Mark/Space issues Missing Sync beta for Palm Pre

Following a promise made to the always impatient Interwebs, Mark/Space has stayed true to its word and issued a public beta version of Missing Sync for the Palm Pre. The web-famous sync utility that always comes to the rescue for Mac users is now at version 1.0b but it’s (nearly) fully functional and of course free to try. So what can you sync? Contacts, Music, photos, ringtones, files, calendar items, videos and podcasts are all covered in this release. Soon to be added to this generous list is Safari bookmarks, though the forthcoming MyBookmarks app is a prerequisite so we’re not quite there yet. As has become expected, Missing Sync for the Pre does include proximity sync, which will sync up your Pre when it is detected on the same network as your Mac. Sweet. Requirements include Pre OS 1.0.2+, OS X 10.5.6+, iTunes 7.4+ and a few other notes depending on what you want to sync. Want to buy it after you try it? $40 gets you in the door and gets you the release version as soon as it comes out.


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