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Can Blogging Increase Web Traffic?

Blogging is merely keeping of a log at a website. It is a combination of the words “Web” and “log”. Blogging is carried out through a blogging software that maintains the daily posts on the site. It doesn’t take long to set up blogs and once installed you can update it easily with lots of content daily.

To keep a blog is simply to maintain a page on your site where there can be daily posting of new content by the website owner or the visitors to the site. Blogging has one particular striking feature – the information there is always kept fresh as there are daily entries.

Our interest in blogs is in its search engine placement significance. Blogs can fetch you a lot of web traffic without any effort at all.

Search engines tend to rank sites with content favorably. Since a blog posts fresh content to the site on daily basis, the information at such a place is kept fresh and current making it a preferred destination for visitors. The web is about information – current and meaningful ones so as the information in the blog gets updated constantly with rich information so does the ranking on the search engines increase.

Some blogging tools worth looking into include: –
Blosxom –
Drupal –
Geeklog –
PHPNuke –
WordPress –

Like in traditional sea, your blogging should be around a central theme or keyword. Too many themes may dilute the consistency of your content and score you down the lane of SEO. Sticking to a central theme will help you to enrich the content of your pages and get favoring scoring in the search engine ranking algorithms.

The most popular blogging tool on the market today is WordPress which can be downloaded from their website at Installation is simple and does not require extensive knowledge of programming languages.

Blogging is being used by many sites as a way to passively draw targeted traffic and search engine rankings. Installing one can help you draw web traffic and get noticed quickly by the engines.

Good luck with your website,

Use Blogs To Increase Traffic To Your Web Site

How Can You Use Blogs to Increase Traffic? I conducted my 1st customer appreciation web cast on April 12th 2005 to answer my subscribers’ most pressing question on Blogs and RSS. Here’s one of the questions I have: How can you use blogs to increase traffic? Blogs can increase traffic through the following:

1. If your blog has valuable content, this will attract readers to your blog who will visit again Most people who perform searches using search engines are actually looking for information, for solutions. The more helpful and relevant content you have, the easier it is for you to attract visitors and also to turn them into loyal readers and subscribers.

2. With a Blog, you can submit to the many Blog directories that exist online. By submitting to the many blog directories in the proper category, you can expand your reach to targeted subscribers or readers who wants to read your posting on your area of specialisation.

3. Blogs promote relationship building and trust with your readers, as it allows you to interact with them. Your readers can refer a friend and imagine the traffic power that can be generated if each one of your reader make a referral. For example, if you have 500 readers and each one makes a referral, that will be an additional 500 new subscribers, giving you a total of 1,000 subscribers/readers.

4. By attracting search engine ‘bot’s to visit the site more often All search engines have a program known as a ‘search engine bot’ which basically ‘spiders’ or searches web sites and bring back the results they have to the search engines. And ‘search engine bots’ love content, especially pages with related keywords. The more frequent you update your pages, the more frequent that search engines A Blog is actually a content management system. If that sounds too technical, a Blog is a push-button publishing system. There is no uploading of pages to web host accounts, unlike web pages For example, with Blogger, you just set up a free account, write what you want, and press “publish”. Your Blog posting will be instantly published and is automatically hosted for you. The hosting is also free by the way.

5. Blogs can be easily turned into an RSS Feed, for syndication. With RSS Feeds, your Blog contents can be published by other websites that pulls RSS Feeds based on targeted keywords or content automatically. By turning your Blog into an RSS Feed, you can also submit to the many RSS directories out there, again expanding your reach you otherwise will not have with a normal web site.

6. You can add “podcasts” or “videocasts” to your Blog, and reach out to even more people, Audio learners especially “Ipodders”, people who own Apple Ipod and likes to download audio from the Internet and listen; as well as Visual learners.

