iPhone 3G 16GB to sell for $149 with a 2 year contract

Yes, yes, the much rumored $99 iPhone finally came to light. But what about those 16 giggers? One of our AT&T ninjas just hit us up to let us know that the iPhone 3G 16GB model is available for $149 on a 2 year agreement on AT&T. Since Apple seems to be only touting the 8GB 3G model for $99 on their site, we’re guessing this is a “while it lasts, bitches” situation. Seriously though, you’re not going to spring the extra $50 for a brand new iPhone 3G S 16GB model? Also we’ve been told AT&T stores can now pre-order the iPhone 3G S for customers starting immediately, just like Apple.com.

Any takers?

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