Horde of security issues fixed in Safari 5.0.4

Safari logoApple has updated Safari on March 10, 2011, bringing the browser to version 5.0.4 for Windows and Mac. Although, as specified by the version number, this isn’t a major release that adds new features and functionality, it’s a highly recommended update because of the sheer number of security vulnerabilities that it fixes: 62. These vulnerabilities are detailed in a dedicated Apple knowledge base article. While Apple doesn’t assign severity levels to the vulnerabilities found in its software, thus making it harder to quickly grasp the importance of such problems, Naked Security reports that 57 of those 62 bugs can be exploited if the user simply visits a specially constructed website. So, in a word — update!

Safari 5.0.4 also brings a host of stability and compatibility improvements compared to its predecessors. Issues with stability when running multiple instances of plug-ins, compatibility with pages with image reflections and transition effects, printing with incorrect layouts, content display on pages with plug-ins, and the screen saver appearing while playing video in Safari, have all been fixed.

Safari 5.0.4 works on Mac OS X 10.5.8 or newer, as well as on Windows XP, Vista, or 7. The update has already been pushed through Apple’s Software Update mechanism. You can also just download Safari 5.0.4 directly from Apple’s website.

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