How To Boost Traffic To Your Blog: SEO for Bloggers

Let search engine index your blog and let people come to your fresh blog. Though you’re in World Wide Web, nobody knows you’re there. You need to pull kindly those who are potentially waiting for you but don’t know where your are. This objective is related to generally known as search engine optimization (SEO). It’s too broad to address all. But the most important things will I talk about. Though they’re not all but more than enough will be covered. They are about…

* How to use keywords as a SEO technique

* What to consider when you choose blog templates

* How to construct your blog search engine friendly

* Ping your blog

How to use keywords as a SEO technique?

As long as SEO is concerned, the keyword comes at front line. You have to find the target keyword/keywords or niche keywords.

What to do with the keyword/keywords? Please read on…..

* Enter keywords in your blog name: If you named your blog for example, “Ryen’s blog”, it’s not a good idea in the view of SEO. Instead name your blog something like “keyword blog”. You need to substitute “keyword” with your “target keyword”, for example “mountain bike blog”, if your blog is about mountain bike.

* Enter keywords of your post in title tag: Actually most of bloggers don’t need to concern about “title tag” because most of blog hosting applications such as blogger, typepad, wordpress, movable type, drupal, etc… care this for you. But you have to use the keyword in your title and then they will include it in the title tag for you.

* Enter keywords in meta description tag, if possible: This may be difficult for most of bloggers because most of blog hosting system don’t support this. If this is your case, don’t bother with this. To make it possible is almost impossible for the people like me who are not techie at all. But don’t worry there is other solution: care your first sentence of the first paragraph.

* Enter keywords in the first sentence: Nowadays many SEO experts say that most of search engines don’t look meta description tag. Instead they look for the few words in the first sentence. So care your first sentence to include the keywords, make it fit to describe your whole post and attractive.

* Repeat your keywords in your post: With this an English grammar teacher may not be happy. But as long as SEO is concerned, it’s necessary: frankly to say, you have to. General rule says the keyword density should be about 2-3% of whole words in your post.

You may complain “heck, how do I know keyword density.” Well, you don’t need to count it manually. There is a free tool to check the keyword density. And actually I don’t even check it all the time. I just keep in mind 2-3% and check only for some posts that I think worth checking. Having this in mind, the free tool is here. Type the URL of your post, keyword and click “analyze” button. It’ll return you the keyword density of your post. If the keyword density is too low, consider repeat the keyword more but don’t repeat too much (more than 3%)

* Use your keyword in your blog domain: This improves the ranking of your blog and hence more traffic come to you. If your blog is about “anniversary gift”, for example, include it in your domain name so that your blog domain looks like “”

* Use your keyword in the link title: Many blogger don’t know about this!

Which one do you think better, “anniversary gift” or “anniversary-gift.your” as your link title? The former is better. The reason? Because search engines value more. So keep in mind that whenever you get link try to enter your keywords in the link title.

* Enter keywords in your file name: When you save your blog, use your keyword.

Which one is better, “mypost98.html” or “anniversary-gift-how-to-choose.html”? This time the latter is better because it includes keywords and hence get better chance to be listed in high rank in search engine.

* Enter keyword in alt tag: If you use images in your post, don’t forget to put your keyword in alt tag. A 2 cent-tip related to this is that if your Google Adsense doesn’t seem to show matching ads with your content, check your alt tag. Maybe it’s because you put unrelated words in alt tag.

What to consider when you choose blog templates?

Certainly there is a search engine friendly blog templates. To know whether your blog template is search engine friendly designed, go to Crawler simulation (It’s free.) Enter your blog URL and then it’ll show you how it looks like when a search engine spider visits your blog site. If you see a lot of html code or java scripts before you see main content, it means your blog is not well designed in the point of search engine optimization. There is a way to hide unnecessary code from spiders, using CSS or div class “hide”. Try to make your title tag immediately after head tag and to show up your body content as near to head tag as possible.

How to construct your blog search engine friendly?

