Symbian Foundation woos partners with King Kong of smartphones

Holy. Crap. So, umm, have you been wondering what the Symbian foundation has been up to since revealing the mother of all development schedules? A whole lot, is what it’s been up to. Long story short, the team has cooperated with ST-Ericsson and ARM to build the first working example of multi-core goodness running on production chips with an open OS. Short story long…

Here’s what they slapped together:

  • Single chip base band and application processor engine
  • HSPA Modem Release7
  • ARM® Cortex-A9 MPCore

And here’s what it’s capable of:

  • HD 1080p camcorder and video
  • Up to 18 Million pixels camera
  • ~100 hours audio playback time
  • 10 hours HD video playback time
  • Simultaneously TV out over HDMI
  • Video and Imaging accelerator
  • HW accelerated 3D Graphics supporting OpenGL ES2.0
  • 2xWVGA (960×854) displays
  • Touch UI on 2 displays

Hot damn. We’ll take five. Of course this is just a proof of concept and please, don’t expect first generation Symbian^2 devices to be cooking with all that gas. But it’s all there — today. Right now all this adds up to a synopsis alongside a promo video intending to show potential partners what Symbian is capable of, but for us it means exciting times ahead, people. Exciting times.

[Via IntoMobile]


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