Motorola Alexander back in action, dubbed Somerset

It was about a year ago when we first told you about the Motorola Alexander — a QWERTY slider packing a monster camera, NVIDIA 3D graphics support and plenty more. A couple of months later we dealt the first image of the phone and people’s interest was piqued even further. As 2008 rolled into 2009 however, a DigiTimes report emerged suggesting that the Alexander was scrapped and in reality, our focus had already shifted elsewhere as far as Moto was concerned so not too many tears were shed. But wait! It looks like Alexander might not be down for the count just yet. Now carrying the moniker “Somerset” (Moto has an office in Somerset, NJ), a very familiar face just popped up with a new Bluetooth profile. Little can be gleaned from the filing as the text only mentions the QWERTY keyboard, a 3.5mm stereo jack, MMC support, a camera and of course Bluetooth (with A2DP). The important takeaway here however, is that it looks like Sir Alexander may have survived to make his last stand after all. Anyone still excited to see Alexander make his last stand or has that ship already sailed?

[Via CellPassion]


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