Make your blog site structure as simple as possible. This may not be a big issue for bloggers because unless a blogger can design her/his blog system, they have to use a default system. What I mean by this is that most of blog system make permalink be for example, “”. See how far the final “apost.html” is from root. It’s 5 step further. This is not so good in terms of search engine optimization. You can reduce those steps but you only can do so one or two step because database recognition is concerned behind this story. So the bottom line is that try to make your blog simple but if it’s not possible, focus on writing good content. I observed many top bloggers have a bit complicated permalink system yet have lots of traffic.

But if you can make your blog structure simpler without problem, please do so because it is much better for the reader and search engine as well.

Ping your blog

Do you ping? Many pongs will come,then. 🙂 This may not be an issue if you’re using Movable Type, WordPress, Typepad, or Drupal 4.6.0. But consider pinging to Ping-o-Matic!, if your system is not configured to do so. Because it pings to most of important blog search engines and directories in one spot. If your blog application doesn’t support to ping automatically to “Ping-o-Matic!”, you can do so manually by visiting Ping-o-Matic! Once you type your blog name, blog URL, check where to ping and click “submit ping” button, and don’t forget to bookmark. It gives you a convenience because you don’t need to type blog name, URL and check where to ping again.

By pinging you make search engine spider crawl you more frequently and make your reader notified faster.

So far you have the most important SEO techniques for your blog. Say, how to use your keywords and where to enter, search engine friendly blog template design, structure and finally ping to “Ping-o-Matic!”
But one thing is missing!

Get inbound links!

How To Do A Link Campaign

There are abounding affidavit for agreeable in a hot-link campaign. In Google, links are one of the a lot of important factors in charge-less a sites rank in the seek engine after-effects page (SERPs).

Since this is such a acute agency in Google’s algorithm (as able-bodied as the added seek engines), a hot-link attack should be allotment of your seek engine business efforts.

First, let’s ascertain the altered types of links that a website can have:

Reciprocal hot-link – this is area two sites barter links to anniversary other’s sites.

One-way (In-Bound) hot link – area one website links to addition website after accepting a hot-link back.

Reciprocal bond is a actual time arresting assignment if done correctly. During this process, a webmaster will abrade the Internet searching for accordant sites that he or she can barter links with.

Once they accept acquired a account of acceptable sites, a alone email is beatific to the corresponding webmasters and a appeal for an barter takes place. A archetypal letter would apprehend as follows:

Dear Webmaster:

While researching superior sites to appeal hot-link exchanges from, I begin your site. I would like to activity an barter of links from my website to yours. Below is our site’s information:

Title: Google Seek Engine Optimization


Description: Get the Google seek engine enhancement adviser that shows you in absolute detail how to get your website top rankings in Google for your keywords.

If you are interested, amuse acknowledgement with your site’s advice and area our hot-link was placed.

If you’re not interested, your abridgement of acknowledgement will announce your adapted action.

Thank you for your time,

Your name

your email


If and if you accept some responses, you should add their sites as anon as you can, and forward them an email cogent them that their hot-link has been added, and cover the URL area they can see their site.

You will accept to commonly analysis your ally to accomplish abiding they are still bond to your website in adjustment to abide the partnership. A lot of webmasters are honest and will accumulate you linked, but there are a few rotten apples out there.

In-Bound (One-way) Links are the best blazon of links if you can get them. It’s not all that difficult to do so, but as in annihilation account while, there will be an bulk of accomplishment involved.

The easiest way to get In apprenticed links to your website is to do agenda submissions. There are abounding abundant charge-less directories to abide to, and it’s account the time and accomplishment to get listed in as abounding as you possibly can.

There are as well fee-based directories which you abide to, and as your account allows, you should try to get listed in all directories that are accordant to your site’s topic.

The next way to get one-way links to your website is to do a columnist release. With sites such as, you can abide a columnist absolution to them for free, and that will not alone get your website exposure, but it will as well get you some in-bound links.

