WiMAX gets official in Atlanta

Oh hi, 4G. Despite already having been live for over a month now, Clearwire has just made WiMAX’s presence in Atlanta, Georgia official. One of over 15 cities that are covered or will be covered between now and the end of 2010, Atlanta might be considered the biggest launch to date. With 1,200 square miles and approximately 3 million people now covered in Atlanta, the city is also a major hub for air travel in the US. In fact, this WiMAX launch is made even more significant by the fact Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is constantly plagued with massive delays. Got eight hours before your connecting flight will actually take off and don’t feel like rewarding the airport by paying for Wi-Fi while it makes you wait? WiMAX subscribers are good to go. As far as pricing goes, Atlanta lines up with other WiMAX-covered territories; home Internet plans start at $20 per month, mobile plans start at $40 per month and day passes are available for $10.


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