version 1.0.3. And why should you? Because we know darn well that you care about enhanced synchronization with Google services, Non-SSL Exchange ActiveSync support and a whole host of bug-fixing goodness. Oh, and battery life is supposedly improved. Woo!

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