Nokia N900 “Rover” tablet gets pictured, spec’d

What a Memorial Day weekend, huh? The river of leaks just won’t stop flowing as the first image of Nokia’s successor to the N810 Internet Tablet has been uncovered along with reported specs. It’s hard to get overly excited about the N900 “Rover” because, well, it’s a Nokia tablet. This is most definitely Nokia’s most capable tablet to date and it packs HSPA connectivity but in the age of the smartphone we have to ask: Why? The specs:

  • Maemo 5
  • Dimensions: 59.7mm x 111mm x 18.2mm
  • Weight: 180g
  • 3.5-inch 800×480 (WVGA) touchscreen
  • OMAP3430 500/600 Mhz processor
  • 5.0 MP Carl Zeiss camera with dual-LED flash, auto-focus and sliding cover
  • 1GB total virtual runtime memory
  • Wi-Fi, HSPA, GPS, accelerometer

The official N900 announcement will reportedly come in June — a period of time where it will easily and quickly be overshadowed by everything else going on next month — and target launches are scattered throughout 2H. We’re certainly anxious to play with Nokia’s new tablet but that’s really all we can expect from it… Play. Nokia continues its attempt to fill the space between smartphones and netbooks but for the time being, it’s a hole that the market doesn’t seem to want filled. Will the N900 be more successful in filling this imaginary gap? A few reported carrier deals might help spread sales out a bit more but we’re not sure why anyone would want to pay for a second data plan; any capable smartphone can likely take care of the bulk of tasks the N900 would be used to perform. Anyone excited for it or are we looking at another IT destined to be lost in a retail wasteland?


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