The Internet Operating System

Way back in the 90’s Microsoft rose to power with the brilliance of their Windows Operating system. It made using a computer easy to use and visually appealing.

In the late 90’s three guys from Stanford launched a tiny search engine called Back Rub, which finally became Google.

how is this going to change?

Today, in 2005, Both Google and Microsoft dominate their perspective business space. Google owns search, and Microsoft owns the Operating system market.

Consider how far the net has progressed in the past 10 years. Back then, the net was used for email, and for the Military and Universities alike to store information that could be accessed easily by anyone with a connection to the web.

hasty forward to today, and you have on line banking, e commerce, pod casting, film trailers, mp3 files and about any other type of digital media available on the web.

there is no longer a need to be “stuck” with Windows or MAC. All you need is a browser – and the browser will be the official “Operating System” of the web.

From my browser not only can I access the universe of information, but I don’t need to worry about if it’s on a computer or MAC. A HTML page doesn’t care if you have a Dell computer, a G5, or web television. All it cares about is rendering out images and text in a logical format.

Stay tuned to this upcoming battle, as whoever emerges victorious will be in the best position to truly monopolize the web.

This is truly where the revolution has only begun with Mozilla’s Fire Fox, and Microsoft’s web Explore hopes to catch up with. An while all of this is going on Google isn’t waiting around. they quietly bought the domain name called “” – which would seem to indicate that they are working on their own version of a browser (with the help of Mozilla) to compete.

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