HTC Ozone gets spied on its way to Verizon

There’s no question — the HTC Snap was in dire need of yet another moniker. Snap, Cedar and Willow were hardly enough so our pals at Verizon have gone and added another name to the pile… Say hello to the HTC Ozone. With Sprint’s version of the Snap jumping off this Sunday, we had a sneaking suspicion that Verizon’s Snap wouldn’t be far behind. Lo and behold, one of our Verizon ninjas just swooped down and dropped this screenshot on us. So far no pricing or release timing are available but training is set to kick off next week so the release shouldn’t be too far off. Notables from the provided info are Wi-Fi, Microsoft My Phone compatibility, Visual Voicemail, VZ Nav, Internet Explorer 6 mobile and of course the fact that it’s a world phone. Hit the jump for a bigger shot.

Thanks, KrazyVZW!

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