Xbox 360 sales pass 30 million mark

This past week, Microsoft announced a major milestone for its Xbox 360 console. According to Redmond, the 360 has officially surpassed the 30 million sales mark. For comparison sake, Sony’s PlayStation 3 has sold around 21.3 million units and Nintendo has pushed out about 50.4 million Wii consoles. Both the Wii and PS3 were released in 2006 whereas the Xbox 360 was launched in November of 2005.

Beyond hitting 30.2 million consoles sold, Microsoft has also added approximately 3 million Xbox Live subscriptions since January, rounding out the Live community at around 20 million active members. Other notes:

  • $14.5 billion — The amount of revenue Xbox 360 has generated in the US since its release.
  • $5.9 billion — The amount of revenue Xbox 360 has generated for third-party publishers since its release.
  • 8.3 — The average number of game titles sold per system.


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