If you accept the adeptness to compose on-line writing or columns, there are abounding sites that can get your website acknowledgement by you acceptance them to re-print your content. While some may altercate that this action may amerce you in the seek engines for alike content, as continued as you accept acquaint your commodity to your website first, you shouldn’t get hit by a alike agreeable penalty.

Depending on how abounding sites you acquiesce for your advice to be appear will as well actualize in-bound links to your site. So the catechism you accept to accede is ascendancy of your agreeable against web exposure.

If you accept an on-line business, you should consistently cover your site’s URL in your email signature. Abounding humans use either Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail which are all web-based systems, so they apprehend the urls independent in the email and appropriately add to your back-link totals.

One section of consideration: If you abide your website advice to be affiliated from, accomplish abiding your ballast argument (the click-able part) is one of the keywords you are aggravating to get your website ranked for. What you are cogent the seek engines is that the destination of the URL is about whatever the argument hot-link was. So, if your argument hot-link says “eggs”, the seek engine would apprehend that page to be about eggs.

Google vs Hollywood

Everyone knows the impact Google has had on both the net world & the real world. With Google trying to actively list & maintain all the touch points to any piece of information, it only makes sense that Hollywood would have issues with Google & the other search engines.

People want information & access to anything instantly. Google feeds this desire by returning blazingly quick results any time someone enters a query in to the site. It’s from this ability to be only one click away from a competitor is what frightens Hollywood so much.

With the click of a mouse, I could download the latest movie in the theatres – with minimal chance of getting caught – & while the quality & convenience isn’t to the same level as a DVD release, if i am looking for free entertainment, it’s easily obtainable.

Hollywood needs to embrace the new technology & it’s ability to deliver what the people want. Imagine walking out of a theatre with a fantastic movie you watched, & waiting for you was a representative from the studio with that exact movie you watched available on DVD. $20 on the spot, & you have a top-quality version of the movie.

there is a delicate balance that must be determined because currently, DVD sales are what can turn a clunker in the theatres to a money maker in post release.

Hollywood also needs to figure out a way to let the consumer order a movie over the net by streaming, or even if I wanted to order a movie through my TiVo. They need to generate an encryption technology that allows for only 1 copy to be made, & even have something that subtly alerts a viewer that the product they are watching has been copied. This marking technology is already in place for DVD screener that the studio releases.

At a certain interval, there is a specific series of lights (that usually form a letter or number) which identifies to whom the screener was released to. This way if that copy gets on the web, they not only have a quick reference point, but can also have a starting point as to how that movie got pirated.

Another thing that Hollywood needs to consider is the technology used to display it’s products:
Film & a silver screen as seen through a dusty projector. While the film enthusiast in me absolutely loves the look & feel of seeing a movie in the theatre, there is a huge segment of customers who purposely wait until the movie comes out on DVD basically because they have a better looking & better sounding technique at home to watch the movie with!

Hollywood had begun to reach it’s commercial end by allowing for traditional advertising before a movie plays. While I fully understand & recognize why it’s being finished (Russell Crow ain’t cheap!), it takes away from the movie experience. I fully expect to see trailers for upcoming movies – but not commercials. That’s what television is for.

By including commercials before a movie gets played, they have connected the movie experience to that of watching the boob tube.

The search engines provide value, & Hollywood provides the experience. Marrying the five would generate an instantaneous feeling of overwhelming satisfaction for the new age user.

It’s in all of this that Hollywood & Google should get together & generate a solution that’s amicable to everyone involved. There will always be bootleggers – that’s a given. But if you can reduce the number of illegal downloads & copies being marketed, the studio can keep more of it’s money used to get people to see their films in the first place.

How Web 2.0 Social Networking Websites Generate Web Traffic Part-1

Link recognition/popularity is one of the algorithms that search engines with regard to the position of your page. Mainly popular site is more than just the search engine outcome /results. Linking is the new name in the paper. Link your connected or related lenses to each other. This is a good procedure or practice as it is well-known to be a good building traffic tip.

