Blogging and Pinging- Powerful Backdoor Into Major Search Engines

Most of you know what a blog is. But have you ever had to ping a web site? Did you know that the two together, blog and ping have become the talk of the seo forums lately on how powerful these two techniques together can be at getting any web site no matter how small or large, indexed almost immediately by the major search engines and for free.

If you’re a webmaster then you know how frustrating it can be to be able to get your site listed and indexed in the major search engines in a reasonable amount of time. You spend countless hours creating your site, adding content, checking keyword density, etc… You then take the time to hand submit your site to all the major search engines like Yahoo, Google, AOL, MSN and then wait… and wait for the spiders to come index your web pages.

If you’re lucky they may come by this week, this month, or even this year. After spending all your time and money in the development of your site the last thing you want to do is wait forever for it to show you the fruits of your labour. You want to get it listed as fast as possible. Now there are some ways you can get the spiders to visit your site sooner. Like posting to similar high ranking forums, buying high PR rated links, or submitting articles on your subject and linking back to your site.

All of these techniques work and work well, along with some other methods not mentioned here. But they all still take time. Some may work faster then others, but how would you like it if you could learn how get your site indexed by all of the major search engines in only 48 hours without spending a dime?

By blogging and pinging you can do just that. You need to follow some simple steps in setting up this strategy. But once set up it can become a major tool to getting any of your sites listed quickly.

Setting these steps up isn’t hard you just need to do them in a proper sequence or all your work will be in vain. But with the proper research you could very well be on your way to getting your site indexed and listed in as little as a few days.

9 thoughts on “Blogging and Pinging- Powerful Backdoor Into Major Search Engines

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  4. Ferdi

    Pinging is definitely powerful, just don’t forget twitter as well. If you automatically tweet when you have a new post on your blog you will get traffic long before the search engines even know about you.

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