Sony Ericsson announces the environmentally friendly C901 GreenHeart and Naite

Yesterday we managed to get our paws on a pic and some details on Sony Ericsson’s environmentally conscious C901 GreenHeart and today, it was officially announced alongside the Naite. Presumably delivered to your nudist colony’s front door by a vagrant hippie on horseback, GreenHeart handsets are constructed from recycled plastic, dressed up with waterborne paint and shipped in eco-friendly packaging. Starting with the weaker of the two, the Naite, you’re looking at a 2.2-inch QVGA display, 2 megapixel camera, 100MB of internal memory and microSD support. As for connectivity, the Naite is a quad-band EDGE device with 2100MHz HSPA although there will be a North American-friendly version with tri-band 3G. As for the C901, its specs are pretty much the same as the Naite except for its 5 megapixel camera with xenon flash and support for the 900/2100MHz bands of HSPA.

Both the C901 and Naite will ship with the EP900 GreenHeart low-power charger — claimed to reduce CO² footprints by 15 percent over the lifespan of the phone. The C901 also will include the MH300 GreenHeart headset that Sony Ericsson says is “made up of 100% recycled plastics in 4 out of 5 hard plastic parts and far exceeding legal environmental requirements.” Look for the C901 in Q2 and the Naite in Q3. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the embedded stream we posted, which will still allow you to view video from the announcement if you missed the live event.


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  1. htc hero

    Does anyone know which sort of video recordsdata are supported? I keep in mind the Instinct solely could dl 3gp using opera mini. I downloaded the twist ap, perhaps that’s the problem? How can I watch videos from websites aside from youtube? Which file varieties? Normally I’m given the option of 3gp or mpeg4. Can’t get either to work. Thanks for your time! Damn I wish I used to be eligible for the upgrade to EVO!


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