LinkedIn works on the rule of six degrees of separation. Therefore once you have linked to a trusted colleague, you are able to notice or see who they know. Linking off to blogs and articles is usually the way to say more. Link or connect to your content contextually on other peoples sites

My Space can be dipped in and out of. Socializing after school happens on Bebo. (one of the worlds most popular social networking sites) My Space is an exhilarating online community somewhere members can meet new friends, reconnect with old friends, network or even discover or find prospective passionate partners. There are some MySpace members who join the community simply for the capability to continue in touch with their old friends and are not looking to make new friends.

My Space is one other bigger social networking site with over 70 million visitors and 9 million members. With such a huge prospective market for you online business, you can not afford to keep out MySpace from your market plans. My Space is amusing when people start to add or contribute more content. You can encourage and persuade them to do the same.

Building a group of people around your blog will increased and enhance your traffic, but how do you start? The boilerplate response to building traffic is always? SEO, social networking sites, and commenting on blogs? Build links to your site. This is the most important and significant factor when trying to rank well in google for your chosen keywords. Build a mailing list and use templates. Whether you want others to link to you, vote for your articles or answer a question, emailing others to ask them a favor is time-consuming yet rewarding.

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Using Forums in Viral Marketing

In recent days, forum marketing has been touted as a kind of free, organic, viral marketing. But because so many marketers go into forums purely with the intention of marketing products or services, their actions and attitude unwittingly causes the exact opposite of the desired effect.

Forums are not meant to be marketplaces. When used as such, the marketers actions become offensive and will only inspire the wrath of fellow members and marketers, not to mention moderators who can ban them from the site with the click of their mouse.

In order to be effective, this kind of marketing carries a certain degree of commitment, responsibility and respect. The first requirement is to take a personal interest in the main topic of the forum. Not only does that mean visiting it regularly, but it also means developing a good relationship with both other members and the moderators, as well as taking an active interest in helping others. Of course, it also means abiding by and all rules that exist. By doing this, one can develop a reputation and, since it is human nature to work with a trusted colleague, business will naturally develop from this.

This type of marketing has suffered some abuse and because of this, many forums have recently developed stringent rules designed to protect their members from abusive or overly-aggressive marketing tactics. One forum grants .sig files only after a member has created one hundred valid posts and another has disallowed ads in sig files altogether.

Marketers must respect that the purpose of a forum is to be a platform to exchange ideas on a given topic. It is not there to advertise products and services. By focusing on the topic and posting questions and answers, a marketers reputation will grow and this creates the potential for sales naturally.

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How To Use Social Bookmarking Sites To Get Website Traffic?

Traffic from Digg is known to crash websites so make certain you have enough bandwidth to handle the surge in traffic. For the moment, your greatest challenge is to make it to Diggs front page. Traffic figures are given in listing, which states very clearly how much is total traffic and how much from USA, India, UK etc.

Google tries hard to filter out those sites that are valueless by removing the spam links and assigning penalties for doubtful link building. Google Maps provides the same functionality as similar competing services but features a far superior interface. Flickr ‘s interface is one of the most intuitive and beloved around. Google Docs might not be the best for the moment but it works and you can rely on it.

Google uses the data they gather in these tools to determine about the websites rank. The facts they gather may affect the ranking of your website in organic searches for significant keyword phrases. Google’s and other search engine’s algorithms are better off handling information and data, although they still can’t beat the human mind in finding the efficiency and quality and value of a website. Google and the other major search engines always reward t a website with good quality content with high positions in their search results for one or more keywords.

Twitter has a google PR of 9/10 . That is just about as high as it gets. Twitter is a niche social networking site that permits or allow others to be familiar with what you’re doing at the moment, and is rivaled by Google-backed competitor, Jaiku . is one of the bigger players who gets over 100,000 websites bookmarked per day! If I were a search engine, I would capture each of these votes as part of my algorithm?, is owned by Yahoo. It is a social-bookmarking site and is undergoing a total makeover, from dropping the “dots” to implement a complete new code base. Delicious also has a roster of new features

Furl allows you to export your files — cached pages and all — to a ZIP file for effortless backup, which none of the other services offer. Furl is Look Smart s social bookmarking engine which uses a strange of mixture of ratings, taxonomy and folkosonomy. You bookmark a site by clicking a bookmarklet which launches a pop-up.

