ATT’s HTC Touch Pro2 has many names, one FCC approval

Call it the HTC Rhodium, call it the HTC Fortress, call it the HTC Touch Pro2 or whatever else you like — the bottom line is the AT&T version of this sexy Windows Mobile handset has just received a green flag from the FCC and we want it now. Proving that big really is beautiful, the Pro2 is probably one of the most attractive Windows Mobile phone that has ever been built in every sense of the word. The giant 3.6-inch sliding/pivoting touchscreen display, the spacious QWERTY keypad, the TouchFLO 3D UI… It’s all good. Now that big momma has the green light from the FCC and presuming internal testing it on schedule, it shouldn’t be long before this puppy graces AT&T shelves across the country. Yum.

[Via Phone Arena]


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