Use Blogs To Increase Traffic To Your Web Site

How Can You Use Blogs to Increase Traffic? I conducted my 1st customer appreciation web cast on April 12th 2005 to answer my subscribers’ most pressing question on Blogs and RSS. Here’s one of the questions I have: How can you use blogs to increase traffic? Blogs can increase traffic through the following:

1. If your blog has valuable content, this will attract readers to your blog who will visit again Most people who perform searches using search engines are actually looking for information, for solutions. The more helpful and relevant content you have, the easier it is for you to attract visitors and also to turn them into loyal readers and subscribers.

2. With a Blog, you can submit to the many Blog directories that exist online. By submitting to the many blog directories in the proper category, you can expand your reach to targeted subscribers or readers who wants to read your posting on your area of specialisation.

3. Blogs promote relationship building and trust with your readers, as it allows you to interact with them. Your readers can refer a friend and imagine the traffic power that can be generated if each one of your reader make a referral. For example, if you have 500 readers and each one makes a referral, that will be an additional 500 new subscribers, giving you a total of 1,000 subscribers/readers.

4. By attracting search engine ‘bot’s to visit the site more often All search engines have a program known as a ‘search engine bot’ which basically ‘spiders’ or searches web sites and bring back the results they have to the search engines. And ‘search engine bots’ love content, especially pages with related keywords. The more frequent you update your pages, the more frequent that search engines A Blog is actually a content management system. If that sounds too technical, a Blog is a push-button publishing system. There is no uploading of pages to web host accounts, unlike web pages For example, with Blogger, you just set up a free account, write what you want, and press “publish”. Your Blog posting will be instantly published and is automatically hosted for you. The hosting is also free by the way.

5. Blogs can be easily turned into an RSS Feed, for syndication. With RSS Feeds, your Blog contents can be published by other websites that pulls RSS Feeds based on targeted keywords or content automatically. By turning your Blog into an RSS Feed, you can also submit to the many RSS directories out there, again expanding your reach you otherwise will not have with a normal web site.

6. You can add “podcasts” or “videocasts” to your Blog, and reach out to even more people, Audio learners especially “Ipodders”, people who own Apple Ipod and likes to download audio from the Internet and listen; as well as Visual learners.

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    excellent post and also you can promote your blog using Facebook and other places and i have coupon vouchers to redeem for facebook and other places on my blog

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