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How To Get Visitors To Your Website

Can you really attract thousands of unique visitors to your site from scratch? It must be remembered that this is not a fraudulent maneuver since it is really feasible to do this. Secondly never underrate this estimation, as these are extremely focused visitors who are highly likely to turn into customers. The way I look at it is that these targeted visitors should be directed to some place.

Ideally this should be your internet site and in case you do not yet own one, it is time to get one put up. With that being said, here are your 2 secret tricks to help you achieve this.

Search for keywords, which you can rule over

Even if you do not believe in doing a few hours of research a day please hear me out when I say this. Whatever passes you must research for keywords and this is the uppermost importantance. The other way of looking at it is to visit forums and research for keywords. Truthfully, for anyone from a beginner level to intermediate (if you have less than 2,500 unique traffic hits to your web site per month) you should go in this direction. We are talking about spending about 5 hours a week doing thorough research on keywords and long tail keywords which are unique and specific to you.

You might want to beg to differ that you can employ someone to do this for you but you know your markets best. Simply spend some time thinking the words your prospective customers would use when they search online for answers to their problems and finding 100 keywords like this is really no issue.

Massive Action In Your Traffic Strategy (Writing).

Writing is still regarded to be one of the proven and most successful schemes online, to generate and sustain huge amounts of traffic. Tell me, what writer is not a speaker somehow? Very few I can safely presume and speakers get paid a lot to speak sometimes as much as 1,000 an hour.

In case you are in a dilemma whether it would be possible for you to write a small paragraph of content, read this. You can do it because you are already writing everyday just that you write it verbally. You are communicating verbally all the time, to your friends; fellow workers loved ones and even to your pet.

Secrets of becoming a writer

Start off by writing whatever you were talking about and before you know it, you could be writing a number of traffic generating communications like press releases, articles and web text for your site for doing Search Engine Optimization. Within a short span of time you would be surprised that there is actually more than 4500 traffic hits to your website.

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Read This Before You Investing In Video Marketing

Video marketing is an important factor for any business online. It can help you grow your business and achieve the results you are hoping for in your market. Six of the reasons you should consider the use of video marketing efforts includes showing up on the search engines, better site ranking, saving time, cost effective, and much more.

Any business suffering on the Internet today should take advantage of the benefits of video marketing. Listed below are six reasons why your business should consider video marketing on the Internet.

1. Businesses often fail today because their company doesn’t come up under search engine result pages. A solution to listing on the search engines so you can be found by the customers is video ad marketing.

2. When your online business ranks higher in the search engine results it gives you an advantage over the competition. Taking advantage of using video ad marketing will help you achieve the highest ranking with the search engines as possible.

3. Managing your search engine marketing can be very time consuming. Investing in video marketing is an excellent solution to free needed time for other endeavors with your online business.

4. The higher an online business’s website ranking is on the World Wide Web, the more credible the site is to the consumers. Video marketing can help your business achieve the best ranking possible by driving more traffic to your online website.

5. Investing in video ad marketing efforts is more cost effective for your online business because of the value. It is money well spent when you invest in video marketing because of the success factors associated with the product.

6. Search engines often remove online businesses because they are not properly following the required guidelines for marketing online. The use of video marketing the right way follows the strict guidelines required through the search engines that will ensure you are not removed from the results.

There are many reasons to consider investing in video marketing if your business needs improvement with the current efforts online. It is money well spent if your business is currently suffering and there should be no hesitation. The primary ways your business will benefit with video marketing includes better value, increase website traffic, search engine listings, saving time, and much more.

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