Alltel drops 2-year contracts, keeps 2-year contract prices

If you live in Canada and are currently tied to a 3-year contract we suggest averting your eyes immediately. Beginning tomorrow, Chad’s crew will slice it’s top contract term in half from the standard two year deal to just one year. Subsidized handset prices however, will remain as they are now. Yep, 1-year contract, same handset subsidies. Awesome. The change will apply to each of the 91 divested markets — sorry, new Verizon customers — and will include markets to be gobbled up by AT&T. Paul Bowersock, Senior Sales & Operations Leader for the Alltel Divestiture Trust, had this to say:

Wireless customers have been waiting for an option like this for a long time. With a 1-year contract option, customers can take greater control over their wireless experience, having the flexibility to choose their contract length and the latest innovative handsets at the most competitive price possible.

Sounds good to us! The change applies to both new customers and existing contract renewals. Question: Think the big four will follow suit?


(ou ‘ɯɯn :ɹǝʍsuɐ)

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