Google Chrome now support Adobe Flash Player

In Google’s most recent stable release of Google Chrome, they talked about beta-testing Adobe Flash Player integration into Chrome. They’ve enable this integration by default in the stable channel of Chrome. To read more about this integration, check out the Chromium blog.

In testing Flash Player integration into Chrome, the Chrome team admittedly spent many, many fun hours with a few of our favorite Flash-based indie games. So as a side project, they teamed up with a few creative folks to build Chrome FastBall, a Flash-based game built on top of the YouTube platform.

If you’re using Chrome, your browser should be automatically updated with Flash Player integration as of this week. And if you haven’t yet tried Chrome, download this newest stable release of the browser at and take it for a test drive!

3 thoughts on “Google Chrome now support Adobe Flash Player

  1. Purushyottam Ghosh

    As an avid chrome user, I have been waiting for this feature since a long time. Glad they finally added it. I had to use Firefox for checking out all the “flashy” stuff but now it would be redundant